Changeover Day Potential Unleashed : PORTRAIT of a thrillseeker Part 3 on the District Governor rollercoaster : Changeover Day Potential Unleashed

23 Jul

CHANGEOVER DAY sunday 1 July Howick Club Auckland

How are you doing.

Good Day, Bon Jour, Bula,, Kia Orana, Talofa, Malo eh lehleh ee, Mauri.

MY Rotary Family and friends.

As the world changed ( and continued to shake and become waterlogged ) around us this past year, Rotary remained a constant compass for all the actions that we have made as Rotarians to make the world a better place.

As our class of 2012-2013 eagerly clamber on the DG rollercoaster I would like to take a moment to thank my wife Sharon, without her I can truly say I would not be here today

I also want to thank all those who have willingly offered support and guidance when asked ( and sometimes without being asked) you know who you are; but special thanks must go to IPDG Alan for his patience, to PDG Ross Craig for his unvarnished advice and to my immediate Rotary family , my home club NEWMARKET (especially those who have come out this winters morning for I know what a challenge it is for us to go beyond a 1km circle of the Newmarket viaduct…I also see 2 PPs here ONE whose board I cut my Rotary teeth with( so to speak )the OTHER for suggesting the club send me to Bill Boyds Convention in Salt Lake City( Warwick and Russell you have a lot to answer for); I must recognise my chief cat herder DS Paul Monk , NEXT thanks to our IPF Trustee Chair PRIP Bill Boyd who cannot be here but always manages to fire off a reply to a question as he is about to hop on a plane somewhere in the world…and by no means least to my DG buddy, the effervescent PDG Leanne Jaggs for her INSTANT feedback ;always 24/7. And of course with Leanne I get 2 for the price of one with her father PDG Stuart Searle.Really PDG does not mean Past Dead & Gone, rather, Pretty Darned Good ; so please stand to be recognised all of you PDGs who are here today in support (give them a round of applause)and I know its not just because I have you all on the cover of the District Handbook I am simply in awe of the legacy that you have given me to build on.

I want to extend my best wishes to DGE Willard and Gabrielle, DGN Iain and look forward to all of us being part of our mutual admiration society.

I would like to acknowledge my family and friends who are here in support. Without singling anyone out in particular its my day for bragging rights so I can say there are several Paul Harris Fellows among them. One had to leave to keep our country pumping.

It is a special honour and a special privilege to stand before you on this special occasion

In January Sharon and I returned home from Rotary International Assembly in San Diego where we and another 550 DGsE and partners were given the final polish .We made many lifelong friendships and- came away with our Theme for the New Rotary Year. PEACE THROUGH SERVICE.

This theme for 2012-13 in many ways is unsurprising coming from a Rotary International president from Japan . Sakuji Tanaka also announced his plans for 3 global Peace Forums to be held in Berlin, Honolulu, and Hiroshima. Historically memorable because of the Wall, Pearl Harbor, and the H-Bomb. President Tanaka goes on to say that everything we do as Rotarians in our families and our communities help build Peace .Indeed you could say the business of Rotary is Peace.

The personal Takeaway for me from IA is an oldie but a goodie.

Working Together we can accomplish Anything. This is the message that we brought back for you and your clubs. This is also the message that we have brought back to be carried out beyond your clubs  All you need is Love.

So in the New year you could say, we will be working on our relationships with each other as we go about doing good in the world.

So today I want to tell you 4 stories of HOPE : try and connect the dots of how we can work together in the new Rotary year. That’s it. Just 4 stories.

My first story is about the POWER of HOPE– End of April I was in Fiji . what I saw of the devastation from the floods earlier in the year was quickly overwhelmed by the stories of Hope. Did you know that Rotarians were the first on the ground way ahead of other agencies Red Cross, World Vision. Someone said that is because Rotarians do not have the layers of OSH compliance to deal with. Not sure that is a good thing.

What touched me was being told of an item people were most trying to save – their refrigerators. Why ? because a frig represents a whole years wages; we are lucky . Hope came from our Fiji Rotarians working together distributing ERKs. Hope WILL BE coming from our continuing to work together with MFAT leveraging NZ aid with one of TRF FV 6 areas of focus. Economic and Social Development.

Working Together we can accomplish Anything. We will be working in our club clusters with international non government organisations on bigger, bolder ,sustainable projects in our own Rotary District backyard, our 7 PI countries.

My second story is about the PROMISE of YOUTH– This time of year in our Rotary District we undertake one of our most successful New Generations programs.  Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, RYLA.

A weeklong camp for our leaders of tomorrow, young people aged in their early 20’s. As we tucked into our bacon and eggs this morning spare a thought for the 130 odd RYLarians ( we have a dozen from the Pacific Islands) having spent a sleep deprived 24 hours with the army on Motutapu Island where the footprint of Rotary and Rotary Newmarket is writ large. This episode at the end of the week is Considered a highlight as they are putting their team building skills learnt earlier in the week to the test. It also brought back memories of my son Joss coming back elated from his remarkable week long adventure.

Was he challenged physically and intellectually? I saw that he was.

Did he learn some leadership skills? I think so.

Did he come back a little more cocky? I am afraid so.

Had he seen Rotary in Action. I am certain that he did. We do more than sausage sizzles.

I saw Most of all he learnt about himself and how Working Together he can accomplish so much more.

We will be working together in our club clusters to continue supporting NG programs-like RYLA

My third story is about FAITH – in March we had PRIVP Tom Thorfinnson come and deliver the keynote address at our MultiDistrict Presidents Elect Training weekend-SPPETS. Tom talked to us about our core values. A focus group of kids from the NW university of Chicago came up with 5.

1. SERVICE. We are a SERVICE organization.

2. FELLOWSHIP. More than friendship, networking, socializing What makes Rotary UNIQUE

3. DIVERSITY. Our clubs need to reflect our Communities

and to use a N American image our clubs need to be a multi colour flower field rather than a monochrome corn field.

4. LEADERSHIP. We are seen in our clubs and communities as Leaders.

5. INTEGRITY People trust us to get the job done. Its in our DNA. We are Rotarians.

Being the storyteller that he is, Tom gave vivid personal illustrations of each core value but the one leaving a lasting impression on me was the story of a trip to a village in the Central Plateau of Haiti In 2004, where he and a team of Rotarians witnessed first hand the need of those we serve.

The village had just received a well as part of a TRF Matching grant. Tom and his friends were inspecting a new toilet constructed by a farmer with material donated to his family ( one of the poorest in the village).

After a short introduction the farmer went into his small farm house and came out with a gift. He held a jar that contained 3 eggs. Nervously, he opened the jar to take out the three eggs as a gift in thanks for our kindness. He fumbled the jar and the three eggs fell broken on the ground. The look in his eye was that of a man who had just suffered a major loss. -it is a different world we live in. He shook it off and went back into his house to find three more eggs.

What is unforgettable is what his young daughter did next ; as she tried to rescue the precious eggs.

Yes People have FAITH in us, they trust us to get the job done . Our INTEGRITY.Working Together we can change lives-accomplish anything.

 My fourth story- is about CONTINUITY & CHANGE – 5 years ago today Sharon and I were looking at an uncertain future.

as our then 10 year old daughter Ruby  after a harrowing11 months in Starship Children’s hospital -faced 3 more months of chemo as my presidency of the Rotary Club of Newmarket was coming to a close. The extraordinary privilege to serve one’s club and fellow Rotarians that year combined with our unexpected journey through the cancer maze presented many opportunities to fly conspicuous flags for rotary whilst garnering support for the many cancer organizations

Late that Rotary year there was some passionate discussion in my club sparked by Starship’s application for assistance to rebuild its paediatric oncology ward underlined a process where one Rotarians original dream of bricks and mortar help can become something bigger and bolder and…. sustainable. In this case, life continues and the resulting legacy was the establishment by the Newmarket club of an annual award for healthcare deliverers in cancer.

in the face of death everything falls away,Truly my Rotary moment, where I found that TOGETHER we are greater than the sum of our individual members. Working Together we can accomplish anything.

A few weeks ago Ruby with some of her school mates tramped the Pinnacles. A ridge in the Kauaeranga valley hidden behind Thames . Life has changed and is Hope-full.

It is a timely reminder of why we are here today Change and Continuity – are interdependent. As our big girl changes, life continues, and so it is with this years theme as we continue to reach within to embrace humanity ,and Change for building Peace through Service.

This occasion -CHANGEOVER -repeated every year by the world’s greatest change organization is an opportunity for new beginnings bringing renewed hope and energy. So in 2012-2013 we will have our clusters of clubs working together with your AGs on 3 priorities.

• Clubs working together -Making all Rotary activities Events and hopefully memorable ones (a kickstart will be our new multi club Cluster DG Visits),

• Clubs working together on al least one MG hopefully to increase awareness of our charity of choice TRF – keeping our promise to the world finishing the job with help from the Gates Foundation- Eliminating Polio ; and preparing for the bigger, bolder, sustainable projects that the new simplified grant making model Future Vision will bring,

• Clubs working together on a PI initiative as we collectively learn to share our Rotary Moments and tell our MANY stories -effectively to our communities

I do NOT know what surprises the World has in store for us this Rotary year, but I do know that your leadership circle and I are counting on you as members of this great family in this largest of maritime Districts- to be Working Together – Pushing Boundaries – Unleashing Our Potential – building Peace Through Service.


Enjoy the story of the morning in pictures

IPDG Alan you look visibly taller and lighter as I now become weighed down by more bling on me than the average kiwi bloke should have. As I look ahead to the many challenges and the opportunities the coming year will bring I’d also like to take a moment to say; Rotary in this largest of maritime districts, our D- 9920 stayed firmly on course under your guidance and careful stewardship.

On behalf of this District’s Rotarians, Sharon and I  wish to thank you and Claire  for your dedication and supportive ,caring, leadership;  which has provided the  foundations  for continuity and change as Rotarians in this District prepare to Unleash our Potential  to Build Peace Through Service in the new  Rotary Year.

I am pleased to now recognize your  service this past year by  firstly offering a small  but perfectly formed and much lighter piece of bling in return  – a PDG’s pin as you join the ranks of these pretty darned good individuals.

And , now this slightly bigger gift as a memento of your year as our District Governor.

Could I have you all rise and show our appreciation for THEIR committment to D9920 in 2011-2012- IPDG Alan and Claire

PUSHING BOUNDARIES : Joint Districts 9920-9940  Conference Rotorua 2013 :

Hands up those who went to BOI conference?

Did you enjoy yourselves?

Well in 2012-2013 in Rotorua we are aiming to DOUBLE your enjoyment as we are having a joint District conference – Pushing Boundaries with 9940 …. you could say we have rotary in the  south  pacific  and the north island covered

Here is a short video of other Rotarians ( you may recognise some from the  international A-list ) who think you should ALL  be Pushing Boundaries in Rotorua in 2013.

How will Our Rotary Story End?

There will be many opportunities for us to seize in this Rotary year as we Unleash Our Potential building Peace Through Service.

We will be looking for the opportunity in the difficulty NOT the difficulty in the opportunity.

At this point I would like to  ask you- the question that Tanaka san asked at International Assembly 15. Rotary Story pic

How will  Our Rotary Story end?

I hope that it will NEVER end

I hope that it will continue

I hope that the next chapters of Rotary will be written by all of you.


Give Peace a Chance

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