February Moments: PORTRAIT of a thrillseeker Part 3 on the District Governor rollercoaster : February Moments

1 Mar

February World Understanding Month – started  with the first of our  return visits to our clubs- kicking off with MANGERE, followed by AUCKLAND EAST, DOWNTOWN AUCKLAND and HARBOURSIDE, interspersed with a BBQ evening with the provisonal club Rotary FRANKLIN, seeing the legendary PARNELL – Alzeimers Golf Day in action, a DRURY Ladies Night fundraiser for Womens Refuge , the annual Governors Briefing and Luncheon , ending with  Future Vision Workshop 2 and, keeping with Making FUN and memorable  all our activities – welcoming the Year of the Snake at HARBOURSIDE’s Gala Ball at Skycity on the same day our Rotary Family made their mark in  the mother of all celebrations for Rotary’s 108th birthday and World Understanding and Peace Day on 23 February – D-9920 Rock’N’Rotary Ends Polio Builds Peace in Auckland and 7 other Pacific Island Dance venues.

You can check our Dance for Peace on

Rotary Flashmob Auckland Official ClipRotary Flashmob Auckland Official Clip



Enjoy the pictorial essay posts below:


Thank you for inviting me – so very kind of you.

Thinking about my return visits to clubs reminded me when Pres Terry in my home club asked me last year to give a 5 minute update on recent highlights as DG 5mins is an oxymoron perthaps – a DG’s job is more than being short and sweet right?

those who read my DG news and blog, who came to any of the cluster visits, who attended my training workshops will know- we have been urging clubs and Rotarians to work together on 3 priorities –Making all Rotary activities Events ,

making TRF as our charity of Choice and Enhancing our Public Image– Sharing our Rotary Moments or Stories effectively and then overlayed with a sprinkling of Peace- this year’s theme

Just over half way in our Rotary year we can perhaps pause a moment to  celebrate what we have all accomplished, to share some of what I saw –putting a human face ( if you will) on my moments on the DG rollercoaster- to take some learnings from these – and to look at what we still want to do.

I am going to show and tell  3 rapid fire slide segmnents structured around our 3 priorities Events, Our Foundation of Choice, Public Image – you will see more projects from our Pacific Island playground simply because the first half is when we visit these clubs.

wow how 7 months have flashed by- this is what I saw – moments of  creativity, resilience, faith, hope and love- and more

I will now sit down as I want you to focus on the pictures ( rather than me) as you listen to my running commentary


“Bill welcomed DG Ron to the rostrum. DG Ron gave a quick-fire “chit=chat” power point presentation. Talking on the projects in the Pacific Islands DG Ron showed example after example of Rotary at work. The scope and variety of projects shown served to remind us that Rotary does serve the wider community very well indeed.

A particularly poignant project ….an abandoned pre- school ….. Sustainability is important and DG Ron mention examples of gardens being established to provide food on an ongoing basis. The Pacific Islands are a playground, and not surprisingly, DG Ron and Sharon also enjoyed their time visiting so many places.

This has been a year of achievements with the formation of a new club, the Rotary Club of High- brook (chartered on 17 December 2012), The Cluster Events, Peace Forum and a whole host of projects.

In addition to the above, DG Ron also talked about our Charity of choice, the Rotary Foundation and its importance. He stressed the importance of Good PR and showed examples where Rotary projects were well publicized.

Finally he talked of the Rotary Community Corp. This is something the Club is well aware of and in recent times we have embraced the concept. A good example of this is our partnership with the Guardian group which has worked with the Club on projects. They have also helped District with ERK and hopefully will do so again.

We wish Ron and Sharon all the best for the remainder of the Rotary Year and beyond ” David Gock MANGERE bulletin

tuesday evening  5 february MANGERE

DG Visit-St JohnsDSC05662DSC05661DSC05660DSC05658

  1. Events-To KICK off- How did we go about making all our activities memorable Events?
    1. We WORK TOGETHER on this year’s cluster DG Visits

    We  make them Memorable  –an action packed Event including a gymnast display  in our first ever Cluster DG Visit Event AND HISTORY made – a colorful and noisy Proms Night– another multi cluster at St Matthews in the City- some dressed up- we are creative

    1. We are Diverse– keynote speaker Otago Peace Professor Kevin Clements

    –the combined Savusavu-Labasa club Event over 2 days –this is the  picnic day after the visit -our powerpoint message projected onto a white double bedsheet –

    We are different- displays in Auckland- Pagopago  – another supportive PDG

    1. We like being with each other

    and having our photo taken together

    Labasa inducts 5 new members all FB savvy and their first ever woman member.

    DG cluster Visits offering diversity and choice. We feel good about ourselves with  positive membership outcomes.


“We were honoured to have DG Ron Seeto address our club this week, his subject – Moments on the DG Rollercoaster – the Good, Bad and Ugly – covering the first 7 months of his term as DG.

This report can hardly do justice to all that has been achieved so far but will highlight the three priorities set out for the year.

Events – all activities as memorable events. 

Charity of Choice: Rotary Foundation is the one.

Public Image: sharing our moments – one story at a time.

Certainly an exciting and action packed first half of the Rotary year for DG Ron and Sharon. As for “the good, bad and ugly” I’m sure we will all agree it was all good. Congratulations Ron for an amazing, inspirational and uplifting first half of the year and presentation of it to us.” Aubrey Richardson-Jones, St John’s Bulletin

monday breakfast 7 February ST JOHNS
sunday 10 february  D-9920 Rock’N’Rotary Ends Polio Builds Peace Rehearsal No. 1

“Last weeks speaker, DG Ron Seeto presented the past 7th months of his term in office in pictures. Memories of visits to many clubs in the Pacific, meeting people who are actively making changes to many lives. Thanks given by Alan Todd.” Susanne Dahl, AUCKLAND EAST bulletin

monday evening 11 february  AUCKLAND EAST
wednesday 13 february  provisional Rotary FRANKLIN – BBQ – home of  PDG Mark Tregidga and Helen
friday 15 february  PARNELL – Alzeimers Auckland  Golf Day

Good afternoon again- Sharon and I – we value your support.

The tradition of  these gatherings is for me to be short and sweet so that we can spend more time catching up with each other-  I hope you have done a lot of that already.

Many of you will know we tried and trialled some new ideas this year and gave some of  those old chestnuts we kept -a new twist. –

Some of you may read my blog or BROWSE the new web based monthly District news feed-, a FEW are FB friends, perhaps FEWER may have picked up my occassional TWEET, and SOME of you are in the D9920 Liinked in Group-

Many have come to my cluster DG visits – thank you for supporting this “experiment” – we have been urging clubs and Rotarians to work together on 3 priorities –Making all Rotary activities Events and  memorable, making TRF as our charity of Choice and  making an effort with engaging in bigger, bolder, sustainable projects and Enhancing our Public Image– Sharing our Stories effectively.- with a sprinkling of this year’s theme- Peace

So today a potted view on how we are going under these 3 priorities –in my buddy Leanne’s words- the good, bad and the ugly- well maybe not too much of the latter 2

  1. Events– trip down memory lane for all who have gone before me – DG visits  have many memories to treasure – every club and every cluster has their own personality – but let me share a couple- the first experience is always the one you remember– this happened when Sharon and I landed back in Fiji my old homecountry-a combined Savusavu-Labasa club Event – the meeting venue was a  streetfront café- Decked Out café in the Savusavu mainstreet- and nothing much has changed from when most of you were last there-  the Labasa Rotarians making a 2 hour road trip over a mountain range and braving potholes don’t think much has changed there either- – to be there BECOZ (“DG Ron made us” as you will know they love their Rotary over there and to meet the Governor in person – a humbling experience)- 50 people from a combined club membership of 25 including a PDG – Mike – venue festively decorated – our powerpoint projected onto a white double bed  sheet  tacked onto timber posts dressed in palm fronds and- we had an additional audience of some 20 onlookers ( at one point) standing on the public footpath jostling for a clear view of the proceedings just inside ( a 2 da Visit we had a picnic the next day) the Rotary Message communicated Savsavu style.So where has all this FUN and partying got us? Labasa club went on to induct 5 new members all FB savvy and their first ever woman member. – an Event generating energy and positive membership outcomes- and in this vein the combined cluster 10 visit at St Matthews in the City was the catalyst for someone to decide join us “care-bears “( her phrase) and be welcomed into Mt Eden club just before Christmas- Nickola Horrocks now joins her family of Rotarians her daughter Hope and husband Craig ,both from Auckalnd club  so continuing the Horrocks family connection to Rotary in our District- BUT its not all rosy there are concerns eg xoxoxoxo – perhaps its time to start new clubs in these big catchments? All we need is a champion – a Ken or a Graham-

Our training events have been well attended too – we launched Club Visioning with a training day for faciliators – bringing a multi District emphasis to this Event we invited participation from D-9910,30 and brought up PDG Ross Murray from D9940 to train the facilitators.

Equally encouraging have been well attended Membership and Future Visioning Workshops- so our activities have been memorable Events .

  1. TRF- To pave the way for Future Vision and the emphasis on sustainability and partnerships- in Bill’s words- it’s a whole new ball game and to increase awareness of the value of  what our Charity of Choice can deliver – and here I must thank  Leanne  for her active support  my asking for cluster participation in grant projects– so what has this strategy achieved?WELL-  a stunning partnership with Taveuni club which whilst not a grant  technically we have 12 clubs in 3 auckland clusters working together in partnership with W+CS committee and NZ Aid on 300K preschool project on Rabi and Keoia Islands off Taveuni- and managed to use up most of our DSG while we are at it

We also have a club cluster  working on a MG for Savusavu Hospital, another  working on a burns booklet with BoraBora- and with this growth in awareness we are seeing applications from more clubs in recipient countries apart from Geoffery Amos and Taveuni eg Suva cluster of clubs applying  for a van for Homes of Hope- BoraBora for a town library fitout,e-Club for an orphanage in Cameroon- 

Despite misguided groups like Rotarians Matter Most-WHO? We in D9920 cant wait for this to feed through into better giving – also for Polio

This years Peace theme has hit the spot wherever we have gonePeace has been a popular and easy rallying call-  the Presidential Challenge for a community Peace Forum have seen one in Auckland- and another in BorarBora- AND we have our Dance for Peace to celebrate Rotary’s turning 108 + World Peace day on 23 february – a core group of clubs and rotarians and rotaractors in 7PI venues + one in Auckland in fact anyone wanting to join us we have rehearsal 2 at the YMCA Greys Ave at 4pm. So another way to Make News – and on this note to our 3rd and final priority-

  1. Public Image- or in today’s language sharing our Rotary story – to attract members DO work last November in Apia we met Miss Samoa Janine  a UOA law student spending her Miss Samoa year in Apia- sharing our story has her now wanting to join Rotary–

We decided this year to leave the elephant in the room Membership Numbers out of mainstream discussion– my view is anguishing over the RI membership stats every month – bit like trying to lose weight- instead we Focussed on making vibrant clubs and loud and proud Rotarians happy  to share their moments  what are some outcomes?- -WELLchartering our first new club Highbrook in auckland in 14 years- and as Mark will tell you we have another in the wings- Rotary Franklin New Gen targeted for charter end of March ;then 2 more groups up in Tarawa where we have the australian HOM George being our go-between- and hot off the press Ba is about to be born again.- this time with 30 odd  New Generations people

In closing-Another golden oldie  finding traction is the Rotary Community Corps – remember these?- where after finding much interest on our travels-we are asking to have one each here in auckland and one in the PI before the end of this rotary year – with all the positive impacts on image and membership these will bring cant wait

For the number crunchers I am happy to announce we are currently 1% up on the 30 June numbers and  feeling bullish

so definitely looking forward to feeding our 50 cents worth into the wider zone discussion on the revitalisation of Rotary in NZ  and  the development of a Zone Membership Plan currently underway in our 6 Districts.

I will stop on that positive note. Thank you for listening –enjoy the rest of your afternoon.



Good Afternoon- when I woke up this morning I was faced with the  perennial Conundrum- is it better to speak before or after  Rotarians are fed and watered- I opted for the latter course- and in case I hit a sour note also chose to keep a sweetener in hand – so now you know I am between you and the sweets

Thank you all for coming-  nice to see you all here and what a great day.

Before we tuck in – Some housekeeping

  1. I would like to thank my homeclub Newmarket for catering this event- and here is a lineup of the team in their branded polos and Ruby Seeto aprons-
  2. I want to welcome into the fold our DGE Wilard and Gabirelle and and DGN Iain
  3. I need to introduce our 2 Rotary orphans Ruby and Noon
  4. we have managed to contact everyone on THE LIST – except for Beth Yarnton whose contact is unknown – and we have apologies today for various reasons , mostly travel so that is one bug that has not deserted  us in our PDG years-and they are from

Curreys Don taking it easy in in Pauanui

Jollands a family event in Tauranga

Goldies from a transit lounge somewhere – I think

Searles down at a wedding in Nelson

Oakleys at a family birthing

Pleass somewhere between OZ and Fiji

Jack and Adrienne Davies  en route back from Maui

Nicolas Spilmann from Tahiti

Eyes at the wedding with the Searles

Dorothy Stewart


sunday 17 february  home-club NEWMARKET hosting – Governors’ Briefing Luncheon- “Highwic “Newmarket

“On Saturday, 23 February 2013, Rotary is 108. It’s time for District 9920 (Auckland clubs and clubs in

7 Pacific Island nations) to celebrate – and they’re doing so with a ‘Dance for Peace’.

Clubs from Downtown Auckland to Rarotonga, Mt Eden to Borabora have rehearsed. They’ve lunged,they’ve side stepped and they’ve worked out. They’ve learnt a dance, to specially written music by New Zealand band the Sons of Zion.

Now, hundreds of Auckland Rotarians are ready for a surprise celebration in a public space somewhere in Auckland, 12.30pm, Saturday 23rd February 2012.

They’re calling attention to world peace. The international Rotary theme 2013 is Peace through Service. This flash mob will also celebrate Rotary’s leadership in stemming the tide of polio internationally. For years, Rotary has raised hundreds of millions of dollars to eradicate polio worldwide. Of late, Rotary has been joined in its efforts by the Gates Foundation which has pledged a further US$450 million.


Contact Ron Seeto, District 9920 Governor for interviews: Phone 579 8018 or 0274 593 282

About Rotary: Rotary is the world’s largest service club, made up of business members – 1.2million worldwide, including 9,400 Rotarians in 269 clubs in New Zealand. Examples of New Zealand activities include: http://www.rotarysouthpacific.org/information.cfm?ID=2325  ” Press Release 1

“Rotary Flashmob for peace sake! Sat 23 Feb 12.30pm Auckland. Venue? Watch this tweeter! More to come! #rotaryflash #rotary @StarshipFriends” twitter
sunday 17 february  D-9920 Rock’N’Rotary Ends Polio Builds Peace Rehearsal No. 2

I have heard IPDG Alan talk about OPPORTUNITY – Rotary offers many opportunities

The opportunity for Service – making the world a better place

The opportunity for Fellowship – our unique brand of making friends

The opportunity to be in a Family with International as our surname

The opportunity for  Leadership

The opportunity for personal development and,  it is this especially, that I have witnessed tonight in Claire Eyes ‘address – her crafted presentation is testament to her growth as a speaker-

Claire is a testament to EVERY WOMAN- to all the women who have come tonight whether you are already in Rotary or are here by osmosis- there is no place for a glass ceiling in Rotary.

It is in our DNA to want everyone to be the best that you can be

So with that I want to toast all the Women in Rotary AND,  who are  here tonight

Let me close with this saying from President Tanaka

Let us all look for the opportunity in the difficulty and not the difficulty in the opportunity.

Go in Peace and serve the less fortunate.


monday evening 18 february DRURY  Ladies Night for Womens Refuge
It always is a thrill to come back to my party club – and whilst I have said this before  I want to say thank you for supporting all our initiatives this year- from cluster DG visits, engaging with this year’s Peace theme and now leading the Auckland Peace Dance-  District leadreship is also fortunate to have the Downtown DNA –  in particular  AG Greg, DCC Mike and PDG Colin, Deputy Peace Chair Peter – and PP Graham was part of our SPPETS training too – and support from PDGs Colin and Fred  has been constant – and of course you have a vibrant leader in Pres Pam – it is great to see you still partying and having fun and attarcting new members –  U R one of the stand-out clubs in this space so far- – so Congratulations and thank you all.Thinking about my return visits to clubs reminded me when Pres Terry in my home club asked me last year to give a 5 minute update on recent highlights as DG – 5mins is an oxymoron perthaps – a DG’s job is more than being short and sweet –   DON’T PANIC -Today’s will be just over 15 mins with some time for Q&A if you are so inclined.
DSC06270DSC06269DSC06267DSC06266DSC06265DSC06262DSC06261DSC06260DSC06257DSC06254Hi Ron,
It was great having you and Sharon at our meeting today.
Thankyou so much for making it, considering the events of the previous night.
I know it is difficult to deal with the sudden death of someone so close. Hope this week goes well for you.
Hope you managed to collect the banner.
Northern Club said they would hold it for you.
See you Saturday with your dancing shoes on.
Pamela Deal
President 2012 – 2013
Rotary Club of Downtown Auckland Inc.
tuesday breakfast 19 february DOWNTOWN AUCKLAND
Fords at RCON-jan 2013 020

“Guests included visiting Rotarians—Jim Lindley, from Stockton. Caliafornia (standing next to DG Ron Seeto), Donald Moyer from Rippon, California and DG District 9910 Lindsay Ford (shown here trading banners with Brian McMath) with his wife, Alison Ford. Jim and Donald were both in town off a cruise liner holiday” Patrick Learmonth, NEWMARKET RAPPORT

tuesday lunch 19 february DG Home-club NEWMARKET


It always is a thrill to come back to my sweet, hot, spicy  club – and whilst I have said this before  I want to say thank you for supporting all our initiatives this year- from cluster DG visits, engaging with this year’s Peace theme and now supporting the Auckland Peace Dance in spite of your own big CNY Event-  District leadership is also fortunate to have the Harbourside DNA –  in particular DCC David and our GSE Kentucky team leader – Gillian Cossey with your cluster MG in BoraBora – and support from PDG Mike has been constant ( in fact Mike became a cluster DG Visit stalker)– and of course you have the most vibrant leader in Pres Shefali – it is great to see you still having fun as you go about building Peace through Service- so Congratulations and thank you all.

“Second speaker of the night DG Ron Seeto returned to our ‘hot and spicy’ club to share his experience as a governor of the district 9920. Our Rotarians listened eagerly while Ron reminded us of the priorities for this year. Enhancing public image of Rotary is on the top of the list as sharing our positive stories clears misinterpretations and gives a good idea to public about our work. Telling our stories effectively may result in new members joining and new clubs being chartered. There is a reason why we are loud and proud. We spread the word and promote Rotary by involving TV personalities at our happenings and by organizing conferences like the one in Rotorua.This takes us to another priority; events. Making events memorable is an important part of Rotary ways. People can share a laugh, moments of hope, resilience. Activities like cluster visits are a great opportunity for fellowship. It is a chance to see the human face of Rotary.

Our Charity of choice TRF and its delivery can vary for each club from year to year.  What preserves is the love and faith Rotary members and their friends offer. From physical help to professional input Rotarians get together and make things happen. Thanks to Rotary Suva received a CT scan for their hospital. The Falelima Project saw the village getting new water tanks. Sewing machines are donated to promote sustainability.

We have seen during the Cyclone Evan how Rotarians stand together. Faced with disaster we grieve and heal together. We look for solutions and we make things happen.

Ron’s wife Sharon and his Peace Dance coordinator Ursula gave us a taste of what is coming. Thank you for the little improvisation, ladies. The Flash Mob will take place on Saturday around midday and will attract attention of local residents and visitors. It aims at drawing attention to Rotary’s serious business of eradicating polio through not-so-serious group dance. Keep checking the space for a video!!” eva turkovicova Harbourside bulletin

wednesday evening 20 february  HARBOURSIDE
DG pic 1-DanceRepeat 1DSC07291DanceRepeat 2DSC07298DSC07299
 “Shake your booty for Rotary – Mission Bay Fountain – TODAY 1230PM – End Polio- Build Peace #rotaryflash #rotary #peace @StarshipFriends ” twitter
 “ Be quick – or you’ll miss it! Hundreds of Rotarians and friends are expected to trip the light fantastic in a Dance for Peace, at Mission Bay today.They will form a flash mob that makes a big statement about world peace today at 12.30pmWhere: Mission Bay fountain areaToday: Saturday, 23 February 2013, 12.30pm.The dance has been specially choreographed and rehearsed. Music has been written by Sons of Zion, a hip New Zealand group.The flash mob will celebrate Rotary’s leadership in this year’s international theme “Peace through Service” as well as the international organisation’s success in coming within a hair’s breadth of wiping out polio worldwide so far.For decades, Rotary has been the major funder of vaccination programmes internationally for polio in affected nations. Recently, the organisation was joined by the Gates Foundation, creating a fund of US$450 million to continue the fight against the disease.23 February also marks the day, 108 years ago, that Rotary was founded (in 1905). (Rotary came to New Zealand in 1921)Today’s flash mob has been brought together by District 9920, which includes clubs in New Zealand (mainly in Auckland) and in seven Pacific Island countries.“This event also marks our clubs’ involvement in fundraising and service in New Zealand – which continues to be very, very significant,” says District 9920 Governor Ron Seeto (who will be dancing).Rotary’s achievements in New Zealand thus far include:- Rotary brought defensive driving courses to New Zealand.- Rotary was instrumental in establishing Outward Bound in New Zealand.- Rotary established and funded the first Chair of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University of Auckland.- Rotary initiated Cure Kids (under the banner of the National Child Health Research Foundation) in 1971, and provided foundation funding for the chair of paediatrics at Auckland Medical School.- Planting on Motutapu. Rotary was the initiator of native tree planting schemes on Motutapu Island, that have since seen much of the island become thickly forested – attracting back native birds.- Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, given annually to students to recognise their potential. They include a one week residential course to build leadership.Contact Ron Seeto, District 9920 Governor for interviews: Phone 579 8018 or 0274 593 282About Rotary: Rotary is the world’s largest service club, made up of business members – 1.2million worldwide, including 9,400 Rotarians in 269 clubs in New Zealand. Examples of New Zealand activities include: http://www.rotarysouthpacific.org.nz ” Press Release 2


“It was good that the club got behind DG Ron’s vision of the flash mob. It gave us an opportunity to have a bit of time together, and once we decided that our dignity was not too severely compromised, then we actually enjoyed the experience. Some of us even got to enjoy Ray’s culinary BBQ skills.” President Murray Browne Murray’s Musings ALFRISTON bulletin

“ROTARY ROCKS 23rd February 2013

There was this one time, at band camp….. Well not really but it was a nice sunny day at Mission bay Beach in Auckland when coincidentally, a bunch of Rotarian’s took a stroll around the fountain. For the unsuspecting public, a surprise was in store.

District Governor Ron Seeto (9920) had a plan to celebrate World Peace Day with a unique activity. And that he certainly did with as a flash mob of Rotarians surrounded the fountain in the centre of the park with their Dance for Peace.

Young and old joined in behind DG Ron’s banner, Rock’n Rotary, Ends Polio, Builds Peace. Even for those with two left feet managed to strut reasonably well to the cho- reographed moves. A great way to celebrate world peace day.” President Mike Jaggs Mikes’ Mention BOTANY EAST TAMAKI bulletin

Jaggs-Peace Dance 1

Pictured: PDG Leanne Jaggs (Manukau Sunrise) with Brayden & Izabella, husband Mike Jaggs (Pres Botany East Tamaki) and District Governor Ron Seeto (9920) 

saturday lunchtime  23 february  D-9920 Rock ‘N’Rotary Ends Polio Builds Peace Mission Bay Fountain, Auckland –  You can check our Dance for Peace on Rotary Flashmob Auckland Official Clip
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DD7WYDdYjs D-9920 Rock’N’Rotary Ends Polio Builds Peace  – a lighthearted spin and FUN  opportunity to showcase the serious buisness of Rotary occurred at various times during the day at 7 other Pacific Island Dance Venues Suva, Apia, Rarotonga, Nukualofa, Moorea, Raiatea-Tahaa, BoraBora
Hello everybody.As we enter the Year of the Snake I want to wish everyone a happy, healthy , properous New Year. In Chinese tradition the snake represents wisdom and thoughfulness- qualities that Rotary embrace.The last year has been a time of great challenge and great projects for Rotary.We dealt a crippling blow to Polio with India removed from the list of polio endemic countries. In our District 9920 we stood by our friends in Fiji and Samoa through Cyclone Evan-and we began to see  more people attracted to our organisation. We saw the first new club chartered in Auckland in 14 years.We continued to refine our service delivery to the people we serve with preparations for our Foundation’s new and simple grant making process and ,there is no doubt that the remaining half of our Rotary year will bring even more change……..As we head into the Year of the Snake I am hopeful we have what it takes to make a difference.I am hopeful because of what I saw just before Christmas when we worked together – making a difference to the plight of those caught up in Cyclone Evan.  I am hopeful because here and in the Pacific I know of more groups wanting to charter new Rotary clubs – or starting up Rotary Community Corps. I am hopeful because we flashmobbed Mission Bay at lunchtime today to End Poio and Build Peace.More than anything else all of you – the Rotary Harbourside Family represent the gold standard – you are the ones that make me hopeful for Rotary in our community…..So tonight , I must congratulate you on your supporting another worthy organisation – Auckland Medical Research Foundation.I am confident working together  we will  continue to Unleash Our potential Building Peace through Service.So Sharon and I wish you and your loved ones peace, prosperity, good health and fortune. Kung hee fart choi.DSC06371DSC06362DSC06361DSC06352DSC06359
saturday evening  23 february  HARBOURSIDE Chinese New Year Gala Ball for Medical Reserach Foundation, SkyCity, Auckland
sunday morning  24 february  WAIHEKE Onetangi Beach Races, Onetangi Beach, Auckland
FV Leanne and WillardFV- RS & AllanFV -crowd -IWFV LeanneFV-crowd -Alan EyesFV-Richard HoldenFV-GregFV-Willard podiumFV-Leanne- podiumFV-Gary St JohnsHello everybody– welcome and congratulations for  giving up  another Thursday evening to get the good oil on Rotary’s exciting Vision – a special welcome to  our rookie attendeesHow quickly does the Rotary year go- it was only just over 13 months ago  at MY International Assembly  when I heard Bill Boyd start his Future Vision update with the children’s question on a long car trip-are we there yet – well in another 4 on 1 July 2013 we will have arrived.This past year in preparation we have been asking our clubs to Work Together on 3 priorities – one of these has been to work together in clusters of clubs as we begin to Think Bigger, Think Bolder , Think Sustainable ,Think Partnerships on all our projects and activities- and I know that we ARE prepared- because all of you have come up  in spades- so thank you.When we engage in this whole new ball gamewhen we discover  the possibilities of this new simplified grant making model  and,when we start to just think about the needs of the world and how the most serious issues fit within  the 6 areas of focus in Future Vision•        providing safe drinking water•        caring for our mothers and children•        fighting disease•        faciliating literacy•        alleviating poverty•        building peaceWe will truly have GOT THERE.

The important message is that we should look forward to working with Future Vision: it will make our Rotary more exciting and enjoyable.

We are here to serve, and each one of us is a Rotarian because we know that our lives are measured by what we do for others and ,not by what we do for ourselves.

I know that Chair Leanne and DGE Willard are raring to unleash what additional insights  they have learnt in San Diego so will stop there . Have FUN !

FV-Stuart Searle
thursday evening  28 february  FUTURE VISION WORKSHOP 2, Remuera Golf Club, Auckland
This month we can all  be proud of our efforts at “living’ World Understanding – we can be proud knowing that Working Together we can Accomplish Anything. BRAVO!

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