SP-PETS D.9920 2012 : Unleashing Our Potential building Peace Through Service

18 Mar

D.9920 District Leadership Seminar Part 2 : AGs + DCCs + Peace subcommittee Chairs

HELP Presidents Elect on 5 ACTIONS :

Theme  • RI Strategic Plan  • District Strategic Plan & Goals

Club Strategic Plan & Goals • Working Together


• TRF.  Future Vision & Polio Eradication are 2 priorities

• Membership development & retention

• Club clusters EVENTS and activities

• Social Media use and strategy

• Sharing our stories effectively

I often hear the criticism and maybe you do too that the DG message and District priorities often come too late or forgotten as clubs scramble thro their own programs for the year.

You have heard me say I am the skinny part of the hour glass so I will need you as key influencers and doers in the District to help me with communicating and reinforcing to our clubs what they learn this weekend and at LETS

Most of you will also have heard me say that the spotlight will be on you in 12/13. There will be nowhere to hide.

You will be recognised as you should be and have a job to do everytime you visit a club.

So I am asking

Pre Changeover over the next 4 months including LETS

1. AGs and DCCs to work on refreshing our key committees.

2. DCCs finding deputy chairs.

3. DCCs setting 3 committee priorities for Action

4. AGs work with your clusters or clubs on DG Visit & Events

Post Changeover 2 Actions within the first 30 days

1. AGs – within first 30 days after Changeover –  visit all clubs in your cluster and give a 5 minute presentation of  the District message. I will give you a template.This will set the scene for your MINIMUM quarterly visits and updates. Pacific Island AGs will accompany the DG on the official visit where possible.

2. DCCs – within first 30 days after Changeover – Contact all clubs and offer to visit and tell your 3 committee priorities and how you can help them.

D.9920 Presidents Elect Training seminar : our MANTRA for 2012-2013  Working together we CAN accomplish anything. 

This next couple of days I want us to focus on 5  actions.

1. Consider the Theme 

2. Consider the Theme  of Peace against  3 equal ranked legs of the RI Strategic Plan

3. Consider this against the 2 pilars of our District Strategic Plan : Support Clubs and Increase membership and,

our 5 District goals for our year

3.1 TRF as Foundation of Choice & Polio eradication a priority

3.2 Membership development & retention

3.3 Club clusters working together

3.4 using & developing a social media strategy

3.5 telling our stories effectively

4. Consider marrying all of the above into our your CSP and goals

5. Finally Consider  making a renewed commitment  to Work Together, and here I am asking you to

Think about How we are to Work Together  in our Clusters in 3 areas. Events including DG Visit. Grants. PR.  All with a sprinkling of PEACE.

Sakuji Tanaka asking Rotarians to  Participate in  3 Rotary Global Peace Forums in Berlin, Honolulu. Hiroshima, and for clubs and Districts to undertake activities to promote Peace Through Service.

While the theme has changed there is continuity. We need to Reach Within Ourselves to Embrace Humanity as we need to find inner Peace within ourselves to start building Peace Through Service. Here in D9920 We will be focussing on our relationships with each other to get the work done by working together.

HOW? Pres Elect Tanaka reiterated that in business and in life , in order to get where you want, you have to know where you are going…with a renewed commitment to Adopt the goals of the RI Strategic Plan in 2012-2013.

Trustee Chair Bill Boyd urged Districts to Keep Pushing Boundaries in his Future Vision Update.

Future Vision will make our Rotary more exciting and enjoyable.   You can get his 8 Tips for Future Vision  from my blog post “International Assembly: Peace Through Service WOW”

After IA there is no doubt in my mind that a District Goal  for TRF needs to focus on Polio eradication . With regular success stories on interruption of the wild polio virus as in India  annual giving will increase. With success membership will increase.

1. Polio eradication.

2. Operationalise the new Strategic Plan.

3. Developing Rotary Club Central. A new online tool to capture the total value of all of the service projects Rotary undertake each year. This is not more  or mere gatekeeping.

4. Membership. It is now accepted ..one size does not fit all. RETENTION a key.

5. Bringing Rotary onto the table with the major players of global humanitarian assistance and development. Rotary Club Central will get us there.

Checkout RI Support.

We need new Generations, qualified women. ABOVE ALL We need a fence in Rotary called a retention plan.

My own observation is the need to nurture NEXT GENERATION  clubs. 

Membership and PR are inextricably entwined. Rotary is not ours until we share it.

There is Power in Sharing Our Rotary Moment  A Rotary moment is when the magic begins. 

So the third club cluster action I am asking for is to work together on a cluster PR initiative.

Telling our stories Together with One Voice, One Plan and One Direction

Using all media tools at our disposal.

My personal view is  it is also time for us to move from PR awareness to PR training. More at LETS.

Finally, Rotary is in our Hands. Tanaka San IA Closing remarks say it all by .. asking we turn plans into specific goals: using the Japanese expression Watashi shidai! It is up to us….to put Service Above Self, and build a world of Peace Through Service

Before we wrap up Some housekeeping and important dates.

1 May TRF 2012-2013 Fund Development Club Goal Report Form to DGE Ron.

1 July Completed Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs to AG

1 July District Changeover . Peace Through Service

DG Club Visits  & Cluster DG Visit Events refer Blog Calendar

31 Mar 2013 Clubs to complete & submit Presidential Citation Form 2012-2013 to DG.

To qualify for a Presidential Citation the required Presidential Challenge is that clubs conduct a club or community peace forum, or a service project focused on Peace + 1 required activity + 3 additional activities in each of the 3 categories  listed and related to the 3 legs of the RI Strategic Plan.

As promised we are planning to run PI LETS in 4 destinations Apia, Nadi,Papeete before Changeover and Rarotonga in January 2013.

We will be sending you preparatory materials before the training as we have done with SPPETS.

The process is that we will be responsible for training content and travel of the  District training team and training presentation. The local PI leaders handling the support logistics of attendance, venue and equipment.

Working Together we can accomplish anything.

I hope we raised some challenges and some ideas to try and,

I look forward to watching you develop the strategies you have picked up.

I hope to see you working with your AGs and the DCCs and recognising that these committed and talented Rotarians are not mere table decorations at your meetings.

Best of luck to you and your club members as you prepare for LETS and Changeover and  OUR  year when we will be ready to Unleash Our Potential.

I want to leave you with these words from Tanaka san

How will our Rotary Story End

I hope that it will NEVER end

I hope that it will continue

I hope the next chapters of Rotary will be written by all of you


 We have LIFT-OFF

A Rockstar Moment. Clusters  Committment To Working Together on DG Visit-EVENTS, Grants, PR.

DG MULTI- CLUB VISIT Examples from PDG Judy Bain D.9940

The groupings for my multi club visits were all over the weekend allowing me to meet with all the club boards separately:

Taranaki 1 & 2 10 clubs – dinner meeting at the New Plymouth club, I spoke about the RI theme/goals for the year, primarily Polio Plus, Dick Hubbard of Hubbard Foods was the guest speaker and he was great. It was a really fun night celebrating

Rotary and all it does. The oldest PDG in the district (he was about 92 at the time) was there supporting me and insisted he put the chain of office around my neck. Many/most partners present, a good turnout.

Wanganui 5 clubs – a luncheon at the Wanganui Racing Club. A Rotary business ethics award was presented. I did my thing on theme and Polio Plus. Again many partners present. Wanganui were slow to warm to the idea and then told me later in the year they had missed an opportunity.

Rangitikei 5 clubs at a luncheon at the Feilding club. More reluctant PDGs and Clubs but in the end they realised there was a job to be done and put on the most amazing country lunch with a true country theme, hay bales, fencing,auction of produce and country gear, I rode on a quad back through the tables where everyone was seated for lunch. This ended up being a great fund raiser for Polio Plus which of course was my intention. The Mayor and regional councillors were in attendance. Auction raised very good money, a well supported truly fun event.

Manawatu 5 clubs – a dinner and auction for the Manawatu Life

Education Trust at UCOL Palmerston North, a speaker on youth suicide who was amazing, again I did my thing on theme and Polio. The auction raised heaps and it was a very well support fun night.

Kapiti/Horowhenua – 5 clubs – Paraparaumu College Roadshow was stunning.

The auditorium was filled to overflowing with dignitaries, Rotarians, partners, students, parents all supporting the College Variety show. It was stunning. It gave me a wonderful chance to create an awareness of Rotary and Polio Plus. Great fundsraised for polio.

Wellington 1, 2, 3, Hutt 1, 2 – 25 clubs – Rotariety – a musical variety evening featuring local artists of international quality in association with Capital Theatre. Productions held at the Michael Fowler Centre in Wellington. A huge crowd, great

fund raiser and a chance for me to address local civic representatives, Mayor Kerry Prendergast, trustees Wayne Mowat (radio NZ), Bill Brien and Pat Waite. Again, the Polio Plus story was told.

Wairarapa 5 clubs – Variety show starring Raybon Kan at Rathkeale College – more music and fun, a filled auditorium of Rotarians, partners, students, parents and dignitaries. A truly memorable occasion, complete with me again on theme and Polio Plus of course.

I hope that gives you a feel for how it all went. There was heaps of publicity in the local press and local TV, good funds raised, we created an awareness of Rotary and Polio Plus and Rotarians felt very proud of what they achieved. I wouldn’t have done it any other way. it was hard to get the buy in but look at what each cluster came up with. None of the ideas were mine, I just gave them permission to get on do what ever they thought would work best for them

One Response to “SP-PETS D.9920 2012 : Unleashing Our Potential building Peace Through Service”

  1. philippe Juliette (@khamtoune) March 19, 2012 at 2:01 am #

    Since I’d escaped from the war(Laos). I always remember and tell my children about Peace and Freedom.
    I will work with all my heart on all the comitments;
    peace to all

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