December Moments: PORTRAIT of a thrillseeker Part 3 on the District Governor rollercoaster : December Moments

26 Dec

December Family Month – started early with our visit to our Rotary Tahiti family and ended with a celebratory roar -among the end of year meetings highlights including the new Rotary HIGHBROOK club charter , DOWNTOWN Rotary’s  Family Christmas Breakfast Event at St Matthews in the City  and, an especially poignant  new member welcome at Rotary MT EDEN for a multi-generational auckland Rotary family – see posts below

Notwithstanding the “bang” of the impressive Rotary Family disaster response effort to Cyclone Evan – see separate blog post 

late evening 28 November TAHITI: final DG Pacific Island Visit for 2012 – arrival to a tahitian welcome

DSCF6665DSCF6668 flowers, fragrance , friendship – our Rotary Tahiti Family

morning 29 November PAPEETE – AG Briefing 

DSC03535  fresh, french, fruitful

evening 29 November ROTARY PAPEETE – TARAVAO DG Visit Event, Papeete, Tahiti – more pix in separate blog post

President Jean Louis Boissin reports on Rotary PAPEETE projects ;

Rotary Club de Papeete-Tahiti

BP 76 – 98713 Papeete

38 Rue Lagarde

Immeuble Here Metua

29 Nov 2012

Mister Gorvernor

Welcome to the Rotary Club of Papeete, founded since 1959, for 53 years now!

I/The projets initiated by the former Rotarians had been carried on thus:

1.         The Christian fraternity for the disabled

Lets remind that the RCP’s founders got down to work by creating the first center in the neighbourhood of “La Mission” keeping up a keen interest in social issues (Christmas gifts, holidays in the islands, purchasing wheelchairs, computers, and so on…)

2.         (Noel pour tous) Chrismas for everyone

Every year the social services of the city hall gather the underprivileged families of Tahitit, in order to give their children the Christmas they deserve (about 800 children every year).

3.         The Tahiti – Morea swimming cross

A real challenge to promote sport again the “civilized disease” (Diabetes – obesity)

4.         School projects

Involved in:

  • The bibliobus
  • School trips
  • Disabled children school excursion
  • Holiday camp which include the SAGA (saiging school in Arue)

Purchasing hearing aid for hard-of-hearing children

Scholarship grant for the “Hotel and Catering School”

Sending books in the far removed island

5.         Professional projects

Grant for the deserving students of the vocational school

6.         Art promoting

Awards for the most promising arts and crafts during the Heiva festival in July

7.         International SOS projects

Fiji – Christchurch – Fukushima

8.         International projects

Medical equipment supply for a physical therapy room in Rapanui (Isla de Pascua)

9.         Support to the other non-profitmaking organization

First-aid worker federation

Apurad (artificial kidney)

Down’s syndrome

The blind of Tahiti

10.       Foundation End Polio Now

US$ 100/year

1 major donor : Charles Trondle


11.       Mainson du Rotary 2012 (The Rotary House)

II/Going Further

The new projects

  • A library in Maupiti Island
  • Scholarships grants
  • Food bank (providing food, advice, microcredits)

The recruitment

  • Communications (December 2012)
  • Sponsorship (2013) -> 10!

Intra district exchanges

  • PETS (Feb 2013)
  • Convention (April 2013)
  • RYLA

Interclub main project : Youth ? Poverty ?


morning 30 November  MOOREA – ferry and welcome
DSC03693DSC03709  flowers and friendship – we are ONE family
evening 30 November ROTARY MOOREA DG Visit, Moorea – DG and club Briefing – more pix in separate blog post

President Jacqueline Casserville’s report;

Hello dear Ron

First a big thank you for honoring us with your visit and we welcome you to you and your family on our beautiful island of Moorea.

As you can see, our club is small. It has only 8 members, unfortunately, our websmaster and excellent friend Paul, who was elected president, but to leave the US for family reasons. It remains adherent to our club now.,

So I present to you our friends:

–       Juliette, our Past President and AG, but I did not need to introduce yourself.

–       Our secetary Georges, President Elect, specialist for all matters relating to the social Moorea

–       Francois, protocol and former President

–       PC, Asistant Treasurer

–       Christophe, a former Rotaracien, nurse, who will be inducted during our AGM on Monday

–       Exceptionally absent, our Dean Christa, PHF, Vice-President and Protocol Assistant.

–       Absent also, for professional reasons, Bruno, our Treasurer

We should welcome soon Eric, who had recently arrived in Moorea, former Rotarian in the Cayman Islands, which is a chef at the Hilton and therefore often organize penalty but his schedule to attend our weekly meetings on Monday evening.

Our club is small, but we suffer from the creation of the French e-club by 3 of our members who have recruited two other members of their respective families while glorifying them at the expense of our club.

Our club is small but effective because our actions are numerous.

–       Creation of chess lessons in primary schools with Clausura Inter-school.

–       Distribution of 100  each Christmas baskets for needy elderly Moorea in collaboration with the association of Matahiapos

–       2 days annual diabetes screening with ADOPF

–       2 days annual blood donation

–       Home swim across Papeete – Moorea Papeete Club

–       Rotary Family Day with treasure hunt and picnic on the beach

–       Financial assistance to needy children for the purchase of sports equipment to enable them to compete in Polynesia and beyond borders

–       Aids point during the year as events or needs

Our plans for the year

–       Drawing competition on the theme of water in schools

–       Purchase of software and hardware for autistic children

–       A relay Race around Moorea Family

Long term project:

Equipment in filtration equipment for drinking water in the atolls.

Here my dear Ron presentation of our little club Moorea

evening 1 December ROTARY MOOREA DG Visit – Charter Event – more pix in separate blog post
a song for DG Ron ” All You Need is Love”
practice and preparation for D-9920 Dance for Peace 23 February 2013
morning 2 December Moorea Tour take 1
contrast between plenty and need
afternoon 2 December Moorea – Lunch with E-Club Francophone
fellowship idyll 
morning 3 December Moorea Tour take 2 – project visit junior and senior handicapped schools
DSC04027DSC04026DSC04022DSC04031DSC04019DSC04032DSC04029DSC04033DSC04028DSC04042DSC04041DSC04035DSC04049DSC04050DSC04051DSC04053DSC04054DSC04055  supporting an established “association” – iPAD tablets as a future resource?
DSC04057DSC04060DSC04059  ready and available Rotarian support easing travel
afternoon – evening  3 December Rotary RAIATEA TAHAA  – Arrival and Welcome
another floral necklace “Lei”, another tahitian club family to get to know
evening  3 December Rotary RAIATEA TAHAA DG Visit – fellowship- media interview – DG and club Briefing – more fellowship – happy birthday Pres Patrick
 – more pix in separate blog post
President Patrick Leninger’s report extracted from his speech Rotary RAIATEA TAHAA charter issue;

Dear Friends

It is a great pleasure to welcome you this evening to celebrate the 8th anniversary of Rotary Raiatea – Tahaa

I thank so many of you warmly for coming to share this moment with us.

I know that many of you take part in our first commitment and our motto, which is used first.

Our club has to date 20 active members and two honorary members. In a few moments our club will grow a new member who I have the honor to induct.

It is with pride that we can say that we are second Rotary Club of Polynesia. Many organizations face the problem of staff. Our club grows from year to year, it is very encouraging and demonstrates our commitment and our actions are widely recognized. The secret of this success is the certain friendship uniting all our members. Thanks to the dedication and your support, we have 8 years leading very many actions.

At the international level, since we are part of Rotary International, we support our contribution to global major projects, such as:

The eradication of poliomyeliet in the world – now eradicated 99% thanks to Rotary,

the access to drinking water in third world countries, the fight against illiteracy, etc.

Our club also sponsors a young Filipino supporting costs from the high school study. Jared Orelland has today finished his upper studies and next will be attending college.

This success is extra motivation for us.

Locally, we are not left behind as we accomplish many projects: linguistic and cultural trips of our high school students. Material assistance to needy people. Financial aid for our young athletes and  do not forget the Christmas Child.

Last year 600 children from the town of Taputapuatea were able to attend a magic show. What’s more encouraging is to see these little ones laugh and dream. This led us to extend this action and this year all children receiving schooling in the municipality of Tumaraa will be able to attend a big clown show in December next.

We committed to finance the acquisition last year of a small sailboat, the fit was sailing for disabled or people with limited mobility. It should be noted that the sailing school Raiatea Yacht Club is the only one accommodating a handicapped children, and where they are welcomed.

I have the pleasure this evening to give the Yacht Club a cheque for a million francs to realize this project.

It is also thanks to you our generous sponsors that this operation could be concretised and it is the heart that  shows our will.

As you can see, all these actions are also in the direction of the Rotary motto Peace Through Service.

Sometimes just a little boost, a helping hand, a moral presence, materail help in a difficult time, to avoid many conflicts and promote peace.

Tonight is the anniversary of our Club, I wish you all a very pleasant evening

morning – early afternoon 4 December Rotary RAIATEA TAHAA  project visit
DSC04244DSC04249DSC04250DSC04252 sunshine at Raiatea Yacht Club and Marina
DSC04253DSC04255  1M XPF raised for a limited mobility  sailboat  
DSC04282DSC04284DSC04287  tropical downpour
18 bare- foot in Raiatea
late afternoon 4 December Rotary BORABORA – arrival and welcome
yet another “Lei”, yet another tahitian club family to get to know
evening 4 December Rotary BORABORA DG Visit Event at Mairie BoraBora – Peace Forum Opening and Briefing Meeting and welcoming 2 new members and and Fellowship Dinner – more pix in separate blog post
DSC04381DSC04344DSC04374DSC04397DSC04408DSC04412DSC04416DSC04402DSC04430  we are family
President Tehani  Maueau report extracted from her President’s speech in the Rotary BORABORA charter issue;
Bora Bora’s Rotary club is already 6 years old! And those have been 6 wonderful years.
As a founding member, I witness the evolution of the Club through the ups and downs of island life. Many a project to benefit the children have been set up and some are still running ( eg the language trip for deserving junior high school kids)
How much we have learned during those years and we have become more open-minded and more respectful! The benefits of our actions about children can only encourage us to do even better.
I have first hand experience of the profits of our projects ( eg attracting pupils to chess, organizing a competition to realize a book about water)
This book competition helped kids overcome their reading difficulties and discover the pleasures of reading and writing again. Every sentence they made was a cause for celebration. The winning class is already planning to resort to communication technology for the next challenge.
All this seems quite mundane but it means the world to the pupils.
We will focus on those values this year at Rotary.
Each and every member will share his skills. We will give our best, every single contribution matters to reach our aims and bring peace in our homes.
Challenges are many this year:
1. First, we need to put the finishing touch to two programmes started by former president Phillippe Monguillon, which will provide the much required cashflow: a CD made with volunteering local artists and publish a book around the theme of water.
2. In keeping with the point made right before, we want to broaden access to reading and open a much needed library.
3. When relationships bear the strain of the present crisis, we will try to encourage peace among and between families.
4. We will go on developing chess playing in local schools
5. We wil repeat offering language trip to New Zealand thanks to our recently forged relationship with Rotorua Sunrise, New Zealand’s Rotary club who welcomes our kids and provide to their every need beyond for 3 three weeks.
We pay attention to the needs of the island’s population and try to make a difference, as much as we can. We welcome every single help.
I want to thank all who have given us their support ever since the club was launched, all our members and especially my family.
5 December  BORABORA – AG Briefing  and DG Family Day
DSC04609DSC04641 day and night on BoraBora – treasured memories
morning – afternoon 6 December Rotary BORABORA – project visit – meeting exchange students and dreaming of a town library
DSC04690DSC04682DSC04774DSC04775DSC04628DSC04769 library site visit
DSC04779DSC04780  another farewelling with shell necklaces
evening 6 December Rotary PAPEETE : Santa Claus – fellowship at chez du Jeanette et President Jean Louis Boissin
morning 7  December Rotary PAPEETE – project visit
continuing annual support for another “association”
evening 7  December Rotary E-Club Francophone DG Visit, Rotary House Papeete –  club and project briefing – an additional PHF sapphire
– more pix in separate blog post
Planning for a Matching Grant to help the FACT Orphan Home in Yaoundé

“…..Again, I would like to ensure you, as I have already told you during your recent official visit to French Polynesia, that the Rotary E-Club 9920 Francophone truly wants to be and stay as an important factor in the South Pacific, by participating with other Rotary Clubs from D.9920, and especially in Projects developed between Rotary Clubs from New Zealand and Rotary Clubs from the South Pacific islands. This goes perfectly along with the ‘Twinning Trophy” I had launched during my year as DG….” ( sic PDG Nicolas Spillmann, Exceutive Secretary E-Club Francophone)

DSC04924 visiting  E-club member Claire Lauga
morning – afternoon 8  December Rotary TARAVAO TAHITI-ITI : project visit
Taravao Tahiti-iti is a little town going places. 2 new supermarches opening within weeks of each other – a community centre planned to start construction January 2013 – a new covered open air market under a fare – a new residential subdivision up into the hills – great eating places – And Rotary TARAVAO TAHITI-ITI is poised for action with many community partnerships including a second year of an AFM Telethone Polynesie and a Community Library under its belt – now with a planned streetfront Rotary Playground at the site of the new Community Centre.
DSC04944DSC04959DSC04957DSC04955 T-shirt fundraiser in 2 supermarches
DSC04948DSC04947DSC04965DSC04972 playground site visit
DSC04961DSC04963DSC04964 library fitout
 DSC04973DSC04970DSC04966 meeting the Mayor – new Community Centre explained
DSC04990DSC04989DSC04988DSC04986DSC04984DSC04983DSC04991DSC04997  fellowship lunch- banner and gift exchange
evening 8  December Rotary PAPEETE at chez du Monique et Claude Drago : paella- fellowship – dancing
DSC05040DSC05033DSC05064DSC05063DSC05042DSC05047DSC05058DSC05056DSC05045DSC05046DSC05060DSC05061DSC05062DSC05059DSC05029 inter- generational fellowship – friendships forged
9 – 10 December  PAPEETE : delayed flight till early the next morning – unexpected fellowship surprise
our last day – an unexpected flight delay -AG Juliette unexpectedly ill- Rotarian support never far-away – merci beaucoup Cathy and Fabriche
11 December  AUCKLAND : D-9920 TRF Committee Christmas fellowship meeting at the home of DGN Iain Wakefield
– a pot-luck catch-up with partners, preview of DGN Iain’s “Rotary Room” and  a private recognition
13 December  AUCKLAND : D-9920 Leadership Circle Christmas  Meeting – joined by partners and family for Fellowship Dinner at Archies Newmarket
17 December  AUCKLAND : new Rotary HIGHBROOK charter and Rotary PAKURANGA Christmas  Event at Waipuna
Congratulations Rotary HIGHBROOK charter President Richard Myhre

Good evening everyone especially partners, family, friends, of the Highbrook Charter Class of 2012 . Congratulations to all of you charter members and congratulations to the God-father of Rotary Highbrook Ken Holmes- today is testament to the passion, persevarance and professionalism that you brought to this labour of faith. Thank you for allowing me the honor to be a part of it – the first new Rotary club in Auckland in our D9920 since the founding of Manukau City Sunrise 14 years ago.

It’s always great to be back in Pakuranga Club. Some of you know I was here a few weeks ago to give the final words of goodbye to our visiting Group Study Exchange Team from Kentucky. It was an amazing experience for me. A humbling honor. A tremendous opportunity- the Pakuranga jazzmen did more than justice backing up our Kentuckian visitor’s rendition of What a Wonderful World.

Charter members, this is the day you also become members  in the finest family in this wonderful world – our surname – yours is International.

I see a hopeful future because of the character of our organisation — the spirit, our core values that have always made us exceptional.

That is the essence of Rotary, and there’s nothing else like it anywhere in the world

But today, just barely more than a decade into the twenty-first century, we already find ourselves in a different and precarious world. As revolutions in communications and technology have broken down barriers across the world, it has given more power to our competitors. If you had asked me a few years ago to charter a new Rotary club- I would have politely told you that you were out of your mind to even consider this option when some of our existing clubs are struggling with competition and natural attrition .

But today I am convinced this is a viable strategy- it provides opportunities for Rotary to refresh, to offer more options, to improve our standard of service – for clubs to define their preferred point of difference. That is the intrinsic  value of Membership Extension in Rotary parlance- of chartering new clubs – whilst supporting our current ones. This is a way that Rotary will continue on its journey towards that distant horizon, and a better day- as we go about doing good in the world.

So to our charter members – what does this mean for you? What role will you play in meeting these challenges? I say Take Risks, Think Global, Cultivate Empathy, Stay Amazed – with what you can achieve through Rotary.

You will be tested. You won’t always succeed. But know that you have it within your power to try. That generations of Rotarians who have come before you faced challenges and uncertainties in their own time. And that through Working Together WE can Accomplish Anything. Go well.Thank You.

 morning 18 December  AUCKLAND :  Rotary DOWNTOWN AUCKLAND breakfast family Christmas  Event at St Matthews in the City

Merry Christmas everybody!

Thank you, President Pam, for that introduction and for your hard work to preserve the spirit of Christmas.  I also want to thank PP James for being appropriately irreverent, as well as everyone at Downtown Auckland who helped put this outstanding EVENT together.  I’d like to thank all the partners, and friends  for joining us to kick off the holiday season here at St Matthews in the City – and what a venue.

Every year we’ve always come together to rejoice in the Christmas miracle.

And as we do every year -last Saturday –Sharon and the girls collected our live pine tree- it seems that our tree gets smaller every year ( more girly and dainty)- it could be that we were later than usual  having just returned from our visit to Tahiti- so our tree this year  has been given a hard time by my boys who are used to bloke size ones in their day- — But I feel good about this one as I know there will be another one to look forward to next year- and it goes to show that like our tree you too can look forward to a new DG next year.

At this time we must spare a thought for our wider Rotary family in Samoa and Fiji reeling from the disastrous effects of Cyclone Evan- where the standard of service by Rotarians to their local communities has not diminished- indeed the immediate mobilisation of Rotary support on the ground and elsewhere in this District have not diminished- and we can all be proud of that –  but as someone said “It’s Christmas time, not disaster time.”

For centuries, the message of Christmas — of peace and goodwill to all — has guided millions of people around the world through good times but also through bad times. This year is no different. It’s a chance for all of us to open our hearts to the least fortunate among us. It’s a chance to remember what Christ taught us — that it is truly more blessed to give than to receive, and as Rotarians we know -that the simplest gifts bring the greatest joy. And it’s a chance to count our blessings and give thanks to our Rotarians around the world who keep on doing good in the world and building Peace.

may this holiday season remind us of the spirit and core values  that bind us as Rotarians and may this morning’s celebration at St Matthews in the City by the Downtown Auckland Club  shine as a beacon of Hope to our Rotary Family throughout this greatest of maritime Districts- and especially in Samoa and Fiji- – knowing that in the new year we will continue Working Together- knowing that Working Together  We can Accomplish Anything.

So on behalf of  Sharon, Ruby and Noon, I’d like to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful and joyful holiday season.


evening 18 December  AUCKLAND :  Rotary MT EDEN  Meeting and Welcome to a New Member ( a family affair) at Cardrona Pub Mt Eden

President Greg – merry christmas everyone

The job of a DG – aside from keeping it short and sweet – is to inspire. But as I look on our newest member  Nickola with her family of Rotarians in support, what’s clear is that the Horrocks family is the source of inspiration today. To me. To this club and to Rotary International.

Nicola, this is the day you also become a card carrying member  in the finest family in the world- our surname – yours is International.

This is the day that I can also say thank you – that by choosing to become a Rotarian- and I understand our club cluster event at St Matthews in the CITY played a part-   your decision to join us “care bears” endorses the value of our cluster DG Visit Events which show the diversity and choice and avenues for FUN  available to  doing good in the world.

Around the world, Rotary is leading efforts in building world peace

We’re leading on efforts in basic literacy–

We are leading on efforts for alleviating poverty

We’re leading on behalf of human dignity and on behalf of self determination.

We are leading the way as I speak on disaster response in Samoa and Fiji.

Because of this, around the world there is a respect for Rotary.

So, Nickola what part can you play in continuing this respect?

I say Take Risks, Think Global, Cultivate Empathy- Stay Amazed with what you can achieve thro Rotary. –  Go Well.


13 December  – SAMOA and FIJI : Cyclone Evan 
TCEVAN -1 TRACK04TrackTCEvan16 - 2_3pmSamoa-GeneSamoa 2-JASamoa ERKSFiji-BobFiji-Kevi Disaster – ROTARY help is on the way
evening 22 December  AUCKLAND : emceeing the wedding of a friend and Rotary mentor Richard Solomon to Margie Wright 

Ladies and Gentlemen- good evening This is a special day for a special couple – I am pleased I was invited to be here-

For those who are wondering who I am – my name is Ron Seeto, I have the special honour of being your MC for this evening – I was the last one of Richard and Margies friends who  they approached who was willing to forego serious drinking till the wedding dance- and before you start thinking that I am teetotal I am NOT- so here I am ….

…… I first met Richard when I joined the Rotary Club of Newmarket – since that time he has been a constant source of inspiration for me – through Richard I have met Marg and now I am the architect for the additions and renovations to their new home – so if any of you are visiting and something doesn’t work you can speak to me-

Richard and Margie were also both present to support my inauguration as District Governor- I did not know it was an audition for the mc role at the time-

Truly a FAMILY month in every way – Best Wishes for the Holidays

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