UNLEASHING OUR POTENTIAL : More Thrillseekers come aboard the DG 2012-2013 Rollercoaster

17 Nov

WELCOME. Today we start our journey to UNLEASH OUR POTENTIAL………..

MESSAGE: Stay Grounded. Take Rotary seriously but not ourselves.

Hopefully its one view of my Leadership style. Hopefully a healthy irreverence in  our Rotary DNA..a RCON ( Rotary NEWMARKET) hallmark  Hopefully it will be infectious.

The flash transport behind us belongs to a client of mine whose generosity during a life changing year continues to remind us of the kindness in people and the power of hope ….Just over 6 years ago our world stood still…we found out our 9yr old daughter Ruby had cancer….today she is well, has changed into a lovely 14 yr old expert with a bloggie…and her journey continues to be my inspiration.

Ruby symbolises my two Strategic Objectives CONTINUITY & CHANGE

We will grow and change as Ruby has.

CONTINUITY. Building on our past. We have great stories in a great District to tell.  We also acknowledge standing on the shoulders  of those who have gone before. I SALUTE PDGs present  who is a never-ending source of wisdom and inspiration.

CHANGE. If it aint working let’s change it. No room for egos in Rotary. Time for action. Walk the talk. We need to Take our people with us.

 As we start on this journey together Allow me a moment to  to acknowledge my support /my muse/my better half in every way…… Sharon. Both of us are there to support you and your partners.

A word on partners. We appreciate what the partners do .There is no one size fits all. Some like to be involved more than others. Whatever the level  of engagement we want you to know that its OK. Won’t stop us asking tho….

Here we go…On the 2012-13 Rotary rollercoaster. Thrillseekers enjoy the ride.

Like you, I am still listening and learning the more I listen the more I am in awe of what Rotary and Rotarians in this district have accomplished as I take on this extraordinary privilege to serve.

I will be there beside you and have the required structures in place to support you.  

Our CHANGE initiative No. 1 Multi District Conference with D.9940

Conference theme – “Pushing Boundaries” . Rotorua April 2013 will be Party Central.

CHANGE INITIATIVE No. 2 DG visit as a Multi-club cluster community event  Leave it to Presidents and AG’s to work out the type of event that suits you.

• the event timing to be outside the normal club  cluster meeting times

• the event to be held, preferably on a Friday or Saturday …Ideas by SPPETS 2-4 March 2012.

Five Goals –

1. Making TRF our charity of choice

2. Promoting membership development and new clubs. Reinstate standalone membership committee under past AG Sue Williamson

3. Encouraging club clusters to work together eg, DG visits, matching grants.

4. Using social media to promote Rotary and attract younger members. Refer DG blog, DG newsletter and we will continue progressing website development and use. Check out Rotary Newmarket facebook page 

5. Telling our stories effectively.Current PR committee renamed – Strategic Communications. Not replacing PR but a shift to an integrated approach covering PR, advertising,in-house communications and marketing. Clubs need to be aware, align their messages and leverage off the bigger national and global Rotary strategic communication initiatives.

THINKING & PLANNING : CONSIDER SUCCESSION NOW. Build and Foster your leadership circle. In Rotary as in many organisations we now acknowledge  the emergence and rise of the servant leader.

President Elect priorities

1. work with AG’s for MultuClub DG visit  2. work with cluster clubs on common project including ONE  Matching Grant  3. identify future leaders incl  president nominee &  beyond club level 4. Meet District Goals 5. Participate in District events incl training. Draft Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Club by SPPETS 2-4 march 2012

2 takeaways for President Elects;

1. District  leadership circle is here to help.

2. You only have one year to make a difference. Plan to be effective in the first half of the Rotary year.

Assistant Governor priorities  I don’t expect you to be gatekeepers

1. Work with club Presidents MultiClub DG Visit model  2. Inter club projects eg MGs

3. Work with DCCs on hitlist. Advise on DC selections 3.Encourage clubs to meet Annual Goals/Presidential Citation 4. Encourage Clubs participation in District activities eg PR Awards,TRAINING INITIATIVES –  Rotary Leadership Institute(RLI)Club VisioningFuture Leaders Seminar initiatives; upskill website use

Key District Committee Chair priorities


1 Identify deputies.  2. Engage with clubs as guest speakers. 3. Assist facilitate club projects.

4. Continue actions on priorities hitlist of 2011-2012 year. Identify new ones after these.

My hopes & aspirations for our leadership circle: Monitor our effectiveness with a do-able action  plan with milestones. Efficient communication, prefer email turnaround within 48hrs… Empower, Delegate and Follow up.

Why leadership Circle and not Team?

Apart from architects liking to use  bubble diagrams ….a thought provoking  article by John Jacob Gardiner “Growing Leadership Circles for Rotary’s Emergent Future” proposes  a change in language from leadership teams to leadership circles  and that new metaphors are needed to emphasise the reality of relationships.

Teams focus on competition and scarcity, Circles on sharing and abundance.

I suggest the latter is the change we wish to see.


5 Takeaways 

 1. Rotary’s future lies in our hands

2. clubs are the heart of Rotary. So Districts must  serve clubs and clubs should be serving the many dreams and hopes of individual Rotarians.

3. Leadership by example and persuasion. Both the DG and club president  is a servant first.

4. Assess Effectiveness. Communicate Effectively.

5. Service above Self.

I hope you have Connected, Shared and Identified the resources you need. I will end with a Quote from RI President Elect Saguchi Tanaka

 “ People join Rotary for many reasons.. But, I am sure all of us here stay in Rotary because it makes us happy and makes our lives richer…. To me Service Above Self is a way of life. It means always  looking for ways to help. It means finding satisfaction in being useful to other people..”

Lets go and make the world a better place in 2012-2013.



“…..Since I joined Rotary, I have embraced every new challenge of Rotary service. To me, challenge is a very important word. It inspires us. It also helps us to be and do our very best. It allows us to bring out our fullest potential…As your president in 2012-2013 I suggest that we shift our focus from challenge to potential.” RIPE Saguchi Tanaka

Knowledgeable Rotarians are Effective Rotarians.

LAUNCHING our new D.9920 Presidents Elect Training Manual

Today we hope to apply RID  Stuart Heals 6 words.

Connect People, Share Ideas and Identify Resources

Anecdotal observation . Disconnect between our 3 main training events.

Hoping to emphasise the linkages and connect the dots we have this year decided to provide a manual modelled on D9940’s. Another example of the move to MultiDistrict collegiality and sharing

You now have the Hardcopies in folders for handouts. Soft copies of the MANUAL are also available for download. http://db.tt/Xatdy1BJ

Please note this is a “living document” and will be updated from time to time.

Content is complementary to RI Presidents manual but District specific.

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