August Moments : PORTRAIT of a thrillseeker Part 3 on the District Governor rollercoaster : August Moments

30 Aug

August started with a ROAR – Rotary PAPAKURA’s inaugural Motorcycle Show.  This Event covers off all 2 of my 3 priorities for 2012-2013

1. Making a Club Activity  an Event – and what an Event it was

2. Making a Club Activity a PR initiative – great media exposure pre Event, during the Event and planned post Event

3. And you might even say with the successful fundraising circa $30,000  the club is now setup for involvement in the 3rd priority – a Matching Grant

Finally, a NEW outstanding signature project for PAPAKURA club which has all the New ingredients for Rotary activities Bigger, Bolder, Sustainable.

 L-R President Graham Viall PAPAKURA

Behind the scenes some other moments at the start of Membership Month to share

 Those We Serve

2 August : TRF Matching Grant Workshop for AGs completed. Thanks to TRF Chair Leanne Jaggs and MG guru Allan McKay PAPAKURA for facilitating. Now we can talk more and talk effectively with our clusters on Priority No. 2.

 Taking New Zealand to the Bluegrass State – our last traditional multi-vocational GSE before Future Vision

4 August :  GSE to D-6710 Kentucky Team Leader and Team Member Selection Interviews completed. Congratulations to Team Leader District Committee PR + Strategic Communications Chair David Wong 51 capital manager BNZ Rotary HARBOURSIDE and our 4 team members Tim Rankin 25 security investigator, Terina Davis 29 ops manager health sector, Nellie Stalworthy  34 senior probation officer, Keri Klimpton 35 detective CIB.

sunday 5 August : Then another Club Signature Event – Rotary OTAHUHU and the Annual Winemakers luncheon 

 L-R Nadia Lim, Graeme Sinclair, Pres Peter Curran OTAHUHU, Carlos Bagrie

a tasty club fundraising template refreshed every year with the flavours of the month – this year Nadia Lim and Graeme Sinclair

 L-R DGN Iain Wakefield DRURY, Merv Ah Chee OTAHUHU

saturday 11 august : Lunch with French Polynesian Rotarians from Rotary PAPEETE –  EURO Shed 22 Auckland Viaduct

 FELLOWSHIP – uniquely Rotary – more than friendship, networking, socialising

L-R – our home hosts during District Conference  2011  Suzy and Rene Malmazac, Jeanette Boissin, Suzy and Rene Malmazac, President Jean Louis Boissin

sunday 12 august : Rotary Leadership Institute D-9920 GLENDOWIE COLLEGE

 RLI Part 1 class Women 12 Men 1 – is this a positive sign for Rotary in our District?

wednesday 15 august : Rotary HARBOURSIDE turns 18 MECCA STONEHOUSE

Good evening How are you doing?. Being the warm-up act for my  fellow member from Newmarket : PDG Ross –  I have been given strict instructions to be brief. A hot and spicy Happy 18th Birthday to you all. Sharon sends her best wishes and apologies as she is preparing our girls for our departure to our first DG visit to Fiji on friday. Observing Rotary protocol I must acknowledge my AG Greg, and the PDGs who are here tonight.

Our theme for the year is Peace Through Service. Quoting RIP Tanaka Our business is Peace. With Rotary’s active presence in more than 200 countries, our organization is a world leader in fostering Peace Through Service. We have accomplished a great deal in this area throughout our history, but we must continue to look forward and recognize that the future of Rotary — indeed,  the future prospects for world peace — rest with today’s youth. To ensure a lasting legacy in this arena, we must engage young people in a meaningful way and empower them to carry Rotary’s peace-building efforts into the future.

In 2012-13, Rotary International will hold three Rotary Global Peace Forums. Each forum will consist of a three-day program to engage and inspire Rotarians and community leaders. The forum in Berlin will emphasize the value of democracy and freedom. The forums in Honolulu and Hiroshima will focus on young people, including New Generations program participants (they will be Rotaractors, Interactors, Youth Exchange students, and RYLArians), as well as Ambassadorial Scholars, Rotary Peace Fellows, alumni, in fact ALL  young Rotarian leaders.

Tanaka goes on to suggest that There are many activities that a club or district can undertake locally to promote Peace Through Service in 2012-13. He encourages every club and district to consider adopting these recommended activities and including peace in their service priorities for the year.So, You can • Organize a community peace forum. • Establish an international twin club partnership. • You can,Sponsor a Rotary Peace Fellow. • Support a service project that addresses the root causes of conflict such as  Disease, illiteracy, hunger, poverty, and scarce environmental resources• finally, You can Hold a club or district peace forum and it is this activity that Pres Shafali has just described.

You will have heard from Pres Shefali  too and your AG  too : that in 2012-2013 we in D-9920 will have our clusters of clubs working together with your AGs on 3 priorities.

Clubs working together -Making all Rotary activities  Events  and memorable ones (LIKE THIS ONE-a kickstart being our new multi club Cluster DG Visit) Thanks to those who came to your cluster’s Night at the Proms, Remember You can go along to others.

Clubs working together on at least one  MG to increase awareness of our charity of choice TRF – and by doing so- keeping our promise to the world finishing the job with help from the Gates Foundation- Eliminating Polio ; and preparing for the bigger, bolder, sustainable projects that the new simplified grant making model Future Vision will bring,

Clubs working together on a PI initiative as we collectively learn to share our Rotary Moments and tell our MANY stories -effectively  to our communities

We will all be working together on these 3 priorities with an emphasis on Peace in 2 ways meeting the Presidential Citation Peace Challenge-conducting a  club or community Peace Forum (like your one) or a service project focussed on Peace ,and, sending at least 2 NG candidates from D9920 to the Peace Forums in Honolulu and Hiroshima.

Working Together we will work for Peace – accomplish Anything, I am asking for our club clusters  to work together on our 2 Peace emphases this year – and you can be proud that Harbourside is leading the way with the Peace Forum on 17 september at the UOA. Give youselves a Hand. Thank You. Peace be with You.

Saturday 18 August Rotary Savusavu Project Visit

 The Dream and the Reality

 Savusavu Hospital – ongoing support

 Kindergarten furniture and Bus-Shelters –  there are water projects too – and dreaming of supporting and partnering on a Childrens Park

Saturday 18 August part Cluster 1 District Governor Visit Event, Decked Out Cafe, Savusavu : Rotary Open Day Fiji Style – first cluster DG Event in Fiji

Rotary Clubs of Savusavu and Labasa held the first cluster DG Visit Event at Decked-Out, a street–front café facing Savusavu Harbour. WOW. Enjoy the pictorial moments in separate blog post PORTRAIT of a thrillseeker Part 3 on the District Governor rollercoaster : part Club Cluster 1 DG Visit Event : Savusavu-Labasa Fiji

Followed by  The Picnic Sunday 19 August

Then it is Tuesday  21 August

 Stop-over on way to Labasa at Tropic Splendour – home of Savusavu Rotarians Susan and Jeff  Mather – passionate about water projects

 A special lunch for Sharon and DG Ron – Labasa duck curry before the Project Visit

 A legacy Squash Court project, water pump for Vunika school now benefitting the surrounding community, dream of a Rotary Peace Park

Tuesday 21 August Evening Meeting ROTARY LABASA, Hotel Takia : “a small but powerful club in its year of transition”(sic)

5 new members welcomed including the first female Rotarian since charter Shaileen Sharma partner  of President Yogesh leading the way in style – all facebook savvy – “Promise me you will all update your status about this Rotary meeting “

Good evening and Bula Labasa. Thank you for your warm welcome and changing your meeting day to co-incide with my visit. I have always wanted to return to Labasa, partly because of my special relationship with the Jaduram family and it is extra special to have PDG Mike with us tonight, partly because as an Architect I have only ever travelled from the airport in a straight line through your main-street out to the Fiji Sugar Corporation Admin building I worked on. Today we went beyond this point and was lucky to have the Labasa Tourism authoritty with us PP Paul Jaduram. I was also shown the proud legacy that this club has in this community – I saw the squash court  you built over 3 years of fundraising, a borewater project at Vunika School which attests to the plumbing expertise of PDG Jack Davies, the planned Health Walkway and the place where you are dreaming  for a future Rotary Peace Park.

I have been asking clubs and clusters to Work Together on 3 priorities – Events, Matching Grants, and Public Image. Can I suggest that you look to your proud legacy  to formulate a Plan of Action aligned with these 3 priorities- suggest you set short, medium, long term project goals – for example wheelchairs for the needy could be short term,building new partnerships such as with Rotary Savsavu and consolidating existing ones with other service and community organisations as you have done with the Friendly North Festival and, consider establishing Rotary Community Corps , with longer term projects such as identifying a Matching Grant  and your Health Walkway .

By doing so I am certain that this “small but powerful club in its year of transition ” will be Pushing Boudaries Unleashing Your Potential Building Peace Through service. Thank You.

 Keen on starting up a Rotaract club too. WOW – transition indeed.

Monday 27 August Evening : Rotaract Changeover La Porchetta Parnell – Botany East Tamaki, Auckland City, University of Auckland 

We talked Working Together : Rotaract taking up the 2012-2013 club cluster concept; Rotarian mentors for Rotaractor professional development; Rotaract engaging with Fiji water projects in Savusavu and Labasa; providing input into Labasa’s club intention to start up a Rotaract club; planning a Casino Night for Youth Suicide; inviting ideas for Rotaract input for the cluster Peace flashmob Dance on 23 February 2013

Tuesday 28 August Morning : Provisonal Rotary Club of Highbrook breakfast meeting, RSM Prince Boardroom

 Improve, Care, Grow – F & P Healthcare mission can also be applied to Rotary

A keynote speaker, an attentive audience and an opportunity to update on Rotary in District 9920, a bright professional venue – connecting- sharing- building bridges.

Thank you for giving up an early morning for Rotary.

I think I have shaken many of you by the hand but if I have not I also have  a card with my contact details if you have any questions after this meeting. I will leave the big speeches NOT for my cluster DG Visit Events but by way of  a scene setter Ken has asked me to give an update  and an overview of Rotary in District 9920.

Bula, Good Day, Bon Jour, Kia Orana, Talofa, Malo eh lehleh ee, Mauri..Our surname is INTERNATIONAL and especially so in our District – the largest maritime Rotary District covering central,east and south auckland and stertching out to  7 other PI countries

I must acknowledge  your mentor Ken Holmes  and commend him for his persistence and I look forward to Highbrook being the first Club to charter in Auckland since 2001?

I am also happy to be the warm-up act for local hero Michael Daniell…..

Whilst the year’s theme provides clubs and Rotarians a focus for a Rotary year, the 12 month changeover- we belong to the greatest change organisation in the world- is an opportunity to refresh but also has been a challenge to implement much needed change.

our Theme for the New Rotary Year. PEACE THROUGH SERVICE….

Today Change and Continuity  being inter-dependent is very much in the Rotary International strategy.

The personal Takeaway for me from IA  is an oldie but a goodie.

Working Together we can accomplish Anything. This is the message that we brought back for our Rotarians and our clubs. This is also the message that we have brought back to be carried out beyond our clubs .

So in this Rotary  year you could say, we will be working on our relationships with each other as we go about doing good in the world…….

You as fledgling members of this great family can also have this opportunity –Working Together –  Pushing Boundaries – Unleashing Our Potential – building Peace Through Service.

Wednesday 29 August Evening : PowerHouse Rotary NEWMARKET, Team MacMillan Attracting Members – Building Bridges – Offering Value

PowerHouse Networking is a new initiative by the Rotary Club of Newmarket for young aspiring business leaders. At each event there is a keynote speaker from the Business community which is followed by networking.

There is a “soft” Rotary sell & the evening is run by our younger members. The concept is to develop a pipeline of future members or volunteers that could help clubs on a project basis.

Keynote speaker Shaun Jacka, founder of Piako yoghurt with a great story to tell pulled in a 60 odd young crowd.

In 2010 he was one of three recipients of funding from the University of Auckland’s Business School Entrepreneurs Challenge. Piako yoghurt can now be found on the shelves of Harrods and Fortnum & Mason’s in London.

Thursday 30 August Evening : D-9920 Membership Seminar, Pakuranga Golf Club : fast-paced, interactive, connecting,sharing,identifying resources

Thank you for taking out another Thursday evening for Rotary and welcome to our Membership Seminar 2012. Observing protocol hello to our PDGs, AGs,DGN,any Presidents present tonight.

I have just returned from a visit to 2 clubs in the northern  part of Fiji – its second largest island of Fiji – Vanua Levu – where we had a wonderful cluster DG Event 50 participants- but I will leave that story for you to read in the DG News coming to your desktops early tomorrow.

But as this is a Membership Event, I must tell you about my visit to the Rotary Club of Labasa where I witnessed a club of 8 become a club of 13 in one meeting- and welcomed their first ever female member Shaileen Sharma, partner of President Yogesh – with their first “rotary baby” due in november this Rotary first couple shows how to lead the way. What’s more the new Rotarians are all face-book savvy and there were a couple more friends  as potential members -invited along – Pres Yogesh slogan is the Year of Transition for his club- watch this space.

–  which leads me to 2 messages on Membership I received at International Assembly in January this year

Firstly, your membership has brought you relationships, opportunities to change lives (including your own) locally and globally, morals to live by, a chance to be peace builders and many adventures of leading others. I am convinced our personal networks – business acqauintances, friends, family who share our core values will want to join us when they see what Rotary is doing thro us. ROTARY IS NOT OURS UNTIL WE SHARE IT.

Secondly, in the last decade, world population has increased by about 1billion people. Rotary’s growth for the same period has been stagnant. In the past 7 years, we have cheerfully inducted (welcomed) over 1 million new members , and then watched 1 million leave.

There is a childrens story titled “The Ambulance Down in the Valley”. It tells of a high windy dangerous cliff where crowds came to enjoy the view. Many in an effort to get the best view pressed forward causing those in front to be pushed over the edge. The townspeople solved the problem by buying an ambulance. Day after day you would hear its siren. Then one day someone suggested building a fence around the top of the cliff. We need a fence in Rotary and that fence is called an ENGAGEMENT or RETENTION plan in every club

I hear great stories of what some Rotarians are doing to attract new members, engage existing ones. Nurturing our Membership is every Rotarian’s responsibility somidway through this month I tasked Membership chair Sue to ask our Rotarians to email her ONE action that you have taken, or intend to make before month’s end towards meeting this obligation, and a direct outcome  from this action.

I am looking forward to everyone here – sharing more of these ACTIONS tonight. Have Fun.

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