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1 Dec

SEPTEMBER- NOVEMBER went by in a blur Making the World a Better Place has become more local and personal – reEngaging with my homeclub Rotary Newmarket  – Family and Architecture

Moments  all blurring together in stream of consciousness order include:

Conceptualising a high density residential “haven” in Queenstown

a Design Concept of 120+ units that gives you an experience as you move onto and within the site- Episodic, Contextual Distinctive

seeing a broken roofline speaking to its neighbours and the mountains beyond.

creating Hip, Happy and Healthy spaces– personal and communal 

making buildable spaces– standard, modular, energy efficient and sustainable.

looking towards a  possible Future 

GAZE After

from a current perspectiveGAZE Before

Celebrating a partner organisation’s birthday – Ronald MacDonald House Auckland  turning 19


Supporting Ellerslie Residents Association – #unitaryplan

ERA pubmtg2:12:13

Engaging with fellow Rotary Explorers on the inaugural Rotary in  Auckland Speed-Dating Meet-Up – a reason to be Hopeful.

DIVERSITY (an essential ingredient for Rotary Clubs) clearly evident at this inaugural event – in gender,ethnicities,age,clubs (there were 7) and Districts ( D9920 joined by D9910) and 2 nonRotarian guests – auspicious start for this group of intrepid Rotary explorers to Connect and Share.

Speed Dating- Meet-UpMeet-Up

Working on a Make-Over on an Auckland home – stone base, zinc cladding, metal lace shutters, glassWeekes

Helping out at Rotary Institute

Waves of Change Oceans of Opportunity Auckland 2013IMG_1121

IPDGs  following Institute tradition as sergeants for Institute

Catching Up at Institute, Re-Union Dinner, Gala Night, Home 


Recognising a Gold-Standard Rotarian- John Overall –“Leave it with me”

We need to grow more Rotarians like John 

John Overall

This past weekend we finished our annual GETS and Institute. The event successful on all levels because of the support of Rotarians like the ones from this club who at short notice answered the call to help.

The best club in NZ – Newmarket– was tasked with transport for VIPs .The original expectation was to cater for the super VIPs- a RIPE, 2x TRF Trustees, a Director-But Tuesday evening 2 days before the first arrivals I was sent a list of 34 in addtion to the super 4 – early Wednesday I asked John Overall  to help coordinate- He had 2 questions 

What is Institute- it is a conference of governors • can I come around and see you

By 10am Wednesday John had left my home saying “Leave it with me” – Now that fellows  is the gold standard.

Nevermind the list grew to 40,  flight times  and contact details was somewhat of a moving target –the job got done. Undeniably  – John and his trusty 12 apostles in this club truly walk the talk- We are Rotarians We Get there-  On this note I would like these gold standard bearers twho have done us proud- stand and be recognised.

 John Overall, John Hawke, Ron McPherson,  Russell Toplis, Alan Hayward, Boyne Drummond, Ron Halls, Warwick Leyland, Terry Mikkelsen, Dave Birch Paul Monk,  John Graham …and I must not forget John Meadowcroft who was out there past midnight to have his  VIP RI Director John Boag leave the airport without him.

Sketching up 2 poolside cabana concepts for a winemaker in  Hawkes Bay

chunky timber beams, apprentice plastered piers, stained slatted timber, stainless steel rope canopy, sliding aluminium louvred shutters

Wilding 1

Wilding 2

Arranging a partners evening with Sir George Fistonich for home club Rotary NEWMARKET

DSC08016DSC08017Fistonich 2013_10_15 12Fistonich-RS 2013_10_15 10Fistonich -Di-SS-2013_10_15 08

Sir George knows he has come to a Rotary event –Why? if you are the chief guest you get to shout the drinks…

I say this because he has generously donated the wine we enjoyed on arrival- his special Villa Maria Private Bin Arneis …..AND  the Villa Maria wines on your tables tonight are at mates rates. 

With Our speaker’s reputation and profile it is easy to say that he needs no introduction. But a distinguished life such hiss  deserves some amplificationso it is indeed a privilege for me to give a teaser ( a snapshot if you will)  as to  which of his many  special moments he might have chosen to share  with us tonight.

 One of UK Wine International Magazine 50 prominent industry figures-our first kiwi Knight  for services to wine, Kea World class New Zealander awardee for Manufacturing and Innovation, a NZ Wine Hall of Fame inductee, recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award at the London Wine Challenge Awards, recipient of the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal-  

Sir George Fistonich true to his croatian heritage has winemaking in his blood- founding Villa Maria Estate in 1961 when he was 21. With vision and determination he has steered the company to a position where it has become New Zealand’s leading wine award winner.

Winemaking Pioneer,Villa Maria was the first NZ  cork free zone, , mentor Villa Maria has a cadet scheme – environmentalist Villa Maria winner of Supreme Green Ribbon and  Sustainable Business Network Awards

We are honoured to have Sir George  speak to us tonight in fact we are very lucky to have him as he doesn’t do this type of gig much anymore-  having recently completed a world speaking tour celebrating his 50th vintage in 2012-

50 years of exceptional winemaking by an exceptional kiwi bloke.

Ladies and gentlemen please join me in welcoming Sir George Fistonich.

Proposing a “Machine House” for a steel fabricator in Fiji 

unadorned corrugated zinculume  over a steel frame  as a homage to Glen Murcutt Fiji style


Contributing to  Ellerslie Residents Association committee

ERA- notice

Presenting RI Significant Achievement Award 2012-2013 to Rotary BOTANY EAST TAMAKI

30 Sept 2013.(6)30 Sept 2013.(3)

….saving the best for last I have just managed to get this one in before the first quarter of the Rotary year is up.

Last year we enjoyed some firsts and pushed some boundaries – there were 4 new clubs chartered and some clubs enjoyed increased membership – RI membership stats recently received showed D9920 as the only one of the 6 NZ Districts to have had a positive trend last rotary year- this was possible because of vibrant rotarians in vibrant clubs led by vibrant presidents who understand the power of working together. So this vibrancy and commitment must be recognised.

One of the privileges of being DG is we get to nominate clubs and individual Rotarians for RI awards. A delightful duty that remains for me  is to present  one of these to a star perfomer in our D9920 family- your club.

Tonight I have the RI Significant Achievement Award to present to Botany East Tamaki for last Rotary year. This award recognises club projects that have

  1. addressed a significant local need
  2. involved most of its members
  3. leveraged a club’s size and resources
  4. enhanced Rotary’s Public Image
  5. set an exemplar for other clubs to follow

Only projects carried out by a single club are eligible , and only one club maybe nominated. Ticking all these boxes and more- your Otara District Community Pathways Partnership building 3 pathways with the Glenn Family Foundation is one such project.

 So congratulations Botany- now would your energetic, committed and enthusiastic IPP Mike Jaggs please come forward and accept this award on your behalf.


Celebrating a trifecta of Family Birthdays in October



Time for me to say thanks and also  prove that I can still keep my words short and sweet.

So thanks to all of you for coming to this surprise my lovely Sharon organised for me – constant travel the last 3 years and demands of  being the chief rotary cat-herder have meant that we have missed seeing most of you here –  and my how much younger you all look.

Making the world a better place has turned into a more local and personal endeavour in the past month –

rediscovering my vocation ARCHITECTURE – I am really having fun feeding my design passion and yes drawing by hand- so do remember me if you or someone you know need a refreshed and refreshing architect-

  –rediscovering my family dropping girls off at One Direction , Beyonce –trying to keep the boys from using our front yard for their car wreck business –

– rediscovering all of you so thank you for coming at short notice.

Finally thanks to my best friend Sharon for making me take time out and enjoy your company – we intend to have many more of these and more regularly.



Relaxing by a Ron Seeto designed lap-pool on Waiheke

Being WOW’ed in Wellington World of Wearable Arts


Designing an opportunity to Belong for Eternity in a Parish family – a  Courtyard Columbarium for   St Michaels Catholic Church, Remuera

Since the early days of the Church, burial of the dead on the parish grounds near the church has been desirable as it is symbolic of the cycle of life within the church. …..Consider then the opportunity to memorialise your loved one within St Michael’s church grounds by way of a columbarium niche. A preliminary idea is to provide a Columbarium for 1000 urns in a suitably designed “outdoor room” which will functionally store this number of urns and also be a place of reflection and focal point for coming to centre.

St Michaels Columbarium

Thanking DG Willard on his official visit to home club Rotary NEWMARKET

Willard- Lunch 2013_09_17 324RS- Lunch 2013_09_17 328

Visits by a District Governor are an important and essential event in the Rotary calendar.  They provide an opportunity for club members to not only meet the sitting DG, but also for him (or her) to provide a snapshot of the emphases and goals for this Rotary year- the Bigger Picture if you will.

There are many takes on a DG address to a Rotary Club, but like any good address it must have a strong beginning and a great end – preferably quite close together.  DG Willard’s address today was no exception. 

 Willard I am sure everyone here found it most informative to hear about our membership challenges,  annual giving and the polio plus report ,the Sydney convention , your Conference. And you remembered to stroke our egos – tailoring your address to some of the specifics of our club-the best Rotary club in NZ.

As IPDG  your Feel Good Doing Good resonated most of all- as one could say the future of our club, indeed Rotary relies on happy Rotarians willing and wanting to share our good news story, – therein lies an answer to membership challenges

We thank you for not only being here but for all the hard work you are doing throughout our District. For those of us who might not know this- Did you know that District 9920 is the largest maritime district in the world with a total of 53 clubs to cover – and I should confess, Willard can thank me for now having 4 more clubs to visit this year. Willard,  we wish you and Gabrielle the very best as you wrap up your official visit itinerary over the next couple of months.

Fellows, I ask you to join with me in thanking our District Governor Willard Martin.

Remembering a beloved Mother Una Smellie 


Reconnecting ( for Sharon) at a primary school Reunion with classmates and kapa haka teacher


Finding out about Estate Planning at University of Auckland Alumni Event

AklUni Alumni

Am I looking forward to Christmas?