Changeover Day June 2013 : Moments on the DG Rollercoaster Part 3 : Changeover Day June 2013

16 Jun

DSC09671DSC09639DSC09603   DG Ron – No. 67


It is now my pleasure to introduce you to our incoming Governor….

“We met each other through Rotary and between the 2 of us we have 3 sons, 2 daughter in laws, 1 daughter, 3 grandsons and 2 granddaughters – not bad for a mature couple!! 

Indeed-Not bad I say  for D9920- we are having 2 for the price of one this coming Rotary year and what a combination.

We have a petrol head who is also a boy scout coupled to a fitness instructor-Event manager. – ingredients for a successful year- they will need to Be Prepared, there will be many miles travelled  and many events to organise and fitness is definitely a plus.



How are you doing.

Good Day, Bon Jour, Bula, Kia Orana, Talofa, Malo eh leh ee, Mauri..I hope I have improved with practice. Now for my Report-

We started our year asking ourselves to Unleash Our Potential building Peace through Service. How did we do this? By working together  on our 3 priorities – Events, The Rotary Foundation and Public Image. Starting with Public Image , Can and did We Share our Rotary Moments One Story at a Time. For example;

  1. Can we be and were we- loud and proud Rotarians. Look at Waiheke’s Onetangi Beach Races. Yes We can and We were.
  2. Can we  and Did we use technology to Tell Our stories. Look at my DG newsfeed and blog Yes we can. And we Did. Can we keep our club bulletins short,sharp,stimulating – and still, communicate what’s happening beyond our club silos. Look at these 3 club bulletins featured here. Yes We Can and We Did.
  3. Can we and Did we fly conspicuous flags for Rotary – Engage our club members  with a NEW club project-  Tell Our story beyond our own local community.Look at Papakura’s motorcycle show. Yes We Can and We Did.
  4. Coming to Our second priority- TRF- Our Charity of Choice- When we saw a Need-Can and Did we respond with Faith, Hope and Love?

Look at these examples.

  1. We built Faith-  By packing ERKS for Cyclone relief in Auckland. Our xchange students raised $1500!
  2. We offered Hope – By supporting preschools on Taveuni
  3. We showed Love- By delivering Food Packs and ERKS during Cyclone Evan. – Rotary does not have an OSH policy-  we delivered Lunches for primary schools in Lautoka
  4.  For Our 3rd and final priority- Can we make all our activities memorable Events. Take a look at these.
  5. Working Together We started our first ever multi club and mult-cluster DG visits – Look – a choral evening at St Matthews in the City- a Proms Night in Mission Bay and a picnic in Savusavu- and much more. We ARE Creative.
  6. We Danced for Rotary – in many places.. We feel good about ourselves with positive membership outcomes. We have a new phenomenon- 2 new clubs chartered in Auckland for the first time in 10 years-1 in Ba 2 weeks ago and 1 more in the wings in the Pacific- AND a surge of interest for RCC start-Ups  with the first ever in our District by Rotary MANGERE a week ago.
  7. We Staged the mother of all Events – our Dance for Peace Sake on 23 february- a core group of clubs , rotarians, rotarcators, friends and fans in 6 countries and 8 dance venues – a FUN Event showcasing the serious buisness of what we do. Let me share HOW we did this with a 3min Dance compilation showcasing the diversity in the biggest maritime Rotary  District in the World.OURS.
  8. Enjoy Rock’N’Rotary

So- Can and Did we Unleash Our Potential Pushing Boundaries. Without a doubt- categorically 993/4%  according to Dr Seuss- Yes We can and We Did.


Part 2 – some Thank Yous-

1.     Thank you to D9920 I ask AGs, DCCs, 2012-2013 to be acknowledged. Please give them a round of applause.

We have a small token of appreciation for you collect before you leave today.

Any Presidents from 2012-2013 who are here today please can we acknowledge their support this year.

There is something for you to collect too.

my Home Club NEWMARKET Pres Terry and gang must be acknowleged.

Thx D9920+RCON

Thank you for the privilege of serving with you all.

Thank you for all that you have done and for all that you are going to do. I must also thank all PDGs for their ready suopport – always when asked and sometimes not – special thanks to my DG buddy Leanne.


1.     Many of you have asked WHAT this extraordinary year has meant for Family, Friends, Business and our Rotary engagement. It WAS the rollercoaster that we anticipated.

2.     We lived life on the Run.Celebrating birthdays on the run. Auckland, Chch, Stewart Island and Invercargill was the best- the whole Institute sang happy Birthday Sharon.

3.     We had SADNESS too. Losing our beloved Nana after a long illness – grieving on the run

4.     Losing my friend Kevin- of 40 years SUDDENLY- the day a part of me and  Rock’N’Roll in NZ died a little too.

5. Emceeing my friend Richard’s wedding – HAPPINESS  and healing on the run

6.     We were OPEN to unexpected opportunities and became very good at Designing  on the run- Need a busy Architect- yes you can still call me

Please Note my phone number is on the bottom right

7. Taking our girls on the Rotary Road-trip. Seizing opportunities.Seeing what we Do.

Best friend Sharon

8. Saved the BEST for last.Sharing with my best friend. Tickets check,, missing specs Check, passports Check, wallet Check, camera Check, chains Check, name badges Check,laptop Check , projector Check speech notes Check- my head – darling Sharon- – I simply could not have done it without you.


Before I get to my final act as DG- there is a very enjoyable task to do -announce several awards – 2 individual citations and 3 club trophies

You and me, we are all members in a Service organisation.

Today, more than ever, we need more people to make a commitment to a higher standard of Service. After all,our organisation is on the move to change some outmoded  attitudes and some of our traditions, and the way we deliver Service – So its time for me to thank 2 shining examples of outstanding service amongst us- .

And these 2 awardees come from the engine room of Rotary – TRF committee

First up is the TRF’s highest recognition- DSA-to qualify you need to be a recipient of the CFMS in 2007-2008 or earlier- 5 years or longer- The recipient has recently retired as TRF Committee treasurer for more than 6 years. As well as overseeing Permanent Fund, Major Donors and Bequests – he is always available to speak on Foundation to any club or District training event. The author and sender of all TRF advice notes to all D.9920 clubs on Annual Giving, he has been the instigator behind credit card payments-he leaves gi-normous boots to fill- Bob Young please come up and accept your Distinguished Service Award



Next is the Certificate for Meritorious Service which recognizes individual Rotarians who have demonstrated outstanding active service to The Rotary Foundation for more than one year (financial contributions alone do not qualify a Rotarian for this award).

There is something to be said about coming to a committee via the back door- this recipient spent time on the W+CS and was enticed with as brief a job description as possible – in this case it was then Chair – DGN Iain saying “ I have got an easy job for you…”and 8 years later the recipient has become our GURU on Grants overseeing over NZ$5M in grants in that time.  Allan McKay please come up and accept your Certificate for Meritorious Service.


Ron is a father, an Architect and a Rotarian living and working out of two buildings clustered around a courtyard behind the Ellerslie Racecourse in Auckland, New Zealand. He has two grown sons Mika and Joss, and with his wife Sharon, two daughters Ruby and Noon.

Since graduating Bachelor of Architecture from Auckland University with Honours he has practiced architecture for 36 years in New Zealand, Fiji and the Pacific. He is Principal of Murray Cockburn Partnership or MCP Auckland – a boutique practice operating out Auckland, Queenstown and Fiji.

Coming from a family of Rotarians, Ron was invited into Suva North Rotary Club over 20 years ago, later joining Newmarket Club Auckland New Zealand serving as President 2006/07 and accepted a role as Assistant Governor 2008/10.

As District Governor he has urged Rotarians and clubs in District 9920NZ to Work Together on their relationships with each other this year.

Changes made and highlights include : making DG visits to clusters of clubs as memorable events, launching a web-based DG newsfeed, introducing Club Visioning to support and strengthen clubs, dancing for Rotary on 23 february across the District in 8 dance venues D9920 Rock’N’Rotary Ends Polio Builds Peace, combining a Conference with District 9940, chartering 4 new clubs – the first two in 10 years in Auckland, starting up a Rotary Community Corps.

November last year was the milestone 5 years since Ruby finished chemotherapy for a rare form of cancer. For Ron, Ruby is a living example of the Power of Hope and a potent symbol for Change and Continuity to be embraced –as it is his hope for Rotary.


Quiz trophy

First up- Fred Beattie Trophy- Quiz – foster better understanding of Rotary and FUN and Fellowship- we have joint winners Pukekohe and Alfriston

Boyd Trophy     Bill and Lorna Boyd Trophy – CLUB WITH BEST PER CAPITA TRF GIVING Suva East

O'Connell Trophy    Grattan O’Connell Trophy – CLUB WITH BEST PER CAPITA Polio Plus GIVING Nadi

Definitely a Fiji thing going on this year- vinaka vakalevu

DSC09739DSC09738   Sharon Seeto PHF

DSC09737DSC09736   a Surprise from home-club NEWMARKET

R+S-goodbye   Good bye from Sharon and Ron – from Peace through Service

RS+ Willard-Gabrielle   Best Wishes Willard and Gabrielle – to Engage Rotary Change Lives

DSC09601   It has been an Honour and a Privilege – Ron Seeto No.67 

post-script – Chris Crabtree :  the announcement about her passing, followed by a minute’s silence.

Our Condolences to PDG Rob Crabtree for the passing of his lovely Chris

DG news Pic 4 Chris Crabtree

One Response to “Changeover Day June 2013 : Moments on the DG Rollercoaster Part 3 : Changeover Day June 2013”

  1. BobN June 20, 2013 at 11:09 pm #

    wow !!
    what a year !
    It started with a bang and is finishing with a bang !
    Thank you Sharon and Ron for a great Rotary year. So much achieved, but so much fun, for a whole year.

    Reshika and Bob Niranjan, Suva, Fiji

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