MultiClub-MultiClusters 7 and 5 DG Visit Event : PORTRAIT of a thrillseeker Part 3 on the District Governor rollercoaster : MultiClub-MultiClusters 7 and 5 DG Visit Event

7 Oct

Fun and Frivolity  on the 28 September- another DG Visit Event as a catalyst for Working Together on the serious business of Rotary – 2 cluster Matching Grants identified

28 september MultiCluster-MultiClub DG Visit Event: 8 Clubs Cluster 7 HOWICK, PAKURANGA, PENROSE, ST JOHNS joined by Cluster 5 OTAHUHU, PUKEKOHE, TUAKAU, WAIUKU, Waipuna  Conference Centre  – a Rotary Message of the DG’s 3 priorities illustrated by 3 stories – a Emergency Response Kit exhibit – a Trivia Quiz – and 2 cluster Matching Grant updates

How are you doing.

from Sharon and me-Good Day, Bon Jour, Bula,, Kia Orana, Talofa, Malo eh lehleh ee, Mauri..Our surname is INTERNATIONAL.

Today you are all part of a historical initiative in this District. Our first multi-club and multi cluster DG Visit Event ever  our largest by club number too – and  after some initial speed wobbles what a great turnout– 8 days in Fiji I learnt a new phrase-seqa na leqa- NO PROBLEM

Truly Change and Continuity in motion as we clamber on the DG rollercoaster to unleash our potential –  indeed- you can say to GO FOR GOLD in this Olympic year

yThank you all for making this happen and special thanks to AG Don cluster 7 supported by AG Michelle cluster 5 and Presidents ( in no particular order..there is no favouritism) of the Rotary Clubs of Howick, Pakuranga, Penrose and St Johns. Plus Otahuhu, Pukekohe, Tuakau and Waiuku. To Presidents Colin,Clive,Alister,and Miles with your fellow cluster 5 Presidents Peter, Graham, Richard and Marshall and your AGs Don and Michelle. “I CANT DO IT ALONE. THANK YOU ALL FOR GETTING BEHIND ME.” Let me say at this point that this CHANGE in tradition does not preclude me coming to your clubs separately for special events or by invitation. In fact this is the opportunity that Sharon and I are hoping for, so we can return to meet and get our message and updates  to our Rotarians in an informal and personal basis. In fact when the dust settles from the official DG visits I would welcome the opportuntity to return to clubs and tell them stories of Faith, Hope and Charity around our Pacific Island playground.I

I acknowledge all PDGS present supporting this initiative – also Bill Boyd and David Oakeley for sending me their apologies – a special thanks to PDG Rob for getting behind me 2 nights in a row. 

I must especially recognise the PARTNERS – thank you for giving up another Friday night for Rotary – also a cluster Event groupie from Fiji.

I know I am between you and the main Event tonight – THE QUIZ  so here we go…….

Working Together we can accomplish Anything. This is the message that we brought back for you and  your clubs. This is also the message that we have brought back to be carried out beyond your clubs . AS it is in the Beatles song- All you need is Love. 

So in this Rotary  year you could say, we will be working on our relationships with each other as we go about doing good in the world.

NOT NEW, NOT ROCKET SCIENCE & SOME CLUBS  HERE ALREADY DO THIS – Geoff Amos of Taveuni  who I have just spent 2 intense days with- is a practitioner par excelence but that is a story for another day.

in 2012-2013 we will have our clusters of clubs working together with your AGs on 3 priorities.

Clubs working together -Making all Rotary activities  Events  and memorable ones (LIKE THIS ONE-a kickstart being our new multi club Cluster DG Visits),

Clubs working together on at least one  MG to increase awareness of our charity of choice TRF – and in doing so – keeping our promise to the world finishing the job with help from the Gates Foundation- Eliminating Polio ; and preparing for the bigger, bolder, sustainable projects that the new simplified grant making model Future Vision will bring,

Clubs working together on a PI initiative as we collectively learn to share our Rotary Moments and tell our MANY stories -effectively  to our communities

We will all be working together on these 3 priorities with an emphasis on Peace in 2 ways

  1. by meeting the Presidential Citation Peace Challenge-conducting a  club or community Peace Forum- we have just completed one with another planned-urge you all to participate or a service project focussed on Peace And
  2. by sending at least 2 NG candidates from D9920 to the Peace Forums in Honolulu and Hiroshima.

Today I want to tell you 3 stories: try and connect the dots of how we can work together in this Rotary year. That’s it. Just 3 stories.

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