LETS Auckland D.9920 2012 : Unleashing Our Potential Building Peace through Service

2 Jun

 A New Day begins

St Cuthberts College Epsom Auckland.

 A New Prepared-ness 6 weeks to WOW

Good morning …………………….and hello class of 2012-13

Pleased to hear the buzz and the air of expectation as I walked  in earlier . Even if this buzz is a little different from when I have been here for a school assembly ..different  from that of 1400 squealing  girls ……at the mention of One Direction…its a boy band.

Thank you for giving up another Sunday for Rotary.

I want to especially welcome those future leaders ……our Rotarians and Rotaractors  who are here simply because they want to Listen, Learn, Connect, Share and Identify Resources with our club and district leadership. I want you to  know that here today…. No question is a silly one.

Today I  want us to think  about whats in front of all of us. And to do that I keep coming back  to RI Director Stuart Heal’s words on the 3 legs of the RI Strategic plan and some non-negotiables . Our core values that makes us different and what made us come together today.

We have been  told that the RI focus group with the kids at the NW Uni of Chicago came up with 5.

1. SERVICE 69% of our membership want greater opportunity to engage in service. We are a SERVICE organization.

2. FELLOWSHIP. More than  friendship, networking, socializing What makes Rotary UNIQUE

3. DIVERSITY. Our clubs need to reflect our Communities and I will only repeat this PR 101 NONO once today. Some feedback is that we are pale, male , stale. Do we want to change this? Do WE want to change this?

4. INTEGRITY Wear our Badge with Pride because it is trusted. People trust us to get the job done. Its in our DNA. We are Rotarians. We get the job done.

5. LEADERSHIP. We are seen in our clubs and communities as Leaders. My personal view is that Rotary Clubs need to enhance our leadership growth and , promote opportunities for personal development.

I recently had this quote sent to me from a Newmarket Rotarian. It is from a Marion Wright Edelman

Service is the rent we pay for being.  It is the very purpose of life, and not something you do in your spare time”

Everything we do should enhance our core values. That’s why we are here today…… to Unleash this District’s Potential to make the world a better and more Peaceful place.

Have Fun at D9920 LETS 2012.

 Joining the Dots

3 District priorities  Working Together  on

1. Events including DG Cluster Club Visits,

2. TRF Cluster Grants with an emphasis on Future Vision and its 6 focus areas  and,

3. Public Image as Cluster initiatives

Reflecting the 3 legs of the RI Strategic Plan

1. Support and Strengthen Clubs

2. Increase our Service

3. Enhance our Public Image

Applying the 2012-2013 Theme Peace Through Service over all our activities

Achieving the Presidential Citation is a healthy heart tick for our clubs

Augmenting the Polio Eradication effort to finish the job and meet our promise to the world

 Take Rotary seriously but not ourselves. 

firstly allow me to give you my view on Leadership. It is a simple view. not complicated. 

Take Rotary seriously but not ourselves. A healthy irreverence and looking  for the FUN can be a good thing

I also think we need to LEAD & not MANAGE. To quote Sam Johnson Young New Zealander of the Year and leader of the Christchurch student army

“Take Risks,Dare to be Different & INSPIRE”

I often hear the criticism and maybe you do too that the DG message and District priorities often come too late or forgotten as clubs scramble thro their own programs for the year.

I am the skinny part of the hour glass so I will need you as key influencers and doers in your clubs to help me with communicating reinforcing to your clubs what you learn at LETS. The spotlight will be on your AG in 12/13. There will be nowhere to hide. Your AG will be recognised as he or she will have a job to do everytime they visit your club.

OUR TARGET: Achieving the Presidential Citation is the prize and a healthy heart tick for your clubs.


Finally, Rotary is in our Hands. Tanaka San International Assembly Closing remarks say it all by .. asking we turn plans into specific goals: using the Japanese expression Watashi shidai! It is up to us. It is up to us to set goals. It is up to us to achieve them. It is up to us to help other people, so that they can help themselves. And it is up to us to put Service Above Self, and build a world of Peace Through Service

 Public Image :  Get off your ASK

Rotary Public Image C0-ordinator  Zone 7B Howard Tong D-9940

Our core values must be promoted

-Service Above Self

-The Four-way Test

– Fellowship and Service

– And our signature programs of Ending Polio, serving others and building our communities

Let’s now turn our attention to Social Media – there is hype and there is confusion.

There is suspicion and there is ignorance.

There are opportunities and there are pit falls

There are right ways and wrong ways

But whatever the arguments we need to be involved.

Information and communication I see has three main functions.

As a resource, as a directory to point to the right places

As informing and motivating members and the community with news of what is happening or about to happen

Finally the new method of building virtual communities, E Clubs, instant messaging, connecting like minds

One is likened to a library, one like a newspaper and the last is a wall of post-its

Media is rapidly changing. Social Media is becoming as important as the “Traditional” Media to which

most of us are accustomed. Public Image is more than the old typewritten news release on the Smith-Corona.

Action plan

Media strategy


Today my message is simplewe need to

Know our stuff

Know who we are going to stuff

And stuff them with style

It is creating a video to show what your club is doing

Sending a “link” to that video- through Twitter or Facebook

Letting people know about “Rotary” and what it collectively does in our communities and around the world.

And most importantly let every member know that THEY are part of our Public Image campaign. It’s not just the Club President or the Public Image person in the club, but every single Rotarian is involved in it.

 Its a beautiful day and I can’t see vs I am blind help me

Telling Our Stories Effectively. Communication plans are often the correct use of words.

   Tips for memorable  Events

Event planner extraordinaire Connie Clarkson Placemaker

 Less is More

 The same could be said for Rotary PR too.

One bite size piece per person every 15 minutes

 Clubs to  budget for New Generations programs

 Clubs to budget for World & Community Service programs

 A Cluster Grant project in the making

Professor Bob Elliot CureKids and the Rheumatic Fever pilot project planned  for  Fiji.

Enjoy your preparations and be the change agent in your club. Remember the work that has to be done, will be done. We are Rotarians and we get things done.

No one does it better than us. Rotary will get the job done. To quote Stuart Heal its in our DNA.

 Rotary : The Never-ending Story

 Give Peace a Chance

D.9920 Peace Fellowships sub committee deputy chair Peter Crellin DOWNTOWN.

 Joint District 9920-9940 Conference Rotorua 26-28 April 2013 after ANZAC Day.

Check out YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCfqWki_WKM

Next conference is a JOINT Conference with District 9940. in Rotorua. That way I am hoping we might just equal Stuart Searle and Pukekohe Club’s record for conference attendance

 Our theme is PUSHING BOUNDARIES on Family and Youth. Join us at Conference 2013.

 ENJOY a party weekend after ANZAC Day with friends in one of NZ’s “hottest” destination LISTEN to inspiring speakers pushing boundaries in Family and Youth.

We’ve got Ben Lummis   Our very first NZ Idol, now mixing his music with helping young people– his is a a great personal story
We’ve got Stuart Heal . RI Director . The brains behind our new Strategic Plan. Stuart will give you a behind the scenes look at initiatives Rotary is undertaking for Family & Youth

We’ve got Murray Thom.  NZ Entrepreneur of the Decade, Personal Plates, the Great NZ songbook, Inspirational speaker.

And we’ve got surprise high-profile speakers too . FINALLY…

LEARN about the impact Rotary youth programmes are having on young New Zealanders, and HOW social media can enhance your world.  Newmarket Club’s  RYLArian and youngest Rotarian Nigel Fowler will enlighten and excite you.

You might even learn how to make origami Peace Cranes .

On that note enjoy this short video featuring others who think YOU should be Pushing Boundaries in Rotorua 2013.

 Listen, Learn, Connect, Share, Identify Resources

Working Together  – Unleashing Our Potential – Building Peace through Service

For Fun Moments go to May blog post  Portrait of a thrillseeker Part 2 on the District Governor rollercoaster

For the The Story of Peace Crane 

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