March Moments: PORTRAIT of a thrillseeker Part 3 on the District Governor rollercoaster : March Moments

30 Mar

March Rotary Literacy  Month – also providing an opportunity to reflect on Rotary’s accomplishments as we recognise during this month World Rotaract Week, International Women’s Day and World Water Day.

For us in D9920 the month started  with our leadership BBQ on Motutapu Island followed by return DG Visits to Rotary Auckland, Waiheke, Remuera and Otahuhu culminating in our visit to Rotary Kiritimati – the third visit by a District Governor since its charter in august 2008.

Other Events  included the Rotary Papatoetoe West club Assembly , hosting our DG year 2012-2013  group Waiheke Get-Together, welcoming the D9920 Presidents Elect class of 2013-2014 at SPPETS, attending the Rotary “Peace Event” overlooking Matiatia, opening the short, sharp and stimulating Social Media Seminar, opening RYPEN at Camp Adair, facilitating the Rotary Franklin club charter, progressing reinstatement of a Rotary Club of Ba among other duties- as my DG buddy PDG Leanne is wont to say- “You gotta love it”

Enjoy the photo essay posts below:

sunday 3 March Leadership BBQ, Reid Homestead, Home Bay Motutapu –
“Rotary saved the largest pohutukawa forest in the world ” Rotary Newmarket PE Iain MacKenzie

Consider the “forward potential” for D-9920 in Auckland – it is up to the 30 odd trusty, fit and faithful who were there  to seize this opportunity and act on this potential by spreading the good news – imagine what that designated Rotary site for the “Rotary  green fire wall” would look like  in time to come and the many positives for Rotary beckoning.

Another Rotary first on this sacred island following in the footsteps of Reforestation started in the Rotary year “Save Planet Earth”, Restoration of the Reid Homestead, Projects around the Motutapu  Outdoor Education Camp ( experienced by some 10,000 school children a year)  and our Rotary Centennial Walkway.


Hello everybody

Thank you all for coming-  when we started to plan this Thank-You Event  with John Meadowcroft over a single malt if I recall- we saw synergies in Today’s Rotary catchcry of  Thinking Bigger, Bolder , Sustainable and Partnerships with my homeclub’s long association with Motutapu. We saw an opportunity for our 2012-2013 leadership to leave an environmental mark on Motutapu by planting a tree for Peace . We also envisaged an interactive and, active day of fellowship and perhaps dovetailing the day for any Pacific Island leaders who maybe down here a week earlier for SPPETS next weekend.

What we had not anticipated was the walk becoming a challenge for an aging leadership with hip, knee and other ailments – and the proximity to SPPETS  a time challenge for some – but here we all are the trusty and fit 30 odd nice to see you all here and what a great day.

  1. I would like to thank Iain and my homeclub Newmarket for organising and catering this event- and here is a lineup of the team –
  2. Also the Motutapu Restoration Trust for their enthusiatic support for this Event – especially Marcia
  3. I must welcome  Russell Greenwood  from The MRT and Duncan Watson from MOEC
  4. I need to introduce our 2 Rotary orphans Ruby and Noon
  5. apologies  are noted especially from AG Juliette Phillippe from Tahiti who has made a request that we choose a tree for her and even offered a donation

I will  be short and sweet so that we can spend more time catching up with each other- 

All of you will know we tried and trialled some new ideas this year and gave some of  those old chestnuts we kept -a new twist. –so thank you for getting behind on these.

– we have been urging clubs and Rotarians to work together on 3 priorities -Making all Rotary activities Events and  memorable, making TRF as our charity of Choice and  making an effort with engaging in bigger, bolder, sustainable projects and Enhancing our Public Image- Sharing our Stories effectively.- with a sprinkling of this year’s theme- Peace

So today as we head into the home quarter an occasion for a sanpshot on how we are going under these 3 priorities.

  1. Events- DG visits  have many memories to treasure – every club and every cluster has their own personality – thank you for enthusiastically embracing this experiment- from our first  cluster visit at the Bruce Pulman Centre in Auckland followed by our first visit back to my birth country – the combined Savusavu-Labasa club Eventthe meeting venue was a  streetfront café- – 50 people from a combined club membership of 25 turned up –  an additional audience of some 20 onlookers standing on the public footpath– Labasa club went on to induct 5 new members all FB savvy and their first ever woman member. – an Event generating energy and positive membership outcomes- and in this vein the combined cluster 10 visit at St Matthews in the City was the catalyst for someone to decide join us “care-bears “( her phrase) and be welcomed into Mt Eden club just before Christmas.

We launched Club Visioning to support and strengthen our clubs and now havea team of faciliators – so make use of this facility. Contact Iain Valentine

Future Vision Workshop 2  took place last week. We are in good hands with Chair Leanne and the 2 new grant gurus.- so make the most of these resources.

  1. TRF- To pave the way for Future Vision and the emphasis on sustainability and partnerships- to play this  whole new ball game and to increase awareness of the value of  what our Charity of Choice can deliver – and here I must thank  Leanne and Roger Harvey actively supporting  my asking for cluster participation in grant projects- so what has this strategy achieved?WELL-  a stunning partnership with Taveuni club which whilst not a grant  technically we have 12 clubs in 3 auckland clusters working together in partnership with W+CS committee and NZ Aid on 300K preschool project on Rabi and Kioa Islands off Taveuni-

Others include a cluster MG for Savusavu Hospital, another  with a burns booklet for BoraBora- and more in the pipeline  now giving Geoffrey Amos and Taveuni some competetion for District Funds

This years Peace theme has hit the spot the Presidential Citation Challenge for a community Peace Forum have seen one in Auckland- and another in BoraBora- AND leaving the best till last our Dance for Peace was a HIT last saturday – Auckland and  7PI venues- check out the YouTube compilation and other individual clips  So we Made News – a FUN event to showcase the serious business of Rotary-and on this note to our 3rd and final priority-

  1. Public Image- or in today’s language sharing our Rotary story – to attract members DO work-

We decided this year to leave the elephant in the room Membership Numbers out of mainstream discussion-  instead we Focussed on making vibrant clubs and loud and proud Rotarians happy  to share their moments – what are some outcomes?chartering our first new club Highbrook in auckland in 14 years- and we have another in the wings- Rotary Franklin Next Gen targeted for charter end of March ;then 2 more groups up in Tarawa – Ba is about to be born again.- this time with 30 odd  New Generations people

In closing-a PLUG for this golden oldie  finding traction is the Rotary Community Corps –– with all the positive impacts on image and membership these will bring so seize this opportunity

For the number crunchers I am happy to announce we are currently 1% up on the 30 June numbers as at 31 december 2012.

I will stop on that positive note. Thank you for listening –enjoy the rest of your afternoon.


monday 4 march lunchtime : DG Visit Rotary AUCKLAND, Stamford Plaza

Thank you for inviting me – so very kind of you.

It is great for Sharon and I to return to our FLAGSHIP club –the last time I made an official visit was as your AG so it is a sense of return home –  I want to say thank you for supporting all our initiatives this year- from cluster DG visit, engaging with this year’s Peace theme and at least a couple of you – Pres Pam and Pres Nominee Graig-  taking part in the Auckland Peace Dance 2 Saturdays ago

–       District leadership is also fortunate to have the Auckland DNA –  in particular  your 2 Dons- AG Don and GSE chair Don Leith-  Jim like Don working quietly and under the radar with the JR MacKenzie Trusts- Jackie Quick Hinchcliffe on Interplast – I must not forget Peter Fitzsimmons who has faciltated and focussed our District Strategic Planning Group

–        indeed there is much that you carry out under the radar year in year out and for that we in District are truly appreciative-–– and of course you have a vibrant leader  and flashmob thrillseeker in Pres Pam – it is great to see you still attracting new members  and the incresing diversity of age, ethnicity and gender too hallmarks of a vibrant club- a special welcome to your newest member Theo Baker and, Congratulations for winning the annual tennis match –well done.

 Thinking about my return visits to clubs reminded me when Pres Terry in my home club asked me last year to give a 5 minute update on recent highlights as DG – 5mins is an oxymoron perthaps – a DG’s job is more than being short and sweet –   DON’T PANIC -Today’s will be around 15 mins with some time for Q&A if you are so inclined.

those who browse my DG newsfeed, read my  blog, who came to any of the cluster visits, who attended my training workshops will know- we have been urging clubs and Rotarians to work together on 3 priorities -Making all Rotary activities Events ,making TRF as our charity of Choice and Enhancing our Public Image- Sharing our Rotary Moments or Stories effectively and then overlayed with a sprinkling of Peace- this year’s theme

As we embark on the last quarter of our Rotary year we can perhaps pause a moment to  celebrate what we have all accomplished, to share some of what I saw –putting a human face ( if you will) on my moments on the DG rollercoaster- to take some learnings from these – and to look at what we still want to do. 

I am going to show and tell  3 rapid fire slide segmnents structured around our 3 priorities Events, Our Foundation of Choice, Public Image – you will see more projects from our Pacific Island playground simply because the first half is when we visit these clubs – although February March our summer months  is when our Auckland clubs swing into action – not least your upcoming Golf tournament

wow how 8 months have flashed by- this is what I saw – moments of  creativity, resilience, faith, hope and love- and more

 1.     Events-To KICK off- How did we go about making all our activities memorable Events?We WORK TOGETHER on this year’s cluster DG Visits- We  make them Memorable  –an action packed Event including a gymnast display  in our first ever Cluster DG Visit Event AND HISTORY made – a colorful and noisy Proms Night– YOUR multi cluster at St Matthews in the City- some dressed up- we are creative – your cluster invite- spot your vibrant president…

2.    Our Charity of Choice. The Rotary Foundation. What do we offer those we serve? Faith, Hope and Love? We Question- We find a purpose –
Spot the fake shed. This one I found at NZ Sculpture on the Shore-favellas in Suva – a maze of crime ? good people live here  too – there ARE sheds in the Tahitian
 paradise – Opening a water project up in the Sigatoka Valley I met Sai – his home – a real shed. We exchanged Peace signs…

3.    Public Image Sharing Our Moments– Everything we do as Rotarians affects our image and our brand. A Rotary moment is when the magic happens. We can create peace. One story at a time. How CAN and DO we share our Rotary moments?  

We fly – conspicuous flags

Such as a new clubwide community fundraiser ticking all the boxes- publicity before, during and after the Event

Papakura thought of everything- right down to a Rotary branded trophy

Your Golf Day leveraging off the Spirit of Adventure- what a great idea…

We Make -NEWS

Dance for Peace 23 february –a core group of clubs ,rotarcators, rotarians, friends and fans in Rarotonga, Suva, Nukualofa, Apia, BoraBora, Raitatea-Tahaa, Moorea and in Auckland– 8 dance venues .A FUN event to showcase the serious business of Rotary- Pres Pam CAN shake that booty for Peace sake.

We Remember

I was a mere bystander to a major Event which took place in our District  at the end of last year- the weeks leading up to Christmas- Cyclone Evan .

I was in awe of how this single event showed Rotarians working together locally and internationally in diaster preparedness and response- this is still ongoing in Samoa and Fiji – Rotary in Action ticking the box on all 3 priorities.

I paraphrase this observation I came across recently-

Faced by a diaster, whether you are Christian, or Hindu or Muslim or Buddhist we question, we grieve, we begin to heal

People Everywhere are People- we have children, we share food together, we express ourselves through music, dance, art , we fall in love, we love our families.

Remember this – when we see what seems far away –  is what connects us.

 I  say- Remember that our surname is International.

Remember that we have a few more months to further Unleash our Potential – Pushing Boundaries – Building Peace through Service.

Thank you for all that you have done and all that you are going to do.


“Sergeant Murray Hoare again ensured a healthy boost this week to the Sunshine fund, using the DG’s theme of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly……Our guest speaker this week was District Governor (DG) Ron Seeto and his presentation was titled “Moments on the DG Rollercoaster- the Good, Bad and Ugly”.  Ron began by thanking our Club for helping to make his year so far an enjoyable one and looks forward to continuing to work with us over the next few months until he hands the DG chain over to the incoming District Governor Willard Martin.  Ron included a slide show to illustrate his three main priorities while DG – events, charity of choice (The Rotary Foundation) and public image.  Ron pushes boundaries and works to make all activities he is involved in memorable, so the slide show was very entertaining. “Jacqui Bernards Rotary of Auckland bulletin

Screen shot 2013-03-21 at 2.32.59 PM

wednesday 6 march evening :  Rotary PAPATOETOE WEST club assembly, Cosmopolitan Club, Papatoetoe


5 ACTION steps – a priority is getting- inviting a “critical mass” at all future meetings

thursday 7 march evening :  Home with DG Graeme  – Combined Conference Ruby Seeto Tea-towel preview

DSC06680 “Pushing Boundaries” proceeds to Starship Childrens Hospital and CureKids

friday 8 – sunday 10 march :  Governors 2012-2013 Waiheke Get-Together 


a white Ron Seeto designed lap pool is the place to start building Peace and talking vibrant clubs

saturday 9 march :  South Pacific Presidents Elect Training Seminar SPPETS 2013


Hello everybody

As you prepare for the new Rotary year on 1 July to Engage Rotary Change Lives, I want to remind us of a 3 letter word starting with  “A”—it is a word that you have heard many times – it is A-S-K- ask!

You may have heard RIPE Ron Burton’s theme address where he refers to his request for his DG’sE to support the TRF-to quote– before this assembly, I asked every one of you to make a donation in your own name to The Rotary Foundation. I’m proud to announce that…. Together, we raised US$675,000.

if you want somebody else to do something, you can just sit around and wait for them to get the idea, or you can ask. Doesn’t it make a lot more sense to just ask?

You will hear over this weekend this word used in various contexts- for instamce at some stage I am sure you will hear Zone Public Image co-ordinator Howard Tong’s saying “Get off your ASK”

You will  hear Membership Chair Sue repeat what we know to be true that many potential Rotarians have not joined simply because they say “ I have never been asked

You will probably hear PR Chair Davd repeat that we need to ask the media to tell our stories.

As I have travelled around our clubs this past year I have ASKED you all to work together on 3 priorities- Working Together on our relationships with each other- so that we feel good enough about ourselves  – be loud and proud Rotarians- wanting to and, willing to share our good news with others- what outcomes do we see?- an increase in numbers and the fresh start of new clubs.

More recently I have been asking you to consider the ideas inherent in the Presidential Citation that you as club leaders ASK your roatarians to be engaged by taking on one of these ideas as their individual responsibility for the year- if everyone is engaged you start to have a vibrant club

So I leave you with this ASK – 7 ways to get more out of Rotary –

  1. Be part of rotary’s efforts to End Polio Now – CONSIDER a fundraiser
  2. Think strategically and set club goals – USE Rotary Club Central via Member access is an online assessment tool
  3. Help TRF fulfill its mission- donate to the Annual Fund – SKIP a lattea week
  4. Get up to speed on the new grant model – CHECK OUT a guide to new grants in Global Outlook- CONSULT DRFC Leanne and our 2 new gurus
  5. Get inspired at our District Confernce and at the Lisbon Convention – REGISTER now
  6. Publicise your good work – UPDATE info on your club website – START or regularly maintain a social media page
  7. Connect with alumni – START a facebook group- COME to our social media workshop on 21 march

Congratulations on your nomination

Thank you for taking out a weekend for Rotary – Best Wishes to DG Willard and Gabrielle and the class of 2013-2014- kia kaha – Go Well.

DSC06710 Taking Action NOW on Revitalisation of Rotary in New Zealand

monday 11 evening : DG Visit Rotary WAIHEKE, Waiheke Bowling Club, Surfdale


I always enjoy visiting this club in paradise –the last time I visited it was a make-up over the holidays- and the dress code was definitely Waihe-tian debonair and as I recall  there was someone in a pair of shorts jacket and tie-  and the glasses are always full to the brim here –

On a more serious note I want to say thank you for supporting all our initiatives this year- from cluster DG visit and engaging with this year’s Peace theme in your canny choice of cluster visit keynote speaker Professor Kevin Clements

District is also fortunate to have an “overseas” club in Auckland with your special DNA –  your horserace, wharf to wharf event are both FUN community events which showcase the serious business of what we do – Rotary making the world a better place,

–        indeed District is truly appreciative of these signature Auckland events carried out by your Rotarians year in year out a -–– and of course you have a vibrant and hardworking leader in President Greg ….


” DG Ron Seeto

Trevor Hynds said it was a privilege to introduce “the man wearing the big chains”, so will let him speak for himself. Ron responded – he always likes short introductions.Ron thanked the Club for supporting the District initiatives.We are into the last ¼ of the Rotary year that has flashed by, sharing a short moment of time that has gone so quickly. I am a mere bystander at events and am in awe of Rotary in action.

• Beach Races and Wharf to Wharf showcasing Waiheke

• Cluster Groups and now Rotoract Clusters

• Nukualofa – Sausavu – Papua – Apia – Rarotonga – Suva – Savali (rebuild abandoned school) – Papeete – Bora Bora – Mt. Eden – Highbrook Charter – Women in Rotary, to name a few.

Waiheke group  What Rotary is all about – every picture tells a story.

I thought Ron made some very practical and telling comments when referring to challenging issues. In Rotary “you only have us for one year” to respond to our challenges and urgings.

“starting fresh is very exciting”

• “new members have no baggage”

• “existing Clubs can carry baggage”

• “not to be threatened by starting afresh”

Share the good stories be LOUD and PROUD just like Waiheke Rotary at the Beach Races.

Ron was born in Fiji so will follow our Savusavu project with keen interest. His first Club was Suva North and now he is a member of Newmarket. Ron is also an architect.

Greg proposed the vote of thanks by acknowledging Ron had shared his most challenging issues.” Louis Kinsler Editor Rotary Waiheke bulletin

DSCN1882 (Large) ” Pushing Boundaries” in Rotorua  – Be There or Be Square!

saturday 16 march evening: a Peaceful PEACE EVENT  Rotary WAIHEKE, Matiatia Bay

– waiheke inspired italian food and drink, olive plantings, live italian opera sung in the midst of a softly formed courtyard home all made for  a peaceful idyll gently building Rotary awareness and the 2012-2013 theme Building Peace Through Service among the convivial gathering of Rotarians, partners and friends.


 saturday 16 march evening late: lovely chance surprise meeting and catch-up on ferry back to Auckland 
Rotary NEWMARKET family members now living in Sydney – Tim Thodey and Louise Hunter ( my blog guru) returning from a family wedding on Waiheke
monday 18 march evening : DG Visit Rotary REMUERA, Remuera Bowling Club, Remuera

Thank you for inviting me – so very kind of you. I must acknowledge AG Pete who is here to keep an eye on me- he has his stopwatch with him.

Sharon and I have been looking forward to visiting REMUERA –the last time I came on my own, and it was to meet my District trainers Roy and Iain. So if I do not come up to expectaions tonight – I guess you can say THEY have much to answer for .

I want to say thank you for supporting all our initiatives this year- from your cluster DG visit, engaging with this year’s Peace theme , joining in multi club-cluster projects.

–   District leadership is also fortunate to have the Remuera DNA –  apart from Roy and Iain –  I have had the privilege of watching  and learning from the canny lawyer in your midst PDG Tony chair meetings- his permanent seat in front of the a/v equipment at almost every Rotary event as our District Go-To IT guy we SHALL keep- Brett Murray for his boundless enthusiasm- I still carry the Share the Vision Conference card from 2008 in my wallet- PDG Charles and his special relationship with our hot and spicy Harbourside club  

–    Richard Veber another permanent fixture on District ICT- Bruce Howe for his sterling work on the District Admin investigatory group-

–     Bob Elliot on Cure Kids-Ed Mitchell on ROMAC- I can go on-

–      indeed there is much that you carry out quietly and effectively year in year out and for that we in District are truly appreciative-–– and of course you have a brave and decisive leader in Pres John –Congratulations for the record number of students and schools at Business is Awesome this year–- doubling previous years intake-well done. Your annual VIP Camp is eagerly anticipated and thank you for supporting yet another cluster project this year – Medshare. I have also posted a “like” on your facebook page and looking forward to a reply to my message – And thank you  first lady Jan and  partners for giving up another evening for Rotary and to come and hear me speak-Welcome!


“DG Ron Seeto’s camera took an excellent group photo last Meeting – A handsome lot aren’t we ?

In his address to our Club at our meeting on 18th March, District Governor Ron Seeto first mentioned and thanked all of our members involved at District level, and also thanked the Club for its support of District Projects. He then mentioned that his objectives were threefold: a) All activities of any Rotary Club should be memorable events b) Rotary Foundation would preferably be a Rotarian’s Charity of Choice because within its projects we would find the exemplification of Faith, Hope and Love c) Enhancing the Image of Rotary – sharing our moments one story at a time.

Ron gave a slide presentation as background to aspects of Rotary Life he wished to mention 2 of which were: Rotary tree planting on Motutapu is creating the largest Pohtukawa Forest in the world. And Rotary’s disaster preparedness and prompt response in major disasters. Thankyou Ron for your visit and the enthusiastic presentation of you address.”

Hugh Garlick, Editor Remoirs

tuesday 18 lunch : DG Visit Rotary OTAHUHU, Otahuhu Town Hall, Otahuhu

This has got to be a record turnout of PDGs to a sitting DG presentation- so the pressure’s on- Sharon and I  enjoy returning to Otahuhu –especially on such an auspicious occasion Congratulations to DGNN Jennie- the last time I visited it was I think my first club visit as DG to your changeover- so you can now see whether I have improved-and we do feel comfortable here  knowing so many of you

I want to say thank you for supporting all our initiatives this year- from cluster DG visit and engaging with this year’s Peace theme  by joining your cluster anti-bullying project and also getting behind cluster projects such as the antibullying in schools- the preschools on Rabi and Kioa

District leadership is also fortunate to have the OTAHUHU DNA –  apart from AG no DGNN Jennie- there is PDG Jack (you have heard me say before) Jack has got a lot to answer for as he got me into this District gig as his AG- Penny Leyland  who has been supportive from the moment we met- I have seen the results of Glen Mottram’s efforts on Rotary Science and Technology Forum- Fiona on our Membership committee- Graham on GSE selections- Jeanette the gold standard for District secretaries and incoming AG -and who doesn’t know Merv and the Ah Chees- our Rotary masterchefs

 indeed there is much that you carry out without too much fanfare -year in year out and for that we in District are truly appreciative-

District is also fortunate to have your signature projects –  your Winemakers Lunch, your constant support for ERKS showcasing the FUN and  the serious business of what we do –

 and of course you have an astute leader in President Peter – and for the Partners who  here I am sure you have all come to see your DG – Welcome!


“Hi everyone – Another exciting week for our Club. Firstly a very enjoyable President’s Cocktail party on the 16th (I will send some photos by separate email to members) . Then on Tuesday we had DG Ron Seeto & Sharon visit the Club. Ron gave a great presentation (thank you) and if that wasnt enough we then had a special announcement about Jennie Herring. Want to know more….then read our Bulletin for this week.

District Governor Ron Seeto accompanied by his wife Sharon were our guest this week. Ron acknowledged the work of some individual Club members who are making significant contributions to District Committees and other activities. Club signature events like the annual Winemakers Lunch and the support given to Emergency Response Kit’s (ERK’s) were also recognised.

We were then treated to a 15 minute Powerpoint presentation (with commentary) of what is happening around District 9920. An excellent presentation and appreciated by everyone.

Ron also took the opportunity to remind everyone of the District Conference to be held in Rotorua in late April. This will be a joint conference with District 9940 (southern half of the North Island) . Presently our Club has 12 registered (members, partners) and its not too late to still register. So far 500 have registered and the maximum that can attend.”

Jeanette Drysdale Bulletin Editor 2012-2013 Rotary Club of Otahuhu Inc

thursday 21 march evening : D9920 Social Media Seminar, Remuera Golf Club


Hello there-

 A big Thank You to Brian McMath and Colin Robinson for bringing this workshop together – and to whet your appetite we have a great line up of presenters too.

 For my opening remarks to you tonight,  I am going paraphrase a speech I heard sometime ago on social media.

 We often talk about the how-to when talking about social media and public relations. But we don’t talk enough about the why.

 Let’s take a quick look at some numbers:

•        One in every nine people on the planet is on Facebook.

•        Each day, 190 million tweets are sent out on Twitter.

•        YouTube has 490 million unique users who visit the site every month.

•        People upload 3,000 images to Flickr, the photo sharing social media site, every minute.

These numbers have most likely increased since they werer first presented a year ago.

There’s an amazing audience waiting for us at the other end of our keyboards. And this audience is young, savvy, and interested in bettering our communities, a strong target for our outreach efforts. If we wish to remain a viable, credible, and growing organization, we must engage others with our Rotary story by way of social media.

But Remember- Behind every great social media post are feelings. They are key to any story. It is not the words that truly matter but the pictures those words create in the audience’s mind and the emotions they trigger. Carl Buchner said, “They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

Sharing our story with people I know helps them to understand why we are  in Rotary.

But Remember also that social media is nothing more than a tool we use. The tool is secondary to the way we share our story. Have you ever noticed that it’s not the professional YouTube video that gets millions of views, but the amateur story of a captured moment that evokes so much emotion that viewers feel compelled to share it?

Those are moments you have experienced. Those are moments you can share.

Those are the stories you can tell to help other people understand why we, as Rotarians, are so passionate about being part of the Rotary family.

Those are also the stories that provide the “why” to tell your story to the world, and you can do so at the other end of your keyboard.

Have FUN.


 friday 22 march evening : D9920 RYPEN, Camp Adair, Hunua

Hello there-

I know these  Events take a lot of work to organise – this year we can thank Rotary Manukau City Sunrise – give them a round of applause

You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.

You can steer yourself 
Any direction you choose.

You’ll get mixed up,
of course, as you already know.

You’ll get mixed up with
many strange birds as you go.

So be sure when you step.

Step with care and great
tact and remember that
Life’s A Great Balancing Act.

And will you succeed?
Yes! You will, indeed!
(98 and ¾ percent guaranteed.)


Apologies to Dr Seuss for taking liberties with that last verse- but THAT is what you will do when you finish up this weekend-

Hello there – welcome to RYPEN- Sharon and I travelled among our 20 Pacific Island clubs last year  in the 6 months leading up to Xmas and we came across a phrase- in Rarotonga it was kari-manamanata, in Fiji it was seqa na leqa, in Tonga it was sai pai, in Samoa awa na popolli, in Tahiti it was aita pio pio-  in New Zealand we say NO PROBLEM – that is certainly my observation of the attitude of all RYPEN participants.

Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment (RYPEN) in ROTARY D9920 is a FUN weekend for  young people  who want to GROW.

what I have witnessed is that you’ll learn a great deal about yourself, and maybe even a new lifestyle.

Participants  say RYPEN changed their  lives– well- I can say on behalf of all the  Rotarians here- this program has also changed our lives –our Peter Pan moment repeated year after year.

This Rotary year our Theme is Peace Through Service- I have been asking Rotarians in our clubs to Work Together on our relationships with each other as we go about doing good in the world –Working Together – Pushing Boundaries – Unleashing Our Potential – Building Peace Through Service. I look forward to you doing the same over this weekend

I will end with the advice Christopher Robbin gave to his friend Pooh-

“Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

Finally, Can you also promise me to update your status on Facebook and tag this  as a Rotary Event.


sunday 23 march  : D9920 RLI, Glendowie College
DSC07425DSC07416DSC07423DSC07421DSC07420DSC07424DSC07419DSC07414 RLI Parts 1, 3 and a Graduate class
monday 24 march afternoon Bulaccino NADI : planning reinstatement of a Rotary Club of BA Next Generation
tuesday 25 march – wednesday 26 march : DG Visit ROTARY KIRITIMATI

Visiting our most far flung Rotary Family in Kiritimati ( Christmas Island)  was one intrepid journey to a place where the need is desperate- the poverty palpable – the local Rotary spirit struggles against the odds and there is Hope. see separate post

Chairman of  The Rotary Foundation Wilf Wilkinson called this month of March  a “turning point” observing that “Our promises and accomplishments have reached a turning point: we must now look at the goals we still aim to achieve so that come next March, we’ll have even greater successess to celebrate.”
That we will do in the remaining quarter of this Rotary year as we build a solid launch pad for DGE Willard to Engage Rotary Change Lives – as everyone in the D9920 family continue Pushing Boundaries to Unleash Our Potential Building Peace through Service .

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  1. Colin and Beryl Robinson March 30, 2013 at 8:23 am #

    Thanks Ron,   Ian at Motutapu made much of the “fact” that this environmental programme was now a “district” programme … if that is the case then it needs to be communicated to the district as such along with specific information on what, how and when clubs can participate in the own right.   Hope you are getting a break for yourself and your family and the Easter break is not all Rotary for you.   Cheers, Colin

    Thx Colin- “you gotta love it”- we are getting away down to ChCh for a friend’s 50th on easter sunday.

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