PI LETS SUVA D.9920 2012 : Unleashing Our Potential building Peace Through Service

14 May

Saturday 28 April. Bula and Good Morning.

I will share a favourite quote from RIPE Tanaka San  on Opportunity.

Find the Opportunity in the Difficulty NOT the difficulty in the Opportunity.

A healthy irreverence and looking  for the FUN can be a good thing.

Today I want us to focus on 5  actions.

1. Consider the Theme

2. Consider the theme  of Peace against  3 equal ranked legs of the RI Strategic Plan :Support/Strengthen Clubs, Increase Service, Enhance PI.

3. Consider this against the 2 pillars of our District Strategic Plan .Support Clubs and Increase membership and our 5 District goals for our year

3.1 TRF Foundation of Choice . Future Vision  & Polio eradication a priority

3.2 Membership development, Extension & Retention

3.3 Clubs & clusters working together

3.4 using & developing a social media strategy

3.5 telling our stories effectively

4. Consider marrying all of the above into your Club Strategic Plan and Club Annual Plan  & goals (Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs)

5. Finally Consider  making a renewed commitment  to Work Together, and here I am asking you to

Think about How we are to Work Together  in our Clubs, our Clusters in 3 areas.

Events incl DG Visit. Grants and PR. These mirror the 3 legs of the  RI SP.

All with a sprinkling of PEACE.

To set the scene I will give you my 6 Takeaways from International Assembly where DGEs get the thieir final training ideas

IA as an event it underlines our surname is INTERNATIONAL. It is also about Connecting, Sharing and Identifying Resources as we will do here today.

So if there is  ONE message  that I bring back it will be our MANTRA for 2012-2013  Working together we CAN accomplish anything.

I often hear the criticism and maybe you do too that the DG message and District priorities often come too late or forgotten as clubs scramble thro their own programs for the year.

I am the skinny part of the hour glass so I will need you as key influencers and doers in your clubs to help me with communicating reinforcing to your clubs what you learn at LETS.

The spotlight will be on your AG in 12/13.

Your AG will be recognised as he or she wil have a job to do everytime they visit your club.


Achieving the Presidential Citation is the prize and a healthy heart tick for your clubs.


Finally, Rotary is in our Hands. Tanaka San IA Closing remarks say it all by .. asking we turn plans into specific goals: using the Japanese expression Watashi shidai! It is up to us.

It is up to us to set goals. It is up to us to achieve them. It is up to us to help other people, so that they can help themselves. And it is up to us to put Service Above Self, and build a world of Peace Through Service

Some important dates to remember:

1 May.  TRF Club Goal Report Form to AGs. NOW.

1 July.  Completed Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs to AGs. or EARLIER.

1 July. District Changeover. Peace through Service. Hope to see you there.

DG Club Visits see Blog calendar.

The Rotary Foundation : Our Foundation of Choice presented by PDG John Cole  Regional Rotary Foundation Co-ordinator RRFC

The motto for the Rotary Foundation is “Doing good in the world” the famous words of past president Arch Klumph from 1917.

Based on feedback from thousands of Rotarians around the world who participated in surveys and focus groups, the Future Vision Plan was developed with the following goals:

To test this new plan, the Foundation is running a 3-year pilot which includes participation from 100 of 530 Rotary districts. During the pilot, the Foundation will be working to evaluate the Future Vision plan and make adjustments as necessary before full world roll-out in 2013-14.

The Trustees of The Rotary Foundation have identified six areas of focus for the new grant structure.

The Trustees have committed to these areas of focus for at least nine years. In fact, the Trustees are encouraging nonpilot clubs and districts to focus their current Foundation program activity in these six areas even before the Future Vision Plan is rolled out to the entire Rotary world.

To simplify the grant-making process, the Future Vision Plan offers only two types of grants: Rotary Foundation District Grants and Rotary Foundation Global Grants. The new grant model of the Future Vision Plan optimizes contributions to our Foundation by helping clubs and districts use Foundation funds for greater impact, greater flexibility, and greater sustainability.

Rotary Foundation District Grants support the overall mission of The Rotary Foundation, but do not necessarily tie to the six areas of focus, thereby allowing a broad range of choices for clubs and districts. The district can apply annually for one District Grant – a  “block grant” so to speak – for up to 50% of its available District Designated Funds for that Rotary Year – after reviewing requests from its Rotarians and clubs. The district will then issue the money and report to its clubs how all the funds were utilized. The Foundation itself will require very minimal reporting, thanks to the advance planning done by clubs and districts before the funds are requested. This will enable districts to close out their grants quickly. District grants are intended to support smaller activities and projects both locally and internationally.

Here are some additional examples of ways in which districts can use their district grant funds:

Organize an exchange of mixed profession vocational training teams with another district

Support international travel for local doctor to volunteer at a clinic

Provide a scholarship for student to attend local or international university 

Donate art supplies to assist youth after-school program

Rotary Foundation Global Grants The other type of grant  will fund projects and activities that are sustainable and measurable and relate to the goals of the areas of focus. In order to support these goals, global grants will provide larger awards for projects and activities with a minimum World Fund award of $15,000, resulting in a total project cost of US$30,000 and above.

Clubs and districts may develop their own global grant projects or they can choose from a menu of packaged global grants that the Foundation will develop in conjunction with its strategic partners. While the initial “menu” will be small, it will grow throughout pilot.

As long as they relate to the goals of an area of focus, global grants provide freedom from programmatic rules, and include a World Fund match, making them a more flexible and economical option for scholarships. In addition, clubs can partner together to develop holistic projects that incorporate humanitarian and educational activities in the same grant, again, as long as it relates to the areas of focus.

Throughout the pilot, all Rotary districts may continue to participate in PolioPlus and the Rotary Peace Centers.

To participate in this new grant-structure, districts and clubs must be qualified by The Rotary Foundation.

The Foundation has designed a simple process for districts to complete before applying for their first year’s district and global grants. Qualification will be renewable every three years.

Clubs who wish to participate in global grants will also need to be qualified by their districts.

We’re not talking about a complicated process; we’re talking about each district in the world meeting a certain minimum standard in terms of agreement of the clubs to participate, in terms of training district leaders, and having the established committees and processes in place to ensure the effective implementation of projects and activities of The Rotary Foundation.

Club and District Support CDS supports club leaders with:

extracted from Barbara Misfud SPPETS presentation.

Administrative procedures such as changing club names and localities and processing club mergers.

Member Access, RI’s online business tool.

CDS will serve as your primary contact

CDS has a central email address  if you are not sure who will be able to best answer your query: sppo@rotary.org


First, what is the Semiannual Report?

The SAR is the basis for calculating and paying club dues to Rotary International.

It is sent via mail to the club secretary.

And it is also available online via Member Access.

Clubs should report their incoming president, secretary, treasurer, The Rotary Foundation Chair, and executive secretary/director, if clubs have one.  

When reporting officers, it is vitally important to include e-mail addresses for communication purposes with Rotary International.

Clubs can report their officers to RI by using the Member Access on http://www.rotary.org.

All officers must be reported every year, even if they stay in their positions a second year. 

it’s still important to report your officers as soon as they are elected. 

The Presidential Citation for 2012-2013.

extracted from Peace Fellowship subcommittee chair  Rita Taphorn’s PI LETS SUVA presentation

The Challenge

Some ideas to meet the Challenge

Possible synergies with the Presidential Citation required activities

 Building on Our Past

Concerns and Burning Issues tabled and discussed included;

Membership, Quality and Diversity,ROTARACT engagement, Continuity and Transition, Meaningful Projects, Engagement versus Attendance,Costs of Membership, Meeting Frequency and Format, How to do a Matching Grant, How to increase use of Social media as an Effective tool, How to increase existing  Fundraisng target pool.

More Concerns tabled and discussed included;

Attracting Rotary alumni, Leverage Rotary Action and Public Awareness, Club surveys must be Independent, “Hip ” or cool projects, Making a Difference, Rotary as a Pathway to Doing Good in the World and Communities, Club member welfare  “show the love”,Rotary stories showing “THEM” the people we help “not more smiling Rotarians” BUT cautionary note “Be Sensitive!”, Conduct a Club Needs – Satisfaction survey, Introduce variety and “make every activity an Event to remember.”

 A New Dawn and a New Beginning

Best Wishes to the Fiji Clubs as you prepare to Unleash your Potential building Peace through Service in OUR  year.

Apologies to the Taveuni, SavuSavu and Labasa clubs as the requested technology was unavailable to  enable your participation. 

A few big  Thank you’s from AG Shaheen Asgar
Mark Halabe  – thanks for the great support and shouting us lunch!

Malini Raghwan  – Thanks for shouting us Both Morning Teas – we all ate too much!

PE Peter Rankin!  – thanks for hosting everyone on Saturday Night – We all had a great time. Ron was enjoying it sooo.. much that he forgot it was a Rotary Function!! he he only joking.  Ron – local Rotary Sat night Parties.  And the Party afterwards was enjoyed by everyone who went. John what time did you get home??

Thanks to PE Michael for the use of his boardroom.

Thanks to Other Sponsors
PE Michael
Eyesite Optometrist
President Kalpesh
PE Griffon
PE Peter

Thanks to PE Tebakapo for coming in from Christmas Island.  PE Krupesh, President Rick and guest for coming from the west.

Thanks to Alan, Ron, Roy, John and Stuart for coming in from NZ for the training.

And the BIGGEST Thanks is to the PE’s.  This upcoming year will be your year. Have fun and make lots of friends along the way!

Next time we see Ron – He’ll be DG! and Alan will be a much happier man!

 Thumbs up to you too. Joske’s Thumb

For Fun Moments go to April blog post  Portrait of a thrillseeker Part 2 on the District Governor rollercoaster

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  1. philippe Juliette (@khamtoune) May 14, 2012 at 6:16 pm #

    Best wishes to Fiji Clubs.
    I hope to have you in Tahiti .
    We are waiting for Ron on saturday 26th,it is going to have “a Saturday fever”!

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