PI LETS Papeete D.9920 2012 : Libere ton Potentiel en construisant La Paix Par Service

17 Jun

For some ideas on the Presidential Citation refer to post on PI LETS Suva D.9920 2012 : Unleashing Our Potential building Peace Through Service.

Concerns tabled either resolved during LETS session or  subsequently as per update from AG Lina Joannes below in italics

Most  concerns are being dealt with ( RC Papeete- Tahiti , RC Raiatea -Tahaa , E-Club).

Regards to the credit card concern : it was asked whether every payment could be made by credit card rather than cheque or money transfer.

No club seems to have any problem with Access Member related to RI or District.

RC Papeete – Tahiti Membership / Recruitment, Motivation to work together, Finances

Finances :  President Max Remblin is waiting for an answer from  John XiangJiang regards to the contribution of members to TRF for the years 2007-2008-2009 in order to regulate the situation .

RC Taravao – Tahiti Iti Recruitment, Fundraising  –  Problems to get sponsors on the peninsula, Credit card paiyment for dues

The treasurer would like to be able to pay all dues (SAR,Foundation and  District Levies with a credit card .

RC Raiatea-Tahaa Recruitment, Payment of dues, Public Image of Rotary

Payment of dues : Regards to  contributions to TRF,  RC Raiatea –Tahaa  would like to pay 1000 US Dollars for the club per year though there are 20 members in the club. Obviously they have discussed it with PDG John Cole on 26 May and I believe it is allright .

RC Moorea Membership / Difficulties in recruiting Poynesian members, Dues, Working with different associations (some projects can work very well), Monthly letter updating the main events, Poster to promote Rotary, Water project Napuka

Dues : The cost of dues  prevents some Polynesian people to join  , which is a pity as they would bring a lot to the club.

RC Bora-Bora Recruitment  / Membership, Fundraising  – Getting people to participate –  Sponsors

E- Club francophone Recruitment / Dues, The President left ….Problems being solved . Projects :  Fundraising by credit card to help the association fighting cancer /Defibrillators .

 11 members out of 28 had not paid their dues  

CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS available per RISPPO advice from Joy Walker below

Dear DGE Ron,

I have received the following response to my Finance colleague here in South Pacific & Philippines Office regarding the payment of club dues by credit card:

Yes.  Their credit card will be charged the AUD equivalent though and they will bear whatever exchange rate their bank charges.  If this is fine with them, then we can do a credit card payment for dues.

I have attached the relevant forms that should be completed and emailed, faxed or posted to this office with all the details.   Please disregard the front page as it deals with direct debits

More ANSWERS to Concerns raised recceived from RISPPO Joy Walker below

1.    I have requested Krissy Aure-Canson in TRF here to provide the information on the RC of Papeete, as it is more her area than John’s in Finance.
2.    Cost of Membership: I am aware that this question is visited on a regular basis, because while US$25 is not a great deal in some countries, in others it can be considered a small fortune.   Other than that, I have no further information other than that it has been rejected by previous Councils on Legislation.

A Big Thanks to everyone for enthusiastically participating  and in the words of PAG Cathy Gourbault Lawrence;

Chers amis,

je tenais à vous remercier  très chaleureusement pour avoir consacrés cette journée  de samedi au Rotary;  ce fut un réel plaisir  de vous revoir.
J’espère qu’elle vous aura apportés  au delà des connaissances sur le Rotary,
– le plaisir d’échanger avec  notre super futur gouverneur Ron et  past gouverneur John,
– une meilleure connaissance des rotariens des autres clubs et des projets qui vont être menés tout au long de l’année.

DGE Ron et PDG John ont été ravis des moments passés avec vous et ont été très impressionnés par  la productivité et la qualité des projets des clubs.

une telle journée permet de renforcer  et de créer des liens d’amitié entre rotariens, elle permet de partager valeurs, rêves et  projets pour un monde meilleur enfin,  elle permet de rendre encore plus efficace sur le terrain le rôle du Rotary.

Grâce à cette formation PETS vous aurez  je le souhaite encore plus de PEPS à l’aube de cette année ROTARY qui sera sous le signe de la PAIX par le Service.

Je vous adresse une fiche d’évaluation et vous remercie par avance pour vos retours; vos évaluations  vont contribuer à l’amélioration et à l’enrichissement des  futures formations PETS.  Mille mercis de consacrer quelques minutes et de me la renvoyer par retour de mail.

Je vous souhaite une excellente semaine
avec toute mon amitié



Cathy Gourbault-Lawrence

Adjointe du gouverneur 2008-2011 district 9920
Présidente Rotary club Papeete-Tahiti 2006-2007

Best Wishes to the French Polynesian Clubs as you prepare to Unleash Your Potential building Peace Through Service.

En Travaillant Ensemble On Peut Tout Faire

For Fun Moments go to May blog post  Portrait of a thrillseeker Part 2 on the District Governor rollercoaster

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