Club Cluster 8 DG Visit Event : PORTRAIT of a thrillseeker Part 3 on the District Governor rollercoaster : Club Cluster 8 DG Visit Event

30 Jul

 3M: MUSIC and raucous singing, MONARCHY explained by Simon O’Connor MP, with a MESSAGE from the DG.

Cluster 8 embracing and “getting” the concept of Working Together to make  a Rotary occasion a memorable EVENT. Enjoy this cluster’s take on  Fun and Fellowship at an official DG Visit Event  in pictures.

from Sharon and me..Good Day, Bon Jour, Bula,, Kia Orana, Talofa, Malo eh lehleh ee, Mauri..Our surname is INTERNATIONAL.

My Rotary Family and friends

Today you are all part of a historical initiative in this District. Our second club cluster DG Visit Event  ever in D9920.

Truly Change and Continuity in motion as we clamber on the DG rolercoaster to unleash our potential –  indeed- you can say to GO FOR GOLD.

I want to thank all of  you for making this happen and special thanks to AG Greg and Presidents ( in no particular order..there is no favouritism) of the Rotary Clubs of Auckland City Sunrise, Parnell, East and Harbourside..Pres Jane de Groen,Phillippa Pitcher, Mark Biggs ,Shefali Metha  and AG Greg please stand and  take a bow. “I CANT DO IT ALONE. THANK YOU ALL FOR GETTING BEHIND ME.” Let me say at this point that this CHANGE in tradition does not preclude me coming to your clubs separately for special events or by invitation. In fact this is the opportunity that Sharon and I are hoping for, so we can return to meet and get our message and updates  to our Rotarians in an informal and personal basis.

Rotary protocol observed- I am delighted to see PDG Don Currey here – your presence is the endorsement we need for this initiative – and also PDG Ken Winter from D.9910 – so from multiClub to multiCluster as I also see some Downtown Rotarians here with President Pam – to MultiDistrict – truly Rotary has no borders and fits with our call for Working Together. PDG Ken, please take my best wishes back to DG Lindsay.

I would like to acknowledge our special guest Simon O’Connor who is here in support of this initiative and can truly say I am delighted to be his warm-up act. Our guest might like to know that to attend this Event, Sharon and I  declined our annual journey out to his parliaimentary colleagues get-together tonight in Kumeu; so tonight we have music instead of auctions. A fair trade.

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