January Moments: PORTRAIT of a thrillseeker Part 3 on the District Governor rollercoaster : January Moments

1 Feb

Happy New Year – sun, sand, sea, blue sky, a white lap pool, family , friends, fireworks at midnight – we are blessed


12 January Bon Voyage DGE Willard and Gabrielle

DSC07120  a year ago already? – a timely reminder as we look forward to continue Working Together to Unleash our Potential

14 January Rotary Science and Technology Forum – opening at Unitec

Science Forum - Auckland-2013

How are you doing –

Firstly, Thank yous. Rotary’s success depends on the support of every Rotarian and everyone in the family of Rotary and of course strategic partnerships with like minded organisations such as the ones we have on this program. Now an event like this takes a lot of planning and would be incomplete without acknowledging the many family members involved. Chair of Trustees Glen Mottram who have been involved from the outset- are you counting Glen-, fellow trustees Peter Best &  John Yolland, representatives from AUT, Massey, UOA and RMIT- all the sponsoring clubs.  I hear this year we have a class of 162 including 6 from Australia  – is this a record?

Tena Kotou Katoa- Sharon and I returned from our visits to our 19 Pacific Island clubs last year where we learnt a phrase – in Rarotonga it was kari-manamanata, in Fiji it was seqa na leqa, in Tonga it was sai pai, in Samoa awa na popolli, just before Christmas in Tahiti it was aita pio pio-  in New Zealnd we say NO PROBLEM – that is certainly my observation of the attitude of all  you participants in the Rotary Science Forum.

Rotary National Science and Technology Forum has these stated aims

  1. Increase awareness of, and develop enthusiam for the sciences and their applications
  2.  Understand that the sciences are crucial contributors to contemporary life
  3. encourage a continuing commitment to further study which could lead  to related employment

What I have also witnessed  and heard from past alumni is that you’ll learn a great deal about yourself, and maybe even a new lifestyle.

“Over the two weeks of the Forum I not only learnt about science and technology, but also learnt about myself, about life and how to make the most of it”

You’ll also be an ambassador, teaching people you meet about your vocation and communicating your ideas. You can help bring our communities closer by making them better informed– and make some good friends in the process.

For 24 years now, students like you have broadened their horizons – all of them  say ROTARY Science Forum changed their  lives –“I hope Rotarians realise how much they have done for us”  – well- I can say on behalf of all the  Rotarians here- this program has also changed our lives.

For all of you this year,  on behalf of the Trustees and our 6 Rotary Districts in NZ- can I say WELCOME class of 2013- congratulations on your selection, congratulations for taking time out during your holidays to invest in your future- indeed in New Zealand’s future and – I look forward to  hearing your stories of achievement at the annual dinner in 2 weeks time – on 25 January.

This Rotary year our Theme is Peace Through Service- I have been asking Rotarians in our clubs to Work Together on our relationships with each other as we go about doing good in the world –Working Together – Pushing Boundaries – Unleashing Our Potential – Buidling Peace Through Service. I look forward to you doing the same over the next 2 weeks–Finally, Can you all promise me to update your status on Facebook on this Rotary Event – tag me in a photo so I know that you have done this. Thank you – and Go Well.

16 January Rest in Peace Una Ellen Smellie– loved mother of Sharon Seeto nee Smellie Christchurch

DSC05479DSC05440DSC05464  support from DG Gordon Hooper D-9970

25 January Rotary Science and Technology Forum Gala Dinner, Crowne Plaza Auckland

DSC05557DSC05556DSC05564DSC05565DSC05551DSC05554DSC05558DSC05559DSC05560DSC05561DSC05547DSC05546DSC05548DSC05545DSC05544DSC05542DSC05543   Our “Peter Pan” moment repeated every year

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