PI-LETS APIA D.9920 2012 : Unleashing Our Potential building Peace Through Service

25 Apr

Saturday 24 March. Good Morning and Talofa.

Today my fellow thrillseekers we jump on another rollercoaster to Unleash Our potential to build Peace through Service.

A healthy irreverence and looking  for the FUN can be a good thing.

Today I want us to focus on 5  actions.

1. Consider the Theme

2. Consider the theme  of Peace against  3 equal ranked legs of the RI Strategic Plan :Support/Strengthen Clubs, Increase Service, Enhance PI.

3. Consider this against the 2 pilars of our District Strategic Plan .Support Clubs and Increase membership and our 5 District goals for our year

3.1 TRF Foundation of Choice . Future Vision & Polio eradication a priority

3.2 Membership development, extension & retention

3.3 Clubs & clusters working together

3.4 using & developing a social media strategy

3.5 telling our stories effectively

4. Consider marrying all of the above into your Club Strategic Plan and Club Annual Plan & goals

5. Finally Consider  making a renewed commitment  to Work Together, and here I am asking you to

Think about How we are to Work Together  in our Clubs, our Clusters in 3 areas.

Events incl DG Visit. Grants. PR. These mirror the 3 legs of the  RI Strategic Plan. All with a sprinkling of PEACE.

I am the skinny part of the hour glass so I will need you as key influencers and d-ers in your clubs to help me with communicating and reinforcing to your clubs what you learn at LETS. The spotlight will be on your AG in 12/13 to be our conduit.

OUR TARGET: Achieving the Presidential Citation is the prize and a healthy heart tick for your clubs.


Rotary is in our Hands. Tanaka San IA Closing remarks say it all by .. asking we turn plans into specific goals: using the Japanese expression Watashi shidai! It is up to us. It is up to us to set goals. It is up to us to achieve them. It is up to us to help other people, so that they can help themselves. And it is up to us to put Service Above Self, and build a world of Peace Through Service.

Some important dates.

1 May TRF Club Goal Report Form to DGE Ron

1 July Completed Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs to AG

1 Jul District Changeover . Peace Through Service

Club Visits refer Blog Calendar

 The Clock is Ticking

Unresolved Concerns and Burning Issues to be followed up :

• Training Locations. Preference for Apia for next year and then rotated. Make 2 day event.

• APIA ROTARY club to appoint Rotaract mentor.

• APIA Rotaract to establish a Samoan ( South Auckland?) Rotaract club or e-Club? to facilitate transition between Samoa and New Zealand.

• Cost of Rotary for Islanders is too high. Introduce graduated fees. AGE James Arp to tae up with RIP Kalyan in response to earlier committment from RIP on visit to Apia earlier in the year.

 The Bus is Leaving the Sation

Best of luck to you and your club members as you prepare for Changeover and  OUR year when we will be ready to Unleash Our Potential.

For Fun Moments go to March blog post  Portrait of a thrillseeker Part 2 on the District Governor rollercoaster

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