“Pushing Boundaries” – Combined D9920-9940 Conference Rotorua

9 May

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Countdown – thursday evening  25 april – Millennium Hotel and Kurious Kiwi Rotorua


I am pleased to advise that I am able to recognise AG Juliette on the eve of our Combined District Confernce here in Rotorua at this intimate Newmarket homeclub Get-Together.

Her citation includes dedicated service to the Rotary club of Moorea, her conscientious performance as my Assistant Governor throughout 2012-2013, her genuine and friendly assistance to all our clubs and Rotarians in French Polynesia , her successful efforts at implementing our Dance for Peace Event Rock’N’Rotary on the 23 february.


Countdown – friday morning  26 april – Energy Events Centre  Rotorua

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 Countdown – friday afternoon  26 april – RLI class at RSA  Rotorua and Golf Prizegiving
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Countdown – friday sundown  26 april Energy Events Centre Rotorua
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Showtime Friday evening 26 April Energy Events Centre Rotorua

  1. Love your work GB.. helloo there- ONE more time-We are both honoured- to see you all
  2.  no the 4 of us are honoured- to have you all come and celebrate with us. Graeme has told you HOW we got to Pushing Boundaries  together here in Rotorua. For my take I am going to ask some questions of  our D9920 Rotarians –
  3. Can and did we work together on our 3 priorities this year -Events, TRF and Public Image – Starting with PI –  Can and Did we Share our Rotary moments One Story at a Time. FOR EXAMPLE-
  4. Can we be and were we- loud and proud Rotarians. Look at Waiheke’s Onetangi Beach Races. Yes We can and We were.
  5. Can we  and Did we use technology to Tell Our stories. Look at my DG newsfeed and blog Yes we can. And we Did. Can we keep our club bulletins short,sharp,stimulating – and still, communicate what’s happening beyond our club silos. Look at these 3 club bulletins featured here. Yes We Can and Did.
  6. Can we and Did we-  fly conspicuous flags for Rotary – Engage our club members – with a NEW club project-  Tell Our story beyond our own local community.Look at Papakura’s motorcycle show. Yes We Can and We Did.
  7. Coming to Our second priority- TRF– Our Charity of Choice- When we saw a Need-Can and Did we respond with Faith, Hope and Love?


• We built Faith–  BY packing ERKS for Cyclone relief in Auckland

• We offered Hope – BY supporting preschools on Taveuni

• We showed Love– BY delivering Food Packs and ERKS during Cyclone Evan. – Rotary does not have an OSH policy-  we delivered Lunches for primary schools in Lautoka

11.   For Our 3rd and final priorityCan we make all our activities memorable Events. TAKE A LOOK AT THESE.

• Working Together We started our first ever multi club and mult-cluster DG visits – Look – a choral evening at St Matthews in the City- a Proms Night in Mission Bay and a picnic in Savusavu- and much more. We are Creative too.

• We Danced for Rotary – at District Changeover, in Nukualofa, in Moorea and many other places.. We feel good about ourselves with positive membership outcomes. We have a new phenomenon- 2 new clubs chartered in Auckland for the first time in 10-15 years- 3 more in the wings in the Pacific- AND a surge of interest for RCC start-UPs

• We Staged the mother of all Events – our Dance for Peace Sake on 23 february- a core group of clubs , rotarians, rotarcators, friends and fans in Rarotonga, Suva, Nukualofa, Apia, BoraBora, Raitatea-Tahaa, Moorea and in Auckland– 8 dance venues – a FUN Event showcasing the serious buisness of what we do.

15.  Let me share HOW we did this with a 3min Dance compilation showcasing the diversity in the biggest maritime Rotary  District 9920 in the World. Enjoy Rock’N’Rotary.


So- Can and Did we Unleash Our Potential Pushing Boundaries. Without a doubt- in the immortal words of Dr Seuss cateorically 993/4% guaranteed- ALTOGETHER NOW-

Yes We can and We Did.

Some club is getting the Pushing Boundaries Award on Sunday.Thank you and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Showtime Saturday morning 27 April Energy Events Centre Rotorua
Starting with Club Roll-Call
D9920_D9940 Conf 2013 035D9920_D9940 Conf 2013 047D9920_D9940 Conf 2013 045
 The idea we have for the Roll Call this year is to feature those clubs attending Conference along with a signature project  undertaken by that club during the year. If that club is an Award winner then this will also be announced at the same time – as well as other Award Winning clubs not at Conference.So here goes-
1.       Rotary Club of Alfriston– seen here  Hosting GSE team No. 1 from D5760 Kentucky. And  Winner Harold Thomas Trophy for Best Attendance at Club meetings in NZ
2.       Rotary Club of Auckland – Golf Day on Waiheke- Travelling in style on the Spirit of Adventure
3.       Rotary Club Auckland East- annual project SoapBox Derby showing the Winning team from Meadowbank School
4.       Rotary Club Auckland Harbourside –My hot,spicy and sweet club- Chinese New Year of the Snake- over 500 guests-$50K raised for Auckland Medical Research Foundation.
5.       Rotary Club of Botany East Tamaki – opening of the East Tamaki school Bikeway – providing safe accessible location for families to exercise-a well tested plan building relationships, engaging external organisations and a well publicised launch event – Winner Publicity in Action Award donated by PDG Leanne and Mike Jaggs!
6.      Downtown Auckland. My Party Club- Working Together with a passion on all of the FUN activities in D9920- they love dress-ups too especially for the DG.
7.      Rotary Club of Drury- Annual Produce Collection for Salvation Army- 10 years old now – and homeclub of DGN Iain
8.      Rotary Club of Ellerslie Sunrise- “SkyFall” Mobility Dogs Fundraiser – star is CHANCE the Dog – and homeclub of  DGE Willard
9.       Rotary Club of Half Moon Bay – Half Moon Bay and Howick’s annual Charity Yacht Race – 350 happy sailors and 60+ Rotarian helpers
10.     Rotary Highbrook- First club chartered in Auckland in 14 years – first project  Habitat for Humanity – Hello Peter Roylance.
11.      Rotary Club of Howick- Fun Walk-Run – homeclub of our PR masterchef and songbird- Rob Crabtree
12.     Rotary Club of Mangere- ongoing support for Mangere College- supporting the local.
13.     Rotary Club of Manukau City Sunrise- RYPEN 2013 – in the immortal words of Dr Seuss “remember that
Life’s A Great Balancing Act. And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed!
(99 ¾ percent guaranteed.) KID(s), YOU’LL MOVE MOUNTAINS “-  at RYPEN.
14.     Rotary Club of Moorea- Literacy for Children and Adults –  literacy and numeracy are the skills that unlock the gates of opportunity and success . Bonjour AG Juliette
15.      Rotary Club of Nadi– Life Straw distribution –making drinking water safe- Winner Pacific Islands Attendance Trophy.
16.      Rotary Club of Newmarket– Home Club of the DG – club with a huge environmental footprint on Motutapu- featured is Takahe release on this sacred Island- Winner Twinning Trophy with Taveuni for the Digital  Tablet project- a BIG Idea  with much potential
17.       Rotary Club of Nukualofa – Popua Gardens – the land is allocated along customary lines and families reclaim the swamp, build homes and learn to grow  and husband their own food – Winner Rangitoto Trophy for the most significant environmental project.
18.        Rotary Club of Otahuhu – Home of ERKS in Auckland- must recognise the longstanding efforts of PDG Jack and Adrienne Davies Co-ordinating D9920 club for packing of ERKS.
19.         Rotary Club of Pagopago – Dictionaries for 3rd graders. Kia Ora Wellbornes.
20.         Rotary Club of Pakuranga- Home of Bill Boyd and Usborne Dictionaries-This photo tells the story of literacy, education, helping disadvantaged young people & providing them hope for the future.  Approximately 85000  ($3million retail value)have now been distributed throughout NZ to low decile schools, prisons, immigration centres, etc.
21.           Rotary Club of Papakura –Motorcycle Show-Papakura thought of everything from signage , publicity bfore , during and after the event – right down to a Rotary branded trophy-Winner  DG’s Project Excellence Award.
22.            Rotary Club of Papatoetoe West – Harry Rose MIT Awards giving adult students a second shot in life and vocation – all awardees want to give back – that is exactly what we want them to do- that is what WE do.
23.            Rotary Club of Papeete- Bonjour Jean Louis,Jeanette, Edgar, Cathy and Hugh.Special Needs Pool  – the Rotary brand built to last.
24.             Rotary Club of Parnell- Annual Golf Day for Alzeimers- an outstanding example of successful partnerships- $1million raised to date.
25.             Rotary Club of Penrose – Technology and Business Communications. Bear market?
26.              Rotary Club of Pukekohe – Book Fair. Home of IPDG Alan and Clair.
27.              Rotary Club of Raiatea-Tahaa Noel Tumaraa . Bonjour Patrick, Jacqueline and Vilna.
28.              Rotary Club of Remuera- Vision Impaired Program (VIP) Camp- Home of my District trainers Roy and Iain.
29.             Rotary e-Club 9920 francophone – a MG for this  Cameroon  Orphanage.Bonjour PDG Nicolas.
30.             Rotary Club of Somerville Howick- Santa Parade.
31.             Rotary Club of St John’s – Stonefields Community Fair with the ROTARY wheel of Fortune and home club to the dynamic duo- the Robinsons.
32.              Rotary Club of Suva- 2 x USD40,000 dialysis machines. Bula Bob and Reshika.
33.              Rotary Club of Suva Peninsula Sunset- President Barbara Malimali- Winner Bert Dreaver Rotary Trophy – awarded for the most significant achievement by a Rotarian or Club in the furtherance of Rotaract – Barbara gets this hands down this year. Vinaka Vakalevu.
34.            Suva Rotaract Club- Winner Auckland Harbourside Cup – a good reason to start a Rotaract club if you need one- Celebrating  Fathers Day Samabula Senior Citizens Home, Distributing Hygiene Packs to Squatter Settlements , Collecting Christmas donation for the  Home of Hope- has a facebook page averaging between 300–800 views per week- Ran a Careers Day, Rotaract Leadership Training- Day and hosted a panel discussion on Ethical Business Practices.
35.           Rotary Club of Taveuni – Eye Project 2012- Patient ages ranged from 4 years to 90 years.Over 200 operations over 2 weeks.  Valued at NZ$1 million. Winner Colty Cup.
36.           Rotary Club of Taveuni –.Winner Twinning Trophy with Newmarket for the Digital tablet project.
37.          Rotary Club of Tuakau – Charity Toll raies $4.5K a year from motorists-  Winner Jack Smallfield Bulletin Award – meeting all criteria –info on  club and member activities,upcoming events,rotary education, reporting, style and format –above all  DG Ron’s special interest in short,sharp,stimulating bulletins in not more than 2x A4 pages  yet still offering  info beyond the club silo using the DG newsfeed link – embracing continuous improvement with a new format in the second half.
38.          Rotary Club of Waiheke- the ROTARY Onetangi Beach Races – an international ICONIC Auckland Event with 100% club engagement.
39.           Rotary Club of Waiuku- Annual Sunset walk
DSC08234DSC08233DSC08244DSC08246DSC08249DSC08262D9920_D9940 Conf 2013 020D9920_D9940 Conf 2013 028DSC08270DSC08271D9920_D9940 Conf 2013 030DSC08278DSC08272DSC08276DSC08282DSC08285
Forum : Saturday afternoon 27 April Energy Events Centre Rotorua
Membership and Building Strong Clubs
Cocktail Reception : Saturday sundown 27 April Energy Events Centre Rotorua
DSC08372DSC08369DSC08329DSC08381DSC08382DSC08349DSC08406DSC08407DSC08404DSC08402DSC08401DSC08400DSC08397DSC08391DSC08396DSC08378DSC08380DSC08361DSC08360DSC08368DSC08365DSC08358DSC08337DSC08350DSC08336DSC08335DSC08331D9920_D9940 Conf 2013 059D9920_D9940 Conf 2013 058D9920_D9940 Conf 2013 056D9920_D9940 Conf 2013 054D9920_D9940 Conf 2013 052D9920_D9940 Conf 2013 051D9920_D9940 Conf 2013 050D9920_D9940 Conf 2013 049D9920_D9940 Conf 2013 048
Gala Dinner “Starry Starry Night” : Saturday evening  27 April 
Energy Events Centre Rotorua
DSC08441DSC08443DSC08439DSC08437D9920_D9940 Conf 2013 071D9920_D9940 Conf 2013 069
DSC08429DSC08427DSC08414DSC08497DSC08423DSC08411DSC08412DSC08422DSC08417DSC08416DSC08415DSC08420DSC08430DSC08432DSC08431DSC08455DSC08447DSC08456D9920_D9940 Conf 2013 067D9920_D9940 Conf 2013 066D9920_D9940 Conf 2013 062D9920_D9940 Conf 2013 060DSC08433DSC08496
Reflections : Sunday morning  28 April  Energy Events Centre Rotorua


Showtime Sunday morning 28 April Energy Events Centre Rotorua
Starting with GSE Presentations
ROTARY DISTRICT 9920/9940 JOINT CONFERENCE ROTORUA 28 APRIL 2013RESOLUTION OF THANKS, APPRECIATION AND RECOGNITIONDistrict Governor 9920 Ron and Sharon, District Governor 9940 Graeme and Christine, RI President’s Personal Representative, Gary Chen PDG D3520, Representatives of the New Zealand Governors’ DG Gordon and Alrita, and DG John and Donna, Distinguished Guests, and Fellow Rotarians.One of the responsibilities of a District Governor is to forward to Rotary International a formal Report on this Conference and this will include such items as the confirmation of the selection of District Governors Elect Willard Martin, and Deb Gimblett as the District Governors for the Rotary Year 2013/14, the confirmation of District Governor Nominee, Iain Wakefield, and Anthony Scott as the District Governors for the Rotary Year 2014/15. These will be formally documented in the appropriate manner.There are a number of other Resolutions that require approval. I therefore submit the following to Conference for consideration. I will move their formal adoption at the conclusion of the comments and would like Conference to withhold any acknowledgement until then.It is resolved that this Conference:1. Records appreciation of the leadership of RI President, Sakuji Tanaka, and the contributions made to this Conference by his Personal Representative, Gary Chen.2. Records confirmation of the following appointments:a. Rotarian Willard Martin – D9920 District Governor 2013-2014b. Rotarian Iain Wakefield – D9920 District Governor 2014-2015c. Rotarian Deb Gimblett – D9940 District Governor 2013-2014d. Rotarian Anthony Scott – D9940 District Governor 2014-20153. Acknowledges the service to Rotary of those members and partners who have passed away since our last Conference in 2012.4. Extends thanks to District Governor of D9970 Gordon Hooper and Alrita, and District Governor of D9980 John Prendergast and Donna 9980 who officially represented the other four Districts of New Zealand.5. Records its thanks to Mayor Kevin Winter, Mayor of Rotorua, for welcoming delegates and opening this Conference.6. Records the thanks of all delegates to Conference Committee Chairs Warwick Leyland and Bob Austin and members of the Rotary Clubs of Newmarket and Plimmerton for their efforts to ensure the success of this Conference.7. Records the thanks of Conference delegates to all guest speakers and entertainers, our International Youth Exchange students, and all others who made the Conference so enjoyable.8. Records congratulations to all of those clubs and Rotarians who received awards at this conference.9. Records its appreciation of the continuing involvement and support of our Past District Governors and the Service to Rotary of all Club Presidents and Rotarians, our Assistant Governors and District Officers.10. Records appreciation and thanks for the leadership, enthusiasm and untiring efforts of District Governor Ron Seeto and District Governor Graeme Blick and the tireless interest and support of their wives, Sharon and Christine. Conference wishes them all well for the remainder of this Rotary year.I move that these Resolutions are accepted by Conference and formally endorsed by acclamation.PDG David Watt, D9940
hello there- Are You all  having FUN? it is now my pleasure to call our RIP rep Gary to come up on stage so that we can all thank him for coming all this way to help us celebrate.- its been really special for me to have Gary from Taiwan – as my father , a Rotarian had a long and fruitful relationship with Taiwan-xiexie ni Give Gary a round of applause.DSC08596DSC08597DSC08599DSC08602DSC08604DSC08606DSC08610DSC08616DSC08620DSC08622
it is time for me to thank our MC Roy Austin – What a ride it ‘s been- my friend and I hope I have come up to your expectations- Roy I will be forever grateful for  the huge part you played in helping me get our District 9920 message for the year firstly to sing, then to fly and finally to soar BEYOND what we imagined- Pushing Boundaries if you will. Auckland,Apia,Suva,Nadi many places -many memories to treasure- not least this soft focus shot of us performing the Haka at Paddles. The photo of Roy in the bottom left is probably more familiar to us all. At this point, Janet would you please come up on stage and join us.  It is indeed a special privilege for me to be here with you to HONOUR a special man and a special Rotarian,and to share this moment  as DG – to MAKE  an award  presented to our D 9920 Rotarian of the year -our Rotarian who has shown outstanding Rotary service to the community –To many our District 9920’s top award- For me at its most meaningful , the service record of our recipient- District trainer more than once, DRFC and now Zone Foundation Assistant Co-ordinator, Chairman CureKids and much more- Roy’s service record  is a mirror of every good action by every Rotarian in this District-in short we can all bask in its glow. Roy please step up and accept the Dr Catherine Hamelin Award- as our D9920 Rotarian of the Year.DSC08625DSC08634Rotarian of the YearDSC08635DSC08639DSC08642DSC08646DSC08648Thank you Warwick, Jan and the D9920 Conference dream team – what a case-study of Poetry in Motion.

At this point  it is timely to recognise the efforts of Jan Tonkin -wife of Pres Terry from my homeclub Newmarket- owner of the Conference Company -a company with offices in Auckland, Wellington and ChCh and a presence in Australia – a company that gives back be it packing food parcels at the City Mission or cooking at Ronald MacDonald House or helping out a Rotary Confernce.

For the past two years, Jan has been working with our two Districts to help organise this Joint conference.

It has been a big task, and Jan has done an exceptional job in using her company, her knowledge, her contacts – As the only NZ  Council member of the exclusive International Association of Professional Conference Organisers- we have enjoyed the creme de creme folks-

Jan has also used her time to help make this a cost effective and memorable conference. Jan we would not have done it so well without you.

Jan please come up so we can recognise you as the Rotary Club of Newmarket’s newest PHF.


Graeme Thx

Graeme- what can I say- its been an incredible ride – Working together with you and D9940 – it has been obvious that  D9920 has benefitted in so many ways- from your PE training manual, your club visioning master faciliatator ,your Future vision experience and my Eureka moment – the “experiment” of multiclub-multicluster DG visits. Working Together We CAN accomplish Anything.

Sharon and I have  enjoyed yours and Chris’ company from the moment we have met.- Tauranga, Auckland, Sydney, Brisbane, Orlando, San Diego, Stewart Island  and this one is for JP-even Invercargill and now Rotorua- love your work mate- thanks for the memories. 

DG RollercoasterDSC08638

Many of you have asked WHAT this extraordinary year has meant for Family, Friends, Business and our Rotary engagement. It WAS the rollercoaster that we anticipated.

I must start by calling up on stage our Rotary orphans Ruby and Noon.Flexiboarding became a lifestyle.

 There were compensations- JOINING us on the Tahihi DG Visit. Swimming with dolphins, rays and sharks was a treat.

GRABBING Summer and Winter holiday opportunities between Rotary road trips. Swimming and skiing aint all bad.

We lived life ON THE RUN.Celebrating birthdays on the run. Auckland, Chistchurch, Stewart Island and Invercargill was the best- the whole Institute sang happy Birthday Sharon.

 We had SADNESS too. Losing our beloved Nana after a long illness – grieving on the run.

Losing my friend Kevin- suddenly- the day a part of me and  Rock’N’Roll in NZ died a little too.

HAPPINESS Emceeing my friend Richard’s wedding –  and healing on the run

We were OPEN TO UNEXPECTED BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES and became very good at Designing  on the run- Need a busy Architect- yes you can still call me  my phone number is on the bottom right hand corner.

TAKING our girls on the Rotary Roadtrip. Seizing opportunities.Seeing what we Do.

Saved the BEST for last. SHARING WITH MY BEST FRIEND. Tickets check,, missing spectacles Check, passports Check, wallet Check, camera Check, chains Check, name badges Check,laptop Check , projector Check speech notes Check- my head – darling Sharon- – thank you for just being there whenever and wherever I have needed you. Over to you GB.

Pushing Boundaries
So its now time to present the eagerly anticipated Conference Special Pushing Boundaries Award. On Friday you got Graeme and my takes on Pushing Boundaries.
For Graeme it means Making Change Real .
For me its going that extra mile over and above ticking the box on all 3 of my priorities and sprinkling this with our Peace emphasis.
This President and this club punches well above their numerical numbers.
This club is a template for what Rotary clubs can be – reflecting our diversity.
This club makes opportunities from difficulties and, excels in working together within as well as without- with its members, with its cluster clubs- with its sister clubs.
This club attracts more than 10x its membership in 2 signature fundraisers every year – and easily ticks the box on our Public Image priority.
This club was the force behind many memorable events ( another priority)- including this District’s first Community Peace Forum .
This club pushed boundaries in its cluster MG  with its burns booklet for BoraBora, and  its TRF giving(another priority)

so it is my pleasure to call President Shefali to come up and accept D9920 Pushing Boundaries Award on behalf of the Rotary Club of Auckland Harbourside. 

Pushing Bdys Award

 Thank you to D9920 and my Home Club NEWMARKET. Thank you for the privilege of serving with you all. Thank you for all that you have done and for all that you are going to do.

THX Rcon & D9920

Good Bye from Me and Good Bye from Him.

GoodBye GB+RS

Good Bye from Us
GoodBye x4
Wind Down : Sunday afternoon 28 April  Rotorua
Recovery : Monday 29 April  Rotorua
with sobering and worrying news from our 5 Ferns in London at daybreak – Toni Lee Hayward is in hospital
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