Cyclone Evan : PORTRAIT of a thrillseeker Part 3 on the District Governor rollercoaster : Cyclone Evan

18 Dec

Same Cyclone- Same Rotary Disaster Preparedness and Response

PS: I have thought a lot about you, as you must have been very busy because of the Cyclone “Evan”. As a professional concerned by that type of rescuing of populations, I have to congratulate +++ Stuart Batty and all the RNZWCS team for the so wonderful work they have been doing in New Zealand, as well as the work done by PDG Warwick Pleass, the Assistant Governors, the Club Presidents, and all the Rotarians who have allowed everything to be pre positioned.

One can be very proud to be a Rotarian when seeing such dedication and such efficiency.

PDG Nicolas Spillmann wednesday 19 december 0834 hours

Samoa- GeneERKs to Samoa 004 Samoa

Just spoke to Gene (copied) on Skype. He had a short window of time with power temporarily connected from the hotel generator next door. So we were brief over a very bad connection.

51 Aquaboxes in stock; they are not suitable for most victims as they are too hi tech and the tablets and filter components would just get thrown away.

There are no ERK’s…none at all..he suspects confusion that after the tsunami when they thought they had given everything out but later found these Aqua Boxes and thought and reported they were left over ERK’s.

The 4,000 “homeless” are in various evacuation centres until people can return to their villages.

he is only guessing but generalises most might have structures to go back to but most would need repairs.

Most lost possessions, many have lost everything

Some the whole home is gone (even sturdy homes).

They are having their club meeting tomorrow (those of them left after the club went into recess for xmas and many flew out for xmas)…they will discuss their needs and plans.

One option is to offer the AquaBoxes to the evacuation centres but they need to know which ones need water filtration as he is guessing the local water bottlers would be supplying the evac centres with water.

He was pleased we are trying to send 100 ERK’s and did not feel that was too many or too little…I guess it is a good start and we see how fast Air Pacific can get them up there.



He said he had seen the email from Jo re the Situation Analysis Checklist but only on his phone and had not downloaded it (no power for computer). I told him someone needed to download it and take those few minutes to complete it…he said he would try to do so tonight if power and time permitted.

That’s it, just filling you in on info so we all are in the loop.

Regards, Warwick – sunday 16 december 2120 hours

Fiji-WPFiji-convoy-WP Fiji

Hi Ron,

Savusavu hasn’t been drastic according to Prez Thakor.

Prez Yogesh said Labasa escaped major disruption but major damage from Nabouwalu to Dreketi. He’s contacted DO to see where need is most urgent and will be assessing the damage. He’d like some ERKs and Food Packs so we will need to fund some packs for the North also.

We can work with RB and NewWorld to provide Food packs out there.

Haven’t been able to contact Prez Geoff who I understand is in NZ nor PP Michael from Taveuni.

Bob is arranging ERKs to go to Labasa.

AG Shaheen –  tuesday 18 december 2027 hours

A team of 7 vehicles and 30 Rotarians went from the Suva Rotary Clubs today to the worst hurricane effected areas in the West of Viti Levu, the main island of Fiji. The team included the Acting Australian High Commissioner and senior Fiji Rotarians. There they met with the teams from Nadi and Lautoka Rotary Clubs with their objectives being;

To distribute food packs to the most needy

To do their ‘Day 2 assessments’ of needs and send that information back to Rotary Fiji in Suva for planning

To distribute Rotary Emergency Response Kits to families who have lost a significant part of their belongings or homes.

To meet in-bound Rotary emergency shelter (tent) teams from overseas and distribute tent Rotary tent ShelterBoxes to the needy.

To plan Rotary’s support for the coming week and send intelligence to New Zealand and Australian Rotary on needs

In addition, Rotary Fiji is trying to send a local but French speaking team to Wallis and Futuna where it is believe Evan made a direct hit on the small island territory on it’s way from Samoa to Fiji…all contact with Wallis has been lost.

Regards, Warwick – wednesday 19 december 0811 hours

RNZWCS Same Co-ordination of Rotary effort  and  NZ Aid

Screen shot 2012-12-19 at 8.25.03 AM Same simple tool-kit

Joy Walker RISPPO

Thanks for the offer of international Rotary support. The situation as summarised from recent Rotary New Zealand World Community Services ( RNZWCS) updates received via local and MFAT sources as follows:

Samoa: RNZWCS have 100 ERKS being airfreighted directly from Auckland to Apia. Also RNZWCS Director Stuart Batty is currently investigating a more permanent arrangement of prepositioning in Samoa with Apia President Douglas Creevey. Other Rotary Samoa Disaster Response co-ordinators are Assistant Governor James Arp and PAG Gene Paul.

Fiji: RNZWCS have prepositioned ERKs( Emergency Response Kits) in Fiji and Rotarians and their supporters are on standby. Rotary Fiji Disaster response co-ordinators are District 9920 Fiji Liason Bob Niranjan and Assisitant Rotary Co-ordinator Warwick Pleass.

Rotary is working with Disaster Management Agencies in all Samoa and Fiji and we anticipate that as well as ERKs

(Emergency Response Kits) food, water and clothing will be needed.

RNZWCS will advance funds to enable these supplies to be purchased and distributed immediately.

We are therefore asking clubs to support RNZWCS and have launched an immediate appeal. RNZWCS is also working with the New

Zealand Government through MFAT and the NGO Disaster Relief Forum NDRF.

Please refer to website for alternate ways to donate or

 send cheques to PO Box 20309, Christchurch 8543 or through internet banking 03 1702 0192208 01

Any offers other than money to RNZWCS account please direct them to the country Disaster Response co-ordinators who I copy in- and copied to me.

Trust this provides a structure for co-ordinating and giving appropriate support.

DG Ron Seeto – tuesday 18 december 2118 hours

River bank.jpg-JA2Apia Park.jpg-JA1Apia govt bldg.jpg-JA3Aggies Town Apia destruction courtesy AG James Arp wed 19 dec 1530hrs

Wallis and Futuna : FROM RED CROSS REPORT  relayed by Gael Leopold Rotary Pacific Water for Life wednesday 19 december 1530hours

Cyclone Evan was upgraded to a Category 4 on 15 December, just as it passed on top of Wallis Island – part of the French territory of Wallis and Futuna. There were no reported deaths, although two people were injured. Wallis felt more of a direct impact than Futuna, with damage mostly sustained to roads and buildings.

There were also damages reported to the airport, radio and television stations, warehouses and hospital.

The government has restored electricity and water services and the hospital is now functioning.

Approximately 250 families have been affected as their houses were damaged.

The French Red Cross immediately sent 250 tarps and 20 shelter kits. PIROPS is part of an assessment team with NDMO. The mission left New Caledonia for Wallis on 17 December in a military airplane. French

Red Cross continues to work in close coordination with French state and the local authorities.

 Situation Update thursday  20 december

Following Cyclone Evan, Rotary’s Emergency Response Kits have been distributed in Samoa and Fiji. In Fiji, the western division of Viti Levu seems to have suffered the worst effects of the wind in the regions from Rakiraki through Ba, Lautoka, Nadi and Sigatoka.

Rotarians from Suva headed to the Western Region at 6.30am on Tuesday the day following the Cyclone causing havoc to assist the Rotary volunteers in the west.

The team of 7 vehicles with 30 Rotarians also included Peter Lund from the NZ Head of Mission in Suva together with the Australian High Commissioner in Fiji and a US diplomat currently in the country.

Many recipients of the kits have said that it was the first tangible assistance they had received. Rotary’s rapid response is assisted by many community volunteers and businesses who supply logistical support including trucks and 4 WD vehicles to enable the most isolated to be visited.

Rotary in Samoa is already turning its attention to the next most immediate need which is “safer” water. With typhoid cases being reported affirmative action is needed and Rotary is consulting with government agencies to address the issue.

Fijians are very resilient people and there is a flurry of activity as they repair their damaged homes which many some 24 hours later able to move back in. The ferocity of Cyclone Evan has stretched budgets and many will need assistance with building materials.

PDG Stuart J Batty JP, Director, RNZWCS Limited (Rotary New Zealand), thursday 20 december 1529hours

Nadi H2.jpg-KPNadi H.jpg-KPNadi ERK 3.jpg-KP1Nadi ERK 2.jpg- KP2 Devastation and Hope in Nadi

Good Day ALL!

Please find attached some pics of the ERK distribution in Sabeto Area. We distributed 13 ERK today and will send you more pics as we distribute to other areas.

Yours In Rotary,

Krupesh Patel- President Rotary NADI, thursday 20 december 1601 hours

Report of Northern Fiji received ….just spoke to President Yogesh. He mentioned that damage starts from around 70 kms out of Labasa.

He will see the District Officer today at midday and receive an updated report of what’s needed so hold on to the Erks for now till I confirm later today.

Labasa Rotarians are planning a trip to the affected areas on Saturday.

Just managed to get hold of PP Michael in Taveuni. No Problems in Taveuni, he mentioned only a little rain and they escaped the brunt of the winds.


Shaheen Asgar- Assistant Governor, 

wednesday  19 december 0931 hours

Samoa-truck.jpg-JA1Samoa-JA2Samoa-JA3  Samoa : What happened to the 100ERKS from Auckland

emergency box to start rebuilding their lost home.

Rotary was the first to give and these people now have nothing.

most of these families are at the emergency centre and maybe one or two to look after what is left.

 James Arp, Assistant Governor Apia, 24 december 1545 hours


Another Way  to Contribute : Transferring DDF  – thank you DG Roy Armstrong and D-9520

Hi Steve, Lauren and Bruce,

Thank you for your respective responses – appreciated the guidance, help and speedy replies.

Steve, DG Roy and DRFC Euan are currently signing the form that you sent us, and the request will be to transfer DDF of $US5,000 from D9520 to D9920. It will be emailed to you as soon.

Happy new year to you all! May the new year be a grand year! Regards, Chandra

From: Steve Lyons []

Sent: Friday, 21 December 2012 6:54 AM

To: ChandraSluggett

Cc: Roy Armstrong; euan miller; Euan Miller; Lauren Marquez-Viso; Bruce Allen

Subject: RE: contribute DDF to disaster projects in Fiji & Samoa [D-9520]

Dear DGSC Sluggett:

Greetings. Please find attached a form that may be used to transfer/donate DDF to District 9920. Upon receipt and processing of the completed form, the donated funds become part of D-9920’s total available DDF balance for 2012-13.

Please note that DDF donations between districts are unrestricted and are not set aside for use on specific projects. The Foundation does not monitor or enforce any agreements regarding the use of DDF transferred from one district to another. It is up to the receiving district to use the funds as intended.

If you have any questions about this information, or if I may be of further assistance concerning your district’s DDF, you are more than welcome to contact me.

With thanks and regards,


Steve Lyons

SHARE System Sr. Coordinator

The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International

1560 Sherman Avenue

Evanston, IL 60201 USA

847-866-3362 (phone)

847-556-2129 (fax)

From: Lauren Marquez-Viso

Sent: Thursday, 20 December, 2012 8:49 AM

To: ChandraSluggett; Bruce Allen

Cc: Roy Armstrong; euan miller; Euan Miller; Steve Lyons

Subject: RE: contribute DDF to disaster projects in Fiji & Samoa

Dear DGSC Sluggett,

Thank you for your inquiry. Your district may transfer DDF to District 9920 by completing the DDF transfer form and working with SHARE Senior Coordinator, Steve Lyons, to process the transfer. Steve is copied on this email for your convenience and he will be able to provide you with the form.

Per a Trustee decision, The Rotary Foundation will no longer be establishing disaster response/relief accounts. Districts are encouraged to establish their own district-managed disaster account, utilize the DDF transfer option, and work with our existing grant programs (ex: Matching Grants, District Simplified Grants).

Have a very Merry Christmas!


Lauren Marquez-Viso

Grant Coordinator

Humanitarian Programs

The Rotary Foundation

Phone: (847) 866-3838

Fax: (847) 556-2151


From: ChandraSluggett []

Sent: Wednesday, 19 December, 2012 5:10 PM

To: Bruce Allen; Lauren Marquez-Viso

Cc: Roy Armstrong; euan miller; Euan Miller

Subject: contribute DDF to disaster projects in Fiji & Samoa

Importance: High

Hi Bruce and Lauren,

D9520 would like to transfer some DDF to assist D9920 with respect to recent disaster in Fiji and Samoa. What is the best way to do this? Has TRF set up a specific disaster recovery project initiative to assist Samoa & Fiji, and if yes, cane we transfer DDF to it? If no, what other ways can we assist the District 9920 with respect to aiding this disaster recovery? Preference is to assist the District directly.

Your respective guidance would be appreciated.

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy Christmas and safe and restful holidays.

Regards, Chandra

‘Let the villages of the future live in our imagination, so that we might one day come to live in them!’

Christmas help for Samoa – thank you RNZWCS – another 100ERKS asap and a 20foot container of ERKS by forst available ship

Hi DG Ron,

I now got some time to send you some pictures of our distribution of the emergency box to the families around town area.

we have not got enough for the other affected areas and we are awaiting a container full of emergency box to be distributed to those area.

All the best and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

AG James Arp, Apia, Monday  Christmas Eve 24 december  1533 hours



Its Christmas Morning here and Christmas past for you, but a belated

Merry Christmas to all.

Following emails from Douglas:

Ian, please ship further 100 ERK’s to Apia by Air New Zealand on basis

of first flight availability as per your email last week.

Please also send 20ft container load by first available ship – if

possible, purchase container on behalf of RNZWCS Limited.

My cellphone on 24 hours a day 027 269 5615.

Best wishes

Stuart Batty, Director RNZWCS Ltd, Boxing Day, 26 December 0916hours

Screen shot 2012-12-26 at 11.09.22 AM



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