MultiClub-MultiClusters 10 and Newmarket DG Visit Event : PORTRAIT of a thrillseeker Part 3 on the District Governor rollercoaster : MultiClub-MultiClusters 10 and Newmarket DG Visit Event

26 Oct

  Final AUCKLAND Multi-club and Multi-cluster Event with Rotary Message  as  the rarebit in the welsh choir sandwich Cat-herding

  Governors Past and Present- celebrating Change and Continuity with passion

At the risk of being cheesy- I am happy to be the  the rarebit in this welsh sandwich tonight – Lets show the Welsh Choir our appreciation for a stirring first half

from Sharon and me- Good day, Bula, Bonjour, Kia Orana, Talofa, Maloleh ee, Mauri- our surname is INTERNATIONAL.

My Rotary Family and friends

Today you are all part of a historical initiative in this District. For this Rotary year- Our final multi-club and multi cluster DG Visit Event in Auckland – and  after some initial speed wobbles what a great turnout– at Invercargill Institute last week a keynote message was Vision without Action is just hot air – well tonight we witness ACTION

Truly Change and Continuity in motion

 we clamber on the Dg rolercoaster to unleash our potential –  indeed- you can say to GO FOR GOLD in this Olympic year .

I want to thank all of you for making this happen and special thanks to AG Peter cluster 10 supported by my home club with AG Michelle cluster 5 – thanks to the Presidents ( in no particular order..there is no favouritism) of the Rotary Clubs of Auckland, Downtown, Mt Eden and Remuera. And NEWMARKET. …… “I CANT DO IT ALONE. THANK YOU ALL FOR GETTING BEHIND ME.” Let me say at this point that this CHANGE in tradition does not preclude me coming to your clubs separately for special events or by invitation. In fact this is the opportunity that Sharon and I are looking for, so we can return to meet and get our message and updates  to our Rotarians in an informal and personal basis. In fact when the dust settles after these official DG visits I would welcome the opportuntity to return to your clubs and tell some stories of Faith, Hope and Charity witnessed in our intrepid journey around our Pacific Island playground.-yes I use the word playground advisedly – our playground shows us in many ways  WHY we are Rotarians

I acknowledge support of  PDGs Ross and Fred who are  present here in suport of this initiative.

I must especially recognise the PARTNERS – thank you for giving up another Friday evening for Rotary.It is special for  Sharon and me to be here .

Last week Sharon and I were at  Invercargill Zone 7B Institute –this annual event where past,present and incoming governors meet to share ideas(this year for the second time this event was opened up to interested Rotarians- our future leaders) – this annual event coming around the end of the first quarter of a Roatry year – some will say half way through the part of the Rotary year that matters- it is easy to feel some frustration at this tiime  for all of us who feel meaningful change is not happening as fast as we had hoped- that there might perhaps be a dimming of focus- even some apparent changes in emphases- BUT-  what did we learn?

We learnt we SHOULD Celebrate our achievements AND we SHOULD feel good enough  about ourselves AND we SHOULD therefore make the effort to share our Rotary Moments. A wise Rotarian I heard say recently Change is one step at  a time – in the “immortal” words of Rachel Hunter “it wont happen overnight, but it will happen”

This years conference theme CREATE A RIPPLE – CAST THE FIRST STONE – and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  provided all the ingredients to turn the ripple into a tidal wave for action.

We learnt that Change and Continuity IS inter-dependent.

 Takeaway messages I bring back are

  1. from RIPE Ron Burton asking us “Would you join YOUR Rotary Club today”
  2. Sam Johnston student army observing  “ We must ask for permission to help others”
  3. Howard Tong Zone Public Image Co-ordinator urging we must move past the statistics and share the WHY of Rotary –- WHY we serve – and share with passion

Our DG year group session agreed we need  Vibrant Clubs to revitalise Rotary. Want to be a VIBRANT club? I suggest Taking action on  the Presidential Citation NOW ; this  is more than a Certificate accomplishing its requirements ; this provides Opportunities to engage all your members . Finally a VIBRANT club has no trouble – asking for permission to help- telling our stories with passion –  attracting and retaining members

This 2012-2013 year we have 29 ways or ideas in the Citation document to engage our members or, put another way 29 ideasfor each of your members to find –THEIR hot button in Rotary  and play their part in a VIBRANT Club. ……..

 Bill Boyd’s Lead the Way Presidents 2006-2007 – what a finale for the Auckland Cluster DG Visit Events 2012-2013

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