May Moments: PORTRAIT of a thrillseeker Part 3 on the District Governor rollercoaster : May Moments

9 Jun

May Rotary Promote International Convention Month or in D9920 Environment Month   

This month started  sadly with the tragic death of one of our 5 Ferns to London Toni Lee Hayward –  and a bitter sweet farewell to our GSE dream team from UK D1260. A bright spot in recognising our D9929 District Committee Fiji Liason Bob Niranjan with a PHF+3 – followed by another bright spot, an invitation from President Jane de Groen  Auckland City Sunrise to help welcome a new member – more District PHF recognitions – a weekend away as NZ DGs’ rep at D9980’s Conference “Wild45South” –  DG visits to clubs including one to my HomeClub NEWMARKET – then a DG Visit to Rotary NADI with a book delivery to Nadi Airport School en route to the grande finale for the month …..the 3rd Club Charter in D9920 this Rotary year – The Rotary Club of Ba New Generation

tuesday 1 May evening : Rotary PUKEKOHE Main Grandstand, Pukekohe Raceway – GSE D1260UK and a District PHF+3 recognition

Bob’s citation included his service as a committed Rotarian including his various roles as AG, DCC Fiji liason, ERKS stewardship, Disaster Response and Recovery and my DG special rep for the provisional Rotary Club of Ba.



Wednesday 2 May evening : Rotary SOMERVILE HOWICK Pakuranga Golf Club            Farewell GSE D1260UK 


Hello there – firstly thank-yous- everyone who has been involved in planning, selections,hosting this Exchange please take a bow.

This professional execution of our responsibilities has taken on new meaning in the past 48 hours as we remember one of our 5 Ferns- Toni Hayward where belonging to the finest family in the world has taken on extra poignancy wiuth LOVE- our surname is indeed International

At our welcome a short 19 days ago I used   2 quotes on GSE by our eloquent  Rotarian Frank Deaver

The first one  is : GSE is  an immersion experience in another society

The other –  ….. Tourists go abroad to take pictures, Business people to make money, Politicians to make news, GSE Teams go abroad to make friends.

Last night at Pukekohe- I saw how this dream team has grown at every presentation I have been lucky to be present at- and tonight the bar has been raised yet again with something different – so yes it has been an immersion experience – a 2 way one as we have connected, touched, learnt and shared with each other

Last weekend at Rotorua Conference I saw how Tracy, Amy, Sughra, Ann-Marie and Ollie  made friends with gusto – so yes we deepened our bonds and become lifelong friends.

my message this year to our D.9920 clubs and Rotarians  is Working together we CAN accomplish anything –

so too has this come to pass for this focussed GSE- undoubtedly and  in the immortal words of Dr Seuss 993/4% guaranteed- Yes We Can and We Did– and what’s more shall forever be a solid foundation for a  fruitful  relationship between our 2 Districts.

Haere rā Ka kite anō Goodbye and see you again.


Sunday 5 May afternoon : Toni Lee Hayward comes home Mangere Airport

DSC07618DSC07619    Our Support continues

Dear Club President and Secretary

You will be aware that our own D9920 GSE Team Member Toni-Lee Hayward (38) died suddenly in the UK on 29 May while on the exchange.

Toni-Lee’s funeral was in Rotorua on 8 May where Rotary was well represented by members from the GSE District Committee and the clubs of Howick-Somerville and Papatoetoe West.

In the aftermath, Toni-Lee has left her husband, Alson and two lovely girls Sophie (14) and Richelle (21) living in Papakura. Not only have they lost a wife and mother but the dominant breadwinner too.

Toni-Lee was a very special women with a vibrant personality who gave a massive amount to the literacy community of New Zealand. As Manager of a Literacy Aotearoa programme in South Auckland, she and her large team have been making a huge impact on their community. She will be sorely missed.

We are devastated for their loss but know that Rotary can provide practical support for the family left behind.

Please ask your Club and its members if they can contribute to a fund to assist Toni-Lee’s family.

The funds will be collected by The Rotary Club of Ellerslie Sunrise.

Bank deposits to:

Rotary Club of Ellerslie Sunrise Inc Trust


(Receipts will be issued for your club’s tax purposes in due course)

DG Ron and I look forward to your support.


Grant Hunter

GSE Outbound Chairman

District 9920

T +64 9 575 9848


Tuesday 7 May breakfast : Rotary AUCKLAND CITY SUNRISE Barrycourt Parnell Welcoming a new member


President Jane and my family of early- birders

A short 5 or so years ago a nervous AG came to one of your meetings- overawed by the articulate eloquence and sophistication surrounding him he stumbled through his first ever address to this club- today  invited back here as your Governor YOU can be the judge to see whether there has been any improvement. So Chue  Rotary can be ( for some)  an avenue for personal development

This morning is special – one, for me to return to one of my original club clusters, the other, to catch up with all of you and congratulate you all on a very positive year under the direction of President Jane- and mostly- to preside over the main event – to welcome on your behalf – yes WELCOME rather than induct ( as that word  sounds like some medical procedure)  Chue into YOUR club and OUR Rotary Family – so a new metaphor for a new member.

Chue, today YOU become a member of the finest family in the world-YOUR surname like ours is International- if you are interested in the numbers you become part of a family of over 1.2million in over 34,000 clubs in over 530 Rotary Districts  in over 200 countries around the world and you can visit and Make-Up at any one of these clubs.

We know you must be successful as why else would you become a Rotarian – and you must know that success comes from engagement and loving what you do. So it is with Rotary. So get to know your new family at Auckland City Sunrise, get to know your wider Rotary Family, deepen your bonds with all of us in our unique Rotary way called FELLOWSHIP- join all club and Distrct activities-come along to our Rotary Leadership programs. An effective Rotarian is a Knowledgeable one. You will find some of this in your information pack – but my best advice is to ASK.

This Rotary year our Theme is Peace Through Service– I have been asking Rotarians in our clubs to Work Together on our relationships with each other as we go about doing good in the world – to improve our standard of SERVICE.

 A guaranteed way to do this, Chue I suggest- is to –  Take Risks, Think Global, Cultivate Empathy- above all Stay Amazed with what you can accomplish through Rotary.

I will now ask President Jane to present you with your Rotary pin- DO wear it  everyday and  Do wear it everywhere.

Fellow Rotarians please be upstanding and WELCOME Chue.

Finally, Chue you look young enough to be on FB- promise me to update your status on this Rotary Event – tag me in a photo so I know that you have done this. Thank you – and Go Well.

DSC07633 the DG scored 9.9999 – 101/2 out of 10!



Thursday 9 May evening : D-9920 Conference Debrief – passing on the learnings



Monday 13 May evening : Rotary PAKURANGA Waipuna Conference Centre Vocational and Community Awards

President Clive Pakuranga Rotarians and friends
As we have just heard, for Pakuranga these awards is an Annual Function dating back many years. Reading the citations your Community and Vocational awardees have a long proven history of excellent SERVICE.
The job of a DG – aside from keeping it short and sweet – is to inspire. But as I look on our 5 awardees, what’s clear is that you’re the source of inspiration today. To me. To your local communities. To this club. To Rotary International.Awardees, with your Rotary branded trophies this is the day you also become members  in the finest family in the world- our surname – yours is International. This annual awards function  recognises local heroes, renewing us with their energy and their passion. And that includes an awardee here today- Scott Topham and Kiwi King Split Roast.What Guy did not tell you is the recipient and his company give their time & expertise free of charge.As a Rotarian that is what we wish to see you do. That’s who we are. To Scott and all the awardees tonight – Congratulations and Good evening. 
DSC08817_2DSC08802Bill and Noel Screen shot 2013-05-15 at 5.08.06 PMDSC08788DSC08784_2DSC08783DSC08782DSC08781DSC08779_2
Tuesday 14 May evening : D-9920 TRF Committee Meeting, Otahuhu College Sports Pavilion. Wrap-up and a recognition
Peter Crellin, Deputy Peace Fellowships Chair recognised PHF+2I am pleased to advise that I was able to recognise Peter Crellin with a District PHF+2 at the District Foundation Committee meeting tonight .Peter’s citation is for his dedicated and committed service to build Peace including his enthusiastic support of all D9920 Peace initiatives as Deputy Peace Fellowships chair in 2012-2013 in particular is work on selection of D9920 Peace candidate for the Honolulu Peace Forum “ Green Shoots”, selection of Peace Fellow candidates , his assistance with and participation in our first District Community Peace Forum and the energy he put into setting the scene for our biggest Peace Event of the year Rock’N’Rotary Ends Polio Builds Peace
.DSC07640 You gotta love what we do
thursday 16 May evening : Combined Leadership meeting, Portland Investments
friday 17 May – sunday 19 May : NZ DG’s rep to “Wild45South” D-9980 Conference, Ascot Hotel, Invercargill
I can now add to my brag list – Tim Shadbolt-warmUP act- .Good evening everyone, family, friends and fans of D9980 . Sharon and I are so pleased to be here- Sharon unlike Tim and me-a cantabrian with CENTRAL roots  was somewhat reassured that I would not put my foot in my mouth after seeing what JP kindly sent me-  the Rules of Engagement for outsiders coming to Wild45 South. As you can see I have my pants pulled up, my baseball cap I have left at home in case I forget to turn it the right way round, my cell phone is turned off, I have now said Speights and Mainland cheese at least once in this address- and here’s a friendly southland wave. I have gotten over not seeing auckland or fiji signposted on your confernce website John-so I can Congratulate you ALL  for surviving the year under my friend JP. Today is testament to the passion, perseverance and professionalism that YOU brought to this labour of faith.I bring greetings from my other 4 NZ DGs Lindsay, Roger, Graeme & Gordon. We are connected in so many ways.Some 48 years ago a 12 year old got on a plane in Fiji  and made his way to this town- it was a town then- to visit his uncle Tom affectionately known down here  as “BULA” – whose daughter Kerry flatted with our JP. A new experience was coming up close and personal with the venerable family pet ram Hector – but where is this going-  we are connected in so many ways5 years on the same young man jumped on another plane arriving at UOA- where he could not help but come up close and personal to an orator extraodinaire – daily in the Student quad-  mayor Tim. A new experience was finding out about jellybeans – and how to recite 1,2,3,4 – STOP! – we are connected in so many waysAnother 40 years came to pass and this time he came up close and personal to 5 other like minded individuals in Tauranga – our class of NZ DGs 2012-2013.  A little dazed and wide eyed we might have been  back those short 3 years ago as we came up close and personal to another southern man- PRID Stuart Heal singing the winds of change – we listened , we debated, we agreed to Work Together to make Change Real in Rotary – not change for change sake but change what needs to be changed – we are connected in so many ways.I see a hopeful future because  of what we have all done together- singing the same hymn but with local nuances and, WHAT we intend as a DG group – to continue advocating. Because We have a unique opportunity in NZ to Work Together because no longer can JAFFAS say parochialism become more evident the further south you go from the Bombays- because  SPPETS is here to stay, because we talk, meet,skype regularly on MDPR,ICT and more, because we are all committed to Revitalisation of Rotary in NZ- be it a common training format or perhaps a national confernce every so many years- as we LIVE the character of our organisation -its spirit, our core values that have always made us exceptional.That is the essence of Rotary especially in NZ, and there’s nothing else like it anywhere in the worldSo D9980 – what does this mean for you? What role will you play? Can I suggest Take Risks, Think Global, Cultivate Empathy, Stay Amazed – with what you and the rest of us  can achieve through Rotary.We ARE connected in so many ways. Working Together WE can accomplish anything. Thank you, good evening and let’s party.
monday 20 May lunchtime : Rotary AUCKLAND – District PHF recognition outgoing GSE chair Don Leith
President Pam and AUCKLAND rotarians and friendsYesterday at the conclusion of the D9980 Wild45South Conference – that’s a story for another time- Sharon and I witnessed a presentation  of PHFs for SERVICE- to 2 charter members of Invercargill South the Home club of DG John.Long service is a contribution that we  in Rotary too often take for granted especially when it is combined with dedication, passion and continuing enthusiasm – often accompanied by little or no fanfare.I have a specially enjoyable task today. It is to present a DISTRICT PHF recognition to one of your members for long and dedicated service to making our world a better place.This member has been on our District TRF committee ever since I gatecrashed that committee  as an eager AG- has been part of our successful GSE committee since 1999- now that makes 14 years- has been the Chair of that committee – coordinating and steering both our inbound and outbound committees unerringly for many of those years .– and is now about to hang up his boots at the end of this Rotary year.With 2 GSE teams this year he also stepped outside his overarching coordinator’s role to taking a more hands on part as inbound chair.His professionalism and meticulous application were clearly evident in the recent tragedy with one of our outbound 5 Ferns to London- anally ticking all the boxes ensured that insurance was able to pay for Toni Lee Hayward’s family to go to London and bring her body back home.DON LEITH – I did say I wanted to see you and Marg about a District surprise-for  buidling Peace through SERVICE please step up and receive your PHF+2
monday 20 May evening : District Finance and Admin Committee, Grand Prix offices, Ellerslie – Farewell, thanks and District PHF
recognition outgoing DF&AC chair PDG Colin Nicolas
Great to see so many people here and partners as well- it has a lot to do with the occasion- honouring a special man in our midst. PDG Colin who tonight officially completed his tour of duty as Chair of DF&AC.Yesterday at the conclusion of the D9980 Wild45South Conference – that’s a story for another time- Sharon and I witnessed a presentation  of PHFs for SERVICE- to 2 charter members of Invercargill South the Home club of DG John.Long service is a contribution that we  in Rotary too often take for granted especially when it is combined with dedication, passion and continuing enthusiasm – often accompanied by little or no fanfare.I have a specially enjoyable task tonight. It is to present a DISTRICT PHF+1 recognition to Colin for long and dedicated service to making our world a better place- indeed making our DF&AC committee a better and more effective place.He has been chair about 7 years and willingly expanded the role of the committee in IPDG Alan’s DG year and has continued into my year working and progressing a number of fronts- including the DGNN manual, a club accounting package and securing our 2 YPOs.Colin was also pivotal in supporting this District’s participation in SPPETS by accepting that benefits outweighed costs in agreeing to a District subsidy.Your engineering background has brought a clarity and professionalism to the Chairmanship of this $ and cents committee and that will be missed.PDG Colin Nicolas  for all of that and your untiring efforts  buidling Peace through SERVICE please step up and receive your PHF+1
tuesday 21 May lunchtime : DG Visit Home-Club Rotary NEWMARKET and 3 District PHF recognitions
DSC09063DSC09062Lunch 2013_05_21 94
Thank you for inviting me – so very kind of you. I know it may have been  an inconvenience for some to put up with a DG address so thank you all for coming and its great to see partners here too- I have shone up my bling specailly.It  is a thrill to finally make my official visit at my homeclub and  to record this proud and special moment someone better take a photo with me at the podium sporting the HomeClub of the DG banner– and whilst I have said this before  I want to say thank you for supporting all our initiatives this year- from cluster DG visits, engaging with this year’s Peace theme and all the District activities and responsibilities  that come with the honour and territory of Homeclub of the DG so to speak- District leadership is also fortunate to have our NEWMARKET DNA –  in particular  AG Pete( for his timely interventions telling me like it is- have you got your stopwatch on), Roger our W+CS chair for his herculean efforts in getting clubs  living our mantra for the year working together on projects local and international-  and Brian who has brought his enthusiasm for smart business in a digital world into our vocational activities. PDG Ross- who has become almost  a serial stalker being invited to many of the  club events Sharon and I attend  around Auckland –has reinforced the mana of this man among our Rotary peers- Ross your presence has been appreciated with your constant support readily dispensed when asked and at times not- My think tank and Conference dream team  and it has been humbling to have so many of you  participating in District activities supporting ME -you know who you are– and of course Pres Terry who brought us the crème de la crème of  Conference support Jan Tonkin – At this point I must single out 3 of us who have been in the inner circle in a manner of speaking- supporting with little fanfare – and as I mention your name  please come up and stand beside  me My DS Paul- for his indefatigable spirit in questioning every request I made of him and by so doing improving our delivery to all of youMy DGT John Steer for giving me his time and expertise in reconciling the mysteries of RI high finance and for opening up the best boardroom in Newmarket for  our Leadership meetings every month- comes with several BYTsMy DG news creator and support- Nigel Fowler. Without you mate we would not have dragged our Rotarians (some of them screaming )to engage actively and contributing- to our monthly digital and  webbased newsfeed.To all 3 of you – in your own way your support have all contributed to our quest to make the world a better place and create a platform for building Peace through service. For this support it is my pleasure to recognise  each of you with a District PHF.
Paul please step up and accept your PHF+1, John your PHF and Nigel your PHF. Please be upstanding and acknowledge our PHFs
It is great to see we are  still attracting new members –  Scott, and Doug.Sharon and I look forward to getting to know BOTH of you better especially when I return to a job at our weekly luncheoon  reception desk after 1 July.It was great to see our RCONteurs presenting at Conference too-from within in Linda, Johnnie and Nigel to one of our extended family Nadia Lim- showcasing the best we have to offer-one and all made  a proud moment for me – and we can still say – and I only say this within the confines of this club these days- that we are the Best Rotary Club in NZ. so Congratulations give ourselves a round of applause.

Lunch 2013_05_21 73Lunch 2013_05_21 83Lunch 2013_05_21 95

DG Ron Seeto started Rotary in Suva 25 years ago and proud to be back in his home club and assisting with district meetings – living all year for district giving. Thanks to Ross Craig, Peter Ross, Roger Harvey and Brian McMath for their assistance and knowledge from our club

Paul Monk, John Steer and Nigel Fowler were called and presented with the District Paul Harris Pins for outstanding service assisting Ron before and during hi busy programmes, pinned on by Ron’s wife, Sharon Seeto.

Ron put on a slide show of his year as DG that included faith, hope and fellowship events, new generations, family and club clusters. A different world assisting Pacific Islands building projects, schools, hospitals and delivering of ambulance in Tavanui , DC scanners in Suva and assisting with solar power, gardens and playgrounds.

Ron’s sees his achievements as including sharing our Rotary image loud and proud, design of and signs on our projects, and chartering clubs pushing boundaries .

Reporter: Ron McPherson RAPPORT

wednesday 22 May evening : DG Visit  Rotary WAIUKU 

Sharon and I  have been looking forward to visiting WAIUKU –we were sorry we missed your iconic sunset walk. I want to say thank you for supporting all our initiatives this year- from the first ever MULTI cluster DG visit and engaging with this year’s Peace theme  by joining your cluster anti-bullying project at Tuakau College – participating in the mother of all international projects -the preschools on Rabi and Kioa just off  Taveuni -13 clubs 3 clustersindeed there is much that you carry out without too much fanfare -year in year out and for that we in District are truly appreciative- We know You are particularly close to your  local community which stretches up the Awhitu Peninsula and this is reflected in your continuing Vocational and Community Awards program every year This community engagement is a strength that you have – and latterly we have been talking to President Marshall about starting a RCC of Waiuku – which could give a fresh impetus to your membership attraction plan – W+CS chair Roger Harvey is available to assist facilitate Peter Drysdale at Koroipita we were saddened  by the passing of Waiuku stalwart Glyn Jones – who reflected all your attributes- quoting some of Peter’s eulogy “ great company, full of enthusiasm and fun”and of course Pres Marshall has taken leading this club very seriously and applied himself diligently to this role – so Congratulations one and all.–  for the Partners here WELCOME- please note I have polished up my bling especially
“Ron spent a few moments talking about a number of topicsincluding the Pre-schools project adopted by our cluster group, and his proposal that we consider establishing a “Community Corps”. Ron also expressed his sadness at the passing of Glyn Jones, and his disappointment at being unable to attend our Walk project.A slide presentation then took us on a journey on the ‘DG’sRollercoaster’, documenting the achievements and programmes throughout the District, particularly in the Islands.Ron’s presentation was well prepared and it was gratifying to see inclusions from our club.”
Editor Don Armstrong, Waiuku Rotary
thursday 22 May breakfast : DG Visit  Rotary ST JOHNS and 2 District PHF recognitions
DSC09106Screen shot 2013-05-23 at 4.18.21 PM
President Milesalways enjoy visiting this club – As we hurtle towards the finish line the energy levels start to flag and coming to ST JOHNS always gives me that needed boost- and this morning is no exception.Last weekend at the conclusion of the D9980 Wild45South Conference – that’s a story for another time- Sharon and I witnessed a presentation of PHFs for SERVICE- to 2 charter members and Past Presidents of Invercargill South the Home club of DG John.Long service is a contribution that we in Rotary too often take for granted – as it is often accompanied by little or no fanfare.Apart from long and dedicated service their citations also included passion and continuing enthusiasm. Yes you can go and take a club and your fellow Rotarians a long way with those 2 qualities.This morning I am specially pleased to recognise 2 very special people who have enthusiastically embraced all of our 3 priorities this year- Events, TRF- working Together on a cluster project, Public ImageAND anything to do with Rotary for that matter.This has also flowed onto stronger , HAPPIER clubs and Membership outcomes not only for this Club but others in D9920.One is an AG and the other a PDG- our dynamic Duo-Beryl and Colin Robinson please step up here and accept District PHF recognition for exceeding expectations in all that you have done and- keep on doing Building Peace through Service with me this year. Specifically,Beryl especially for your determined and persistent follow up on membership leads- my standard response when clubs ask what they need to do about membership – I say “ Find a Beryl”Colin especially for your service above self support of one particular club in your cluster, for your insightful and RAPID feedback and ACTION on our initiatives this year.Beryl your PHF+3 and Colin PHF+1


saturday 25 May evening  : Rotary PAPAKURA Concert at Karaka , NZ Bloodstock


15 year legacy still enchants and enables


monday 27 May evening  : Rotary PENROSE 50th Anniversary Charter , Ellerslie Function Centre


President Alex and Penrose Rotarians

The job of a DG- aside from keeping it short and sweet- is to inspire- but as I look at all of you here tonight – You are the inspiration.

One of the privileges of being DG is I get to see the proud legacy of Rotary in our community- Rotary PENROSE has a prominent legacy locally and internationally. At this point, I acknowledge all your charter members –my friend Neville Aitcheson who made an impression on me with his christmas message some years ago at my homeclub , a big HELLO to all the PARTNERS  of this club- also your extended Rotary family and friends–

SO it is another birthday celebration -50 years ago today, this club began and  took great effort to deliver Service .That was the vision back in 1963 and it obviously still is today. YOU found your unique way to serve.You and me, we are all members in a Service organisation.

Today, more than ever, we need more people to make a commitment to a higher standard of Service. After all,our organisation is on the move to change some outmoded  attitudes and some of our traditions, and the way we deliver Service—PENROSE is not exempt from this.

Too often, these days, when we switch our televisions to the news, or when we browse through the pages of our papers, or our ipads we are greeted with negativity. But this mindset can be and is being changed.

There are truths embodied in your history-our history- that can encourage our Rotarians to participate in the large-scale turnaround of this great family. There are truths that can empower our people to become active agents for change—and inspire them to give rise to their own individual stories. Sharing these Rotary Moments showcases the vibrant tapestry of your club and our international Family .

Adhering to the truth does not always mean seeing what is lacking or what is wrong. In fact, the truth can elevate our opinions of ourselves, of others, and of our organisation; it can restore and strengthen confidence. When we start to see the opportunity in the difficulty  dreams get that much more – closer to becoming tangible realities.

RIP Tanaka said this recently: “Every Rotary project, every act of Service is an Act of Love and Kindness”




tuesday 28 May evening  : Rotary MT EDEN DG Visit and a District PHF recognition


Thank you for inviting me – so very kind of you.

Sharon and have been looking forward to visiting MT EDEN –the last time I visited it was to support a new care bear in our midst being welcomed into your club just before Xmas. Today I need to be on my best behaviour with AG Pete present. And I must say you have been served well by Pete who has now really got some skin in the club as it were- with Caroline-  and this should  be acknowledged.

I want to say thank you for supporting all our initiatives this year- from our MULTI cluster DG visit and I understand that MtEden had almost all your members attend so thanks for that- getting behind the MedSafe medical supplies project to Fiji-

indeed there is much that you carry out without too much fanfare -year in year out and for that we in District are truly appreciative- You have also had some firsts this year

–       –a novel first meeting of the year with a BBQ at Cornwall Park

–       Another BBQ at Bunnings keeping the bank manager happy

–       A Golf Day rasing $5K

–       A recent beef tasting fundraiser to keep the omnivores happy

–       A New Gen meeting with Tony Falkenstein water entrepreneur philantropist

–       All this fun, positive activity engaging and attracting new members – hello Nickola, Sarah and Caroline with a few others in the wings

–       So congratulations  – and of course I am pleased to hear that you have a clear succession plan in place- Pres Greg going for a second term to consolidate your gains is a good idea.

–       – for the Partners here WELCOME- please note I have polished up my bling especially.

District leadership is also fortunate to have some of the MT EDEN DNA rubbing off onto District Events which brings me to our Dance for Peace sake on 23 february this year.

thank you for engaging with this year’s Peace theme  so emphatically in our Event of the Year- and here I must say

– I was simply  in awe  of Ursula Bach at work  on Rock”N”Rotary Ends Polio Builds Peace”  Ursula You are the gold standard in how to whip up Rotarian support – I can honestly say this great FUN Event showcasing the serious buisness of what we do – would simply not have happened without your passion, energy, enthusiasm, commitment and – if I may say- bloody ballsyness. And I know you have more ideas to rollout –so it a real pleasure that I am able now call you up to be recognised with a District PHF –


“We were very pleased to host District Governor Ron Seeto and his wife Sharon at our last meeting. The Rotary theme for the 2012-13 year was to Unleash Our Potential and build “Peace Through Service.”

The District 9920 clubs were grouped in to 11 clusters and worked on three priorities: 1. Make all club activities memorable “Events” 2. Make the Rotary Foundation our “Charity of Choice” 3. Enhance our Public Image – share our moments one story at a time.

DG Ron congratulated the Rotary Club of Mt Eden on its work this year in these areas – which included our Charity Golf Day, our sausage sizzle fundraiser, our beef tasting fundraiser, our involvement in the Cluster Meeting (held at St Matthews in the City) and our involvement in the Peace Dance/Flash Mob.

DG Ron then spoke of his year to date. He presented a slide show and spoke to all the events that had been happening in the District – which were numerous indeed – and included many events in the Pacific Islands! The year also included the chartering of new clubs in the district. DG Ron also spoke of the Foundation and changes. We certainly have a District to be proud of!

In particular, regarding the Flash mob event, this idea was generated by the South Pacific Rotary clubs and taken to action by Ursula Bach. Ursula was then presented with a District Paul Harris Fellow for her commitment to Rotary and the District. This is a great honour for Ursula and our club. Congratulations Ursula – well deserved!!!

Many thanks to DG Ron and Sharon for spending time with us.

Footnotes: (1) Many thanks also to Assistant Governor Peter Ross (from the Newmarket Club), who has assisted our Club in its efforts to boost membership as well as with other initiatives this year eg, our special meeting with Anthony Falkenstein and the beeftasting fundraiser. (2) A warm welcome to Greg Moyle (from the Downtown Auckland Club) – who we know from his roles with the Rotary Quiz Night and the Rotary Art Calendar – and who will take over as the Assistant Governor responsible for our club.”

Frances Loo,Editor The Bulletin Rotary Mt Eden


Friday 31 May morning : DG Visit Rotary NADI. Book donation to Nadi Airport School
Friday 31 May evening : pre -Charter Event for the Rotary Club of BA New Generation, Ba Civic Centre, BA : pre-Charter Meeting 6-7PM
An aspirational and inspirational group joins our Rotary family. Some snippets-
My name is….I am …. My dream is to….”help my Community through Rotary”, ” to continue doing what I love -teaching special needs children”, ” is to meet more like-minded people and have them as customers at my bank”, ” to become DG one day and wear that chain”(sic)
Friday 31 May evening : Charter Event for the Rotary Club of BA New Generation, Ba Civic Centre, BA : formal charter
This past year in my travels around our District I have introduced a few people but this is my first time for an Attorney General – so it is a special honour and more so for one in my birth country.Whilst most of you will know of  the Attorney General’s extensive track record of accomplishments and service it is my pleasure to recount some of the milestones;Mr Sayed-Khaiyum is Attorney General and Minister responsible for various portfolios. After completing a Political Studies degree at Australian National University, Canberra,  followed by a Bachelor and Masters at Law from Uni of NSW and Hong Kong- He has worked locally and internationally as a lawyer- locally for the Colonial group of Companies and as Director of Public Prosecutions- internationally  for Minter Allison and other internationally acclaimed law firms .Ladies and Gentlemen please join me in welcoming the Attorney General of Fiji. 
Bula and Good evening everyone especially partners, family, friends, of the BA Charter Class of 2013 . I have always wanted to bring Sharon to Ba as this town holds so many memories for me having been the architect for your market building and over the subsequent years have made many friends and buisness associations in  this get up and go province- and that includes your rugby and soccer teams. A special Welcome to the Attorney General, and Commissioner WesternThank you for your support by attending at such  short notice.Congratulations to all of you charter members and congratulations to the God-father of Rotary BA my DG special rep  Bob Niranjan- today is testament to the passion, professionalism  and urgency that you Bob brought to this labour of hope.Thank you for allowing me the honor to be a part of this Event – the third new Rotary club to be chartered in our D9920 this Rotary year and the first in Fiji since the founding of Taveuni in 2002 – 11 years ago – and we must not forget-the demise of BA after 30 odd years of service to this community some 10 years ago.It’s timely to remember The important role of the sponsoring club Suva. Consider support in all its forms – empower our new Rotarians to map their own destiny  within a finite timeframeThe importance of readily available support from the rest of our District Family. I am pleased to see the presence of so many Rotarians from other clubs in Fiji and the District leadership here tonight. Keep a 2 way street at all times – reach out, ask for help. Remember you are not alone.The importance of a road map – Make a PlanThe importance of Rotary knowledge – attend Training EventsThe importance of the IDEA to engage everyone in the club – find and start a club project for everyone- size does not matter- Look at the annual Presidential Citation document where you will find around 30 ideas (every year)to touch each members hot button for engagement- Give everyone a JOBCharter members, this is the day you also become members  in the finest family in this wonderful world – our surname – yours is International.STARTING FRESH provides opportunities for Rotary to refresh, to offer more options, to improve our standard of service – for clubs to define their preferred point of difference. That is the intrinsic  value of Membership Extension in Rotary speak- of chartering new clubs – whilst supporting our current ones. This is a way that Rotary will continue on its journey towards that distant horizon, and a better day- as we go about doing good in the world.So to our charter members – what does this mean for you? What role will you play in meeting these challenges? I suggest Take Risks, Think Global, Cultivate Empathy, Stay Amazed – with what you can achieve through Rotary.You will be tested. You won’t always succeed. But know that you have it within your power to try. That generations of Rotarians who have come before you faced challenges and uncertainties in their own time. And that through Working Together WE can Accomplish Anything. Go well.Thank You. VINAKA and Good evening.DSC09314DSC09310DSC09302DSC09300DSC09297DSC09293DSC09290DSC09289DSC09379DSC09381DSC09376DSC09374DSC09432DSC09429DSC09427DSC09418DSC09414DSC09420DSC09406DSC09408DSC09409DSC09411DSC09410DSC09422DSC09424DSC09425DSC09401DSC09400DSC09281DSC09436  

Our Future lies in our New Generations

Saturday 1 June evening : Ba Charter de-brief and Rotary Fiji Leadership briefing – fellowship- deepening bonds – sharing
what a month that was.

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