October Moments : PORTRAIT of a thrillseeker Part 3 on the District Governor rollercoaster : October Moments

1 Nov

October 10-11 : Catching Up – 2012-2013 Year Group Get-Together – Stewart Island

Sharing, Preparing for Institute, Finding common ground and a 50th birthday Celebration

October 12-16 Create a Ripple : Zone 7B Institute and Governor Elects Training Seminar

 RI President Elect Ron Burton “Would you want to join your own Rotary Club”

Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt ” Humour can…..”

Christchurch student army leader Sam Johnson ” Ask for permission to help”

 Post Tsunami Japan survivor having lost his mother and family in front of his eyes continues to help because ” gotta give them hope”

 Joint District 9920-9940 Conference Rotorua 26-28 April 2013 “Love to see you there”


    the belt-size remains the same at the end of the year?

   Celebrate our Achievements, Feel good about ourselves as Rotarians, Share our Moments

 Fellowship – ONE ROTARY

 Class of 2012-2013 with our trainer PDG Rodney Wong ” if you are on time you are late and COTB”

October 24 Kiwis for Kentucky : Farewell D9920 GSE outbound to D6710 Kentucky

How are you doing?

Firstly, Thank yous. Rotary’s success depends on the support of every Rotarian and everyone in the family of Rotary. Now an event like this takes a lot of planning and would be incomplete without acknowledging the many family members involved. Chair of the GSE committee Don Leith, committee members on this interview panel Colin Matheison, Trish, Graeme, Gillian, Leanne- all the sponsoring clubs. Stand and take a bow.

Congratulations to our outgoing Kiwis for Kentucky. – Leader David Wong and  his team  Keri Klimpton, Terina Davis, Nellie Stallworthy and Tim Rankin – I am already a follower of your blog- and of course those Partners and Families  for giving their permission for these lucky people to go and supporting them.

 SO- What is this wonderful  program called GSE – Group Study Exchange…

Did you know that GSE is kiwi and homegrown…started in NZ by the Auckland Club as ROTA Rotary Overseas Travel Award

Did you know GSE is officially desctibed by TRF  as a unique cultural and vocational exchange opportunity for busness people and professionals between the ages of 25 & 40 in the early stages of their carreers….….. prominent Rotarian Frank Deaver  called  it succinctly as  an immersion experience in another society.

Did you know that the same eloquent Frank Deaver said this….. Tourists go abroad to take pictures, Buisness people go abroad to make money, Politicians go abroad to make news, GSE Teams go abroad to make friends.

So we know GSE has been a force for Peace.AND know that through this one program alone Rotary is making a difference in the world…by extending our hope for a lasting peace and making the world a better place.…

Finally Did you know that I  can now also tick the box and say that I have been with at least one GSE team.

Where is GSE going with Future Vision? There has been some disappointment expressed about TRF no longer supporting GSE under Future Vision. That is incorrect. Under Future Vison, districts can still sponsor such activities through District grants and search for partners on the District grant VTT( Vocational training Team) Partner forum on linked-In. You can find out more by participating in the Future Vison Workshop next tomorrow Otahuhu College Sports Pavilion & again on 28 february next year.

Sharon and I returned from Invercargill Zone Rotary Institute last Wednesday – Institute is where past,present and incoming governors meet to share ideas- this years conference theme CREATE A RIPPLE – CAST THE FIRST STONE – and MAKE A DIFFERENCE! what did we learn? We learnt that Change and Continuity is inter-dependent. We learnt we should Celebrate our achievements AND feel good enough  about ourselves AND make the effort to share our Rotary Moments. A wise Rotarian I heard say recently Change is one step at  a time – in the “immortal” words of Rachel Hunter “it wont happen overnight, but it will happen” – We also learnt engaging with GSE in this month of October- Rotary’s Vocational Month is one way we can all cast that first stone NOW to unleash our potential  and create a tidal wave  building Peace thro Service

So to our Kiwis for Kentucky – create that ripple, stand tall,  learn heaps , make friends, have FUN- – -kia kaha.   Thank you and good evening

October 25 The Way Forward: D9920 Future Vision Workshop 1

 Looking Forward

How are you doing – welcome and thanks for taking out another Thursday evening for Rotary – a special welcome to PDG Tony Fryer who has flown all the way up from D9940 to help us prepare for Future Vision. Welcome to our neighbours D9910- PDG Neil, Chair Grant- and  team; last but not least to our own PDG s with fire still in their bellies-Bob,Leanne,Philly- DGE Willard and DGN Iain.

 In January, At International Assembly I heard Bill Boyd start his update  on Future Vision with the children’s question on a long car trip-are we there yet- that was almost 11 months ago- and in another 7 on 1 July 2013 we will have arrived.

Last wednesday we came back from Zone 7B Invercargill Institute

–  where Trustee Steve Brown gave us a compelling example of The Way Forward”– a Future Vision project he has been deeply immersed with stunning results in Afganistan-  Steve reminded us of the possibilities of this new exciting simplified grant making model  and to just think about the needs of the world and how the most serious issues fit within  the 6 areas of focus in Future Vision

•        Water and sanitation

•        Maternal and child health

•        Disease prevention and treatment

•       Basic education and literacy

•       Economic and community development

•       Peace and conflict prevention/resolution–

– where also our District TRF chair Leanne – asked many questions of RI TRF FV manager Joe Brownlee about the nuts and bolts of how we can engage best with Future Vision  – and we will hear more about these learnings soon.

My takeaways? : Think Bigger, Think Bolder , Think Sustainable ,Think Partnerships

So in closing, what are Bill Boyd’s 7 Tips for Future Vision?

1.      For nonpilot districts, have your preparations ready as soon as possible, so that the launch for you will be easy.

2       Don’t try to make the old procedures fit the new model. To use the american term, this is a whole new ball game!

3       There is now more flexibility in areas such as scholarships, but allow yourself enough time to plan them properly.

4       Close those old Matching Grant reports, so that you can focus on the future.

5       Think big! Think outcomes rather than addressing symptoms and not causes. Again, I say think big.

6       Get used to using your computer for grant applications and for information. It is all there online.

7       The regional Rotary Foundation coordinators are specially trained to support you. Use them and I will add your District Future Vision  committee is there too.

The important message is that we should look forward to working with Future Vision: it will make our Rotary more exciting and enjoyable. We are here to serve, and each one of us is a Rotarian because we know that our lives are measured by what we do for others and ,not by what we do for ourselves. Have FUN !

October 26 The Final AUCKLAND Multi-Clubs and Clusters DG Visit Event  2012-2103 : Rotary Message as the rarebit in a welsh choir sandwich.


A few cats got away. For more pix go to separate post

October 27 ROTARY ST JOHNS Stonefields School Community Family Fair : A new club project “Getting to Know You”

  Rotary branding everywhere – flying conspicuous flags

a vibrant club with a vibrant President  + engaged members engaging with their community

October 28 ROTARY LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE, Glendowie College

    Knowledgeable Rotarians are Effective Rotarians

October 29-31 ROTARY NUKUALOFA Tongatapu : DG Vist to the Friendly Islands

 Tonga Idyll versus Tonga Reality take 1

  Tonga Idyll  versus Tonga Reality Take 2

Faith, Hope and Charity  in Tonga

International  and Local – Progressing Doing Good

 Progress- Before and Now

DG as SERVANT LEADER : DG Visit – Club Leadership Briefing- Connecting and  Sharing : DG Event on a Rooftop Restaurant  overlooking Nukualofa Harbour – Rotary Message  following a Welcome Dance by President’s daughter : Media Interview . Malo Aupito
See separate blog post of DG Event 

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