July Moments : PORTRAIT of a thrillseeker Part 3 on the District Governor rollercoaster : July Moments

5 Aug

2 July Pakuranga Changeover : Crooning at Waipuna

3 -10 July Wanaka: Rest, Recreation, Reflection and a lunch catch-up with Rotary friends in Cromwell

12 July Downtown Changeover : Party &  Banter at the Northern Club


14 July Club Visioning Train the Facilitator Day : Delivering on the promise of D-9920  for Support and Strengthening Clubs 

Enhanced by  Multi-District participation from Districts 9910 and 9910

Hello everyone. How are you doing? Pleased to hear the buzz. Thank you for giving up another Sunday for Rotary.

At SPPETS we found real interest in our District to grasp the opportunity to  offer our clubs support to think and act strategically. Credit must be given to Tanakas Presidential Citation requirement for clubs to come up with a  strategic plan.   So today is special even historic for D9920.

Thanks must go to my Trainers Roy Austin and Iain Valentine for making this happen and also my chief cat herder DS Paul who you will be getting invoices from.

When we started to plan this event we started small as you do, with just the D-9920 participants in mind, then we got bigger and bolder and thought why not invite our adjoining Districts…so welcome and thanks to D9910 and D9930 for coming to the party.

Finally guru & PDG Ross Murray the only RI trained Visioning facilitator in the country. We are indeed lucky to have you giving up a weekend and more to come up. Ross is a dentist and tells me he is also going to talk to us about teeth.

Observing protocol welcome to all the PDGs here. Its also great to see my yearmate DG Lindsay here.

Lindsay will agree we learnt heaps at IA in San Diego ….but most of all I learnt that Working together we CAN accomplish anything. Our surname is International and Rotary has no borders.

So hopefully we are deepening our bonds today in this very uniquely Rotary way called FELLOWSHIP as we work together  to connect ,share and learn how to support and strengthen our clubs.

Thank you all for taking part in this family event.

16 July District Finance & Administration Committee Meeting

 Fellowship after the business session

Friday 27 July Interact Annual Quiz Competition, Dilworth College : The Making of Rotarians for the Future



One Trophy contested by 4 Clubs this year. Some observations : Why is it some schools have such numbers? Why are a couple of schools missing out this year? How can District support ongoing connections ? How can Clubs  and Rotarians participate in such an Event? How can Rotarians make this Event a lasting memory for these young people? What will Rotary do about  a future call to action from these alumni?

 “Promise me you all update your Facebook after  this event , post a pic and mention ROTARY.”

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