part Club Cluster 1 DG Visit Event : Savusavu-Labasa Fiji : PORTRAIT of a thrillseeker Part 3 on the District Governor rollercoaster : part Club Cluster 1 DG Visit Event : Savusavu-Labasa Fiji

25 Aug

Saturday 18 August part Cluster 1 District Governor Visit Event, Decked Out Cafe, Savusavu : Rotary Open Day Fiji Style – first cluster DG Event in Fiji

Rotary Clubs of Savusavu and Labasa held the first cluster DG Visit Event at Decked-Out, a street–front café facing Savusavu Harbour. Embracing the idea of maximising the opportunity of the cluster DG Event as a Rotary Open Day these two clubs hosted 50  participants comprising Rotarians, friends, family members and community movers and shakers. Additionally a good number of passers-by gathered outside on the footpath to watch and hear the Rotary Story presented as well as see Rotary fellowship and fun in action. What a night.

Enjoy the picture story below;

How are you doing. Isa it is nice to be back in fiji. Thank you for your warm welcome.

I have always wanted to come to Savusavu. Fiji’s hidden paradise, but hidden no more as now I have been here. As a boy I dreamt of coming here;  a place with an institution called The Planters Club must have something going for it; conjuring up images of adventures among the copra plantations, perhaps a few dusky maidens and with some skulduggery thrown in; there is your hot springs; there is the American with the big teeth at Namale  Anthony Robbins; my aunty Fanny comes from here, in fact cousin Annie Simpson is here tonight and NOW – Rotary and getting to know all of you.

Good Day, Bon Jour, Kia Orana, Talofa, Malo eh lehleh ee, Mauri..Our surname is INTERNATIONAL. My Rotary Family and friends

Today you are all part of a historical initiative in this District. Our first joint club  – cluster DG Visit Event  ever in Fiji.

Truly Change and Continuity in motion…..

I want to thank all of you for making this happen – even if President Yogesh said I made you do it- and special thanks to Presidents ( in no particular order..there is no favouritism) of the Rotary Clubs of Savusavu and Labasa..Presidents Thakor and Yogesh please stand and  take a bow. I CANT DO IT ALONE. THANK YOU BOTH FOR GETTING BEHIND ME.

I must acknowledge the presence of PDG Mike who shows his support for this initiative by making the trek from Labasa ( no from Auckland) to be here.

Sunday 19 August The Picnic, Nukutoso, Savusavu : What a weekend.

  Thanks to Past President Fran Goode and Past Assistant Governor Tania De Hoon from ROTARY SAVUSAVU for organising the EVENT-FUL weekend.


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