Club Cluster 4 DG Visit Event : PORTRAIT of a thrillseeker Part 3 on the District Governor rollercoaster : Club Cluster 4 DG Visit Event

29 Jul

First Club Cluster DG Visit Event delivered  Saturday 21 July

Starter: A gymnastics display. Bruce Pulman Gymnastics centre gymnasts.

Our history making Rotarians from Club Cluster 4 – Drury, Papakura, Mangere, Manukau City Sunrise

More history making Rotarians, partners, family and friends from Cluster 4

4 Rotarians recognised by their own clubs

Keynote address by distinguished  and community and business leader Bruce Pulman – the making of Bruce Pulman Park, his business successess, core values, sport & humility

Project presentations from 4 clubs

The District Governor’s Address

from Sharon and me: Good Day, Bon Jour, Bula,, Kia Orana, Talofa, Malo eh lehleh ee, Mauri..Our surname is INTERNATIONAL.

My Rotary Family and friends

Today we witness History in the making. Our first club cluster DG Visit Event  ever in D9920 and also the first in this new Rotary year.

Truly Change and Continuity in motion as we clamber on the DG Rollercoaster to unleash our potential.

I want to thank all of you for making this happen and special thanks to AG Jenny and Presidents ( in no particular order..there is no favouritism) of the Rotary Clubs of Drury, Mangere, Manukau City Sunrise and Papakura..Pres Owen Pringle,Peter Sykes, Jill Lane ,Graham Viall  and your intrepid AG Jenny take a bow.Let me say at this point that this CHANGE in tradition does not preclude me coming to your clubs separately for special events or by invitation. In fact this is the opportunity that Sharon and I are hoping for, so we can return to meet and get our message and updates  to our Rotarians in an informal and individual basis.

I would like to acknowledge our special guest Bruce Pulman who are here in support of this initiative and can truly say I am delighted to be his warm-up act. Architects are sometimes accused of looking only at the building rather than the person; well tonight I can gaze and admire both at once. Heaven.

I must also recognise our longest serving Past District Governor Cliff Dickey and Ruth. Thank you for endorsing this initiative by being here.

.……in 2012-2013 we will have our clusters of clubs working together with your Assistant Governors on 3 priorities.

Clubs working together -Making all Rotary activities  Events  and hopefully memorable ones (a kickstart will be our new multi club Cluster DG Visits),

Clubs working together on al least one  MG hopefully to increase awareness of our charity of choice TRF – keeping our promise to the world finishing the job with help from the Gates Foundation- Eliminating Polio ; and preparing for the bigger, bolder, sustainable projects that the new simplified grant making model Future Vision will bring,

Clubs working together on a PI initiative as we collectively learn to share our Rotary Moments and tell our MANY stories -effectively  to our communities

We will all be working together on these 3 priorities with an emphasis on Peace in 2 ways

  1. by meeting the Presidential Citation Peace Challenge-conducting a  club or community Peace Forum or a service project focussed on Peace And
  2. by sending hopefully 2 NG candidates from D9920 to the Peace Forums in Honolulu and Hiroshima.

Bruce Pulman presented with a PHF Sapphire

Fun, Fellowship and Celebration with Family and Friends made a memorable DG Visit Event

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