PORTRAIT of a thrillseeker Part 2 on the District Governor rollercoaster

31 Jul

                  JULY REACH WITHIN TO EMBRACE HUMANITY is the theme of RI President Kalyan Banerjee for Rotary year 2011-2012. The rollercoaster gathers speed. Graduating from DG “Nearly” to DG “Eagerly” I do not know what  surprises the World has in store for us this Rotary year but I do know that the people of this District , of this planet…are waiting for us to Lead the Way, Lend Them a Hand, Make their Dreams Real…to Reach Within and Embrace THEM.    Happy Home Club RCON team recipient of a clutch of District Awards. Presideential Citation, DG’s Project Excellence Award, Publicity in Action Award. RECOGNITION is important in ROTARY too. L-R Harold Titter, Pres Roger Gower, AG Peter Ross, PR/Comms Chair Tim Thodey, IPP Brian McMath I do know DG Alan and I will be counting on you as members of this great family in this greatest of maritime Districts to build on this rock that is ROTARY.     Celebrated another club changeover at Auckland City Sunrise. Cosy, funloving and witty  as always. L-R Pres Paul Buchanan, Bronwyn Thorburn, Tina Buchanan, AG Mike Milne Rotary DOWNTOWN, PDG Welly Choy A visit to Rotary AUCKLAND. Opportunity to catch up with members of  D.9920 flagship club. Fellowship and Rotary business  transacted with the usual business networking over a lunch and interesting speaker. Catherine Harland standing in for Rick Boven presented the  work of the NZ Institute. Much food for thought but for this Rotarian amidst the best practice and background research there must be a place for BUSINESS ETHICS & INTEGRITY. With the recent move to Stamford Plaza Pres Jacqui Bensemann has yet to arrange for insurance and safekeeping of the  Presidential chains at this new meeting venue before she can get to wear the bling again. A  social visit  and dinner out in Auckland from IPP Jean Boissin and Jeanette from Rotary PAPEETE. Rotary connections result in MCP Architects business and Rotary business being transacted over fine food, drink and company. A sunny winter’s sunday afternoon at the Pink House and an al fresco meeting of the District Training Committee. CHANGE & CONTINUITY. MultiDistrict South Pacific Presidents Elect Training SPPETS is now a reality for D.9920. Dates, venues, content, costs and the Rotary tradition of continuous passing on of knowledge and experience begins once more. L-R DGN Willard Martin ELLERSLIE SUNRISE, PDG Leanne Jaggs MANUKAU CITY SUNRISE, District Training Committee Chair Roy Austin REMUERA, PDG Alan Davies PAKURANGA, DG Alan Eyes PUKEKOHE.   Last one of the 2010-2011 RIYE inbounders 3 days out from leaving NZ. Oriane Boereve from Belgium. Celebrating her 19th birthday. Rotary International Youth Exchange a  lifechanging year making lifelong connections for the student and host families alike. L-R  Katherine and Wendy Milne, Oriane Boeraeve, AG Mike Milne Rotary DOWNTOWN. Oriane & Valerie Boeraeve. A sister here downunder to visit the ROTARY family just gets bigger and NZ has another fan. AUGUST A pre -DG visit reconnaissance (sans GPS) of rural south auckland & another club visit to PUKEKOHE to celebrate a special day for a special man & Rotarian. As nominator I was privileged to share the moment of the presentation of The Dr Catherine Hamelin Award on behalf of IPDG Nicolas, by a proud daughter PDG Leanne Jaggs to a surprised dad PDG Stuart Searle at his home club which also happens to be the home club  of our DG Alan Eyes. This award  presented to a Rotarian in D. 9920 who has shown outstanding Rotary service to the community usually generate passionate  and much discussion …for me at its most meaningful the service record of the recipient is a mirror of every good action by every Rotarian in this District…in short we can all bask in its glow….and what a service record spanning 30 plus years of outstanding commitment to the community  locally and internationally.    L-R Dr Catherine Hamelin Award trophy, DG Alan Eyes, PDG Leanne Jaggs, PDG Stuart Searle THE INTERNATIONALITY OF ROTARY. Zone 7b & 8 RI DIRECTOR’S BRIEFING WEEKEND. ROTARY Building Communities Bridging Continents.    L-R The NZ Rotary Kapa Haka Group landed at a Paramatta eatery. 6 NZ DG’sE & partners. CHEERS. DGE Gordon Hooper D9970 paying close attention during the opening session at RI House. L-R  Back Row DGE Lindsay Ford D.9910, Janice Miller D.9930, DGE Gordon Hooper D.9970, DGE John Prendergast & Donna D.9980, DGE Roger Miller D.9930 Front Row Alison For D.9910, Christine Blick D.9940, Alrita Hooper D.9970, DGE Graeme Blick D.9940 RI Director’s Briefing weekend Parramatta. Read about it on PI coordinator PDG Howard Tong’s  new Regional Public Image  Resource blog. 22 District Governors Elect from Australia and 6 DG’sE from New Zealand were inspired and informed. ROTARY once again the vehicle that  CONNECTED ,SHARED ideas, IDENTIFIED resources, consolidated old friendships and made new ones in spite of the ALL BLACKS winning convincingly. The Rotary Family just gets bigger, better, bolder.    L-R Zone 7b & 8 PI Coordinator PDG Howard Tong D.9940, PDG Beryl Robinson & AG Colin Robinson Rotary ST JOHNS Vicki Lee CEO CUREKIDS, RI Director Stuart & Adrienne Heal D.9970. NETWORKING at Old Government House Parramatta. NO QUESTION is a SILLY QUESTION.    L-R STARJAM CEO & Founder  Julie Bartlett, DGE Phillip Skelton AM & Leonie Dobrowlski D.9455 LISTEN TO ALL VIEWS, GATHER FACTS, DECIDE.   L-R Shirley and PRID John Thorne D.9830 author of  “Good Manners in Rotary”, HAKA Practice No. 1 for International Assembly next January in San Diego. Shift from ATTENDANCE to ENGAGEMENT and a brand new pilot Future Leaders Seminar for Zones 7b & 8 Brisbane Insitute in November. Exciting times to be a Rotarian indeed. Looks like 5 NZ Districts are supporting this initiative immediately after Brisbane. Will D.9920 leaders choose to be the CHANGE we wish to SEE. Post RID Briefing Darling Harbour Sydney. REFLECT, REVIEW, RESPOND. L-R Christine and DGE Graeme Blick D.9940 SEPTEMBER A busy month of preparation. Taking the faith in our hands to implement change and finding encouraging support. YES WE CAN. Some  selected moments  below; D.9920 PrePETS ( Pre-Presidents Elects Training ) looming. Sunday 13 november Waipuna Conference Centre. The envisaged goal is to to find best practice for District supporting clubs serving the  hopes and dreams of individual Rotarians. D.9920 participation in the inaugural Future Leaders Seminar nominations to coincide with combined Brisbane  Zones  Institute get lift off after intense and  passionate interrogation. The District Family is stronger for it. Undoubtedly the will for District leadership  being the change that we wish to see is strong and now truly walking the talk to support emerging leaders. Exciting times to be a Rotarian in this largest of maritime Districts to see a unique opportunity seized to implement the 4th pillar of the Club Leadership Plan. Developing Leaders beyond the Club level.   Surprise visit to St Johns Inc at an off site location.  L-R President Bruce Hancock, Andy Francis, Brooke Read charming venue host and sales advisor for Grace Joel retirement village. President Bruce Hancock. Other Club visits  include Pakuranga (caught up with President Elect Clive MacDonald) and Remuera. The richness of the Rotary Club tapestry  is obvious and the the diversity and excitement of a large extended family that each club offers potential members is to be celebrated.   L-R President Elect John Burrowes. President John Cowan, President Elect John Burrowes. The District Leadership CIRCLE 2012-2013 is confirmed.  A chance discovery for a change in metaphor from “leadership teams ” to leadership circles” whilst researching for  training ideas is a prescient article by John Jacob Gardiner ” Growing Leadership Circles for Rotary’s Emergent Future”  which resonated with the mood for change felt in many quarters of the District. ” …teams focus on scarcity, circles on abundance…..circles remind us that we are all leaders…circles help people heal themselves.”(sic)  Key  District Committee Chairs include continuity and change. PDG Colin Nicolas DOWNTOWN INC continues for  Finance  & District Administration, PP Roger Harvey NEWMARKET INC takes on World and Community Service, PP Marilyn Wales PENROSE INC continues with the renamed Strategic Communications committee ( encompassing public relations, advertising, organisational and marketing communications), a re-established standalone Membership Development & Extensions committee will be lead by PAG Sue Williamson SOMERVILLE HOWICK INC, PAG Mike Milne DOWNTOWN INC takes on New Generations, PP Brian McMath NEWMARKET INC remains for Vocational, the renamed Information & Communications Technology to reflect the “HOW of communications” remains under PDG Tony Fortune REMUERA INC, PDG Leanne Jaggs MANUKAU SUNRISE INC continues for The Rotary Foundation and our Committee Liason Fiji remains with PAG Bob Niranjan SUVA. Assistant Governors for 2012-2013 include 4 new appointments. James Arp APIA, Malini Ragwhan SUVA, Don Bendall AUCKLAND and Greg Moyle DOWNTOWN join current AGs Shaheen Asgar SUVA NORTH, Ian Fox HOWICK, Jennie Heering OTAHUHU, Michelle Innes DRURY, Lina Johannes TARAVAO TAHITI-ITI, Colin Robinson ST JOHNS and Peter Ross NEWMARKET. They join the DG 2012-2013  coregroup who has been quietly working away for the past year. District Secretary Paul Monk NEWMARKET, DG Treasurer  John Steer NEWMARKET, District Conference Chair Warwick Leyland  NEWMARKET and District Training Chair Roy Austin REMUERA. With 24/7 support  from DG buddy PDG Leanne Jaggs. 2 more club visits before month’s end. A breakfast meeting at PENROSE. A lively start to the day made poignant by the guest speaker a President Elect from District 9910 sharing  his walk along Papua New Guinea’s Kokoda Trail and finding a school building in a remote village along the way with a Rotary Wheel  above its door. Another proud Rotary moment.   L-R President Elect David Wright, President Patrick Monachino District Strategic Communications and Fellowship Committee Chairs 2012-2013 Marilyn Wales and Win Miskelly. Followed by an evening of celebration at HOWICK’s 50th birthday. Another Rotary Family occasion to savour 50 years of a Rotary club providing the vehicle for  its members to serve the dreams and aspirations of their community.   L-R President Kathy Kennedy, Austin Powers   L-R Mayor Len Brown, Charter member Bill Percival A busy month rounded off with attending my first meeting of the The Harold Thomas Rotary Trust chaired by PDG Stuart Searle where confirmation was received for of a $10,000 grant  from the HTRT to be earmarked for a Clubfoot Project Seminar for Ponseti Method practictioners from the Pacific Islands. This project has potential to be  truly sustainable where the recipient is” taught to fish ….” Other downstream benefits will include more funding available for Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children (ROMAC) & INTERPLAST Rebuilding Bodies Rebuilding Lives. OCTOBER Vocational month started on a high. Attending the Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI)Faculty trainers weekend in Christchurch ( twice postponed due to the earthquakes). Another training event for the extended Rotary Family  with attendees from the host District 9970 and visitors from D.9940, D.9910 and D.9920. More than training many ideas were shared including one of multiclub DG visits.     L-R DGE Gordon Hooper D.9970, D.9920 D.9920 RLI Chair Ingrid Waugh. Participants asleep or getting a rush of blood to the head prior to a facilitated session.Pizza and vino with D.9970 partners at the end of the first day. Learning by connecting.  Got the badge and the certificate. I am now a RLI faculty facilitator. L-R RLI NZ & PI Division Co-ordinator PDG Beryl Robinson, National Facilitator Trainer PDG Rob Crabtree. Straight from RLI faculty weekend to a multiclub meeting at Rotary Club of Drury on monday. An evening with PRIP Bill Boyd attended by rotarians from Drury, Papakura, Tuakau, Alfriston, Mangere, Otahuhu and Newmarket. A quadruple whammy of an evening. Listening to Bill presenting The Rotary Foundation in his current role as Trustee Chair was special; Seizing an opportunity to experience a multiclub event comprising most of the D.9920 clubs in the 2 southern auckland clusters; Meeting up with some of the President Elects of 2012-2013; Seeing two AGs for 2012-2013; Being introduced to a Rotary International Youth Exchange student from Denmark.   L-R PRIP & Chair TRF Bill Boyd, Lorna Boyd; RIYE student Lina Selvejer from Denmark with Rotary Papakura host  parents Tim Willcock and Debbie Blake. Yes TRF delivers value making a significant and sustainable difference to individuals and  communities worldwide. The greatest feeling of personal fulfillment that we can do for ourselves is to help someone else. (sic)    L-R an expectant ALFRISTON PE  Murray Browne ; DRURY PE Owen Pringle, AG Michelle Innes; AG Jennie Herring, PP Jeanette Drysdale Then a surprise breakfast visit  to PARNELL. With 40% of the club membership being women this club is a harbinger of the winds of change blowing through Rotary. Treated to a father and son  act with Pres Don Simons presenting his well travelled son Warwick as guest speaker. Warwick’s address on the Europe Crisis was timely as it was informative. An example of the internationality of the Rotary family. Truly an organisation that has NO BOUNDARIES.   A photocall is another opportunity to connect. Who’s looking at the photographer? L-R PP Daphne Flett, PE Phillippa Pitcher, RLI chair Ingrid Waugh, Club Services/PR/Membership Director Susan Brunton L-R Warwick Simons, Pres Don Simons PrePETS  D.9920  sunday 13 November  UNLEASHING OUR POTENTIAL training preparation is well underway under the guidance of DG trainers Roy Austin REMUERA and Iain Valentine REMUERA. Logistics support from DG home club NEWMARKET rotarians Paul Monk, Boyne Drummond and Ron McPherson. IT support form NEWMARKET guru David Weikart. A  Presidents Elect Manual applying workbook based learning to hopefully become a legacy training document. Searching for continuity  to join the dots between the 3 main Rotary training seminars this manual is intended to be a one-stop reference so that PrePETS, SPPETS and LETS will provide continuous training development with content focussed PrePETS learnings. An adaptation of the D.9940 document  this exercise is yet another example of  the positive outcomes arising from multi-District connection. Rotary service is indeed best practised as it was intended WITHOUT BOUNDARIES. A combination of interactive and facilitated. Adopting the concept of what someone heard they forgot, what they saw they remembered, what they did they learned.  LOOKING OUT for Opportunities to Unleash our collective Potential and PUSHING BOUNDARIES is going to be cool.   DGE Home club NEWMARKET past presidents evening for PP Brian McMath. Some traditions successfully repeat simply because they are special. L-R RCON DGE District inner circle. District Chairs Vocational Brian McMath, Conference 2013 Warwick Leyland, Assistant Governor Peter Ross and District Chair  New Generations Roger Harvey who will bring his prodigious work ethic and organisational abilities to the District World Commuity Services Committee in 2012-2013. L-R PDG Ross Craig RCON DGE mentor, PP John Douglas and Gail Cooper, PP Brian Batie and Jan.   DGE home club NEWMARKET Rugby World Cup fundraiser for Cholmondeley Childrens Home Restoration Project. An example of the Rotary Family working together towards a matching grant using the District Christchurch Earthquake Fund. L-R RCON President Roger Gower and key note speaker Lauron Buys.  District Chair TRF and PDG Leanne Jaggs and PDG  Ross Craig caught discussing what to do with their DGE. Talk More, Talk Frequently and Talk Effectively Lauron USED to be a Rotarian.  So it was special to have one of our family address us so eloquently. The prodigal son returned to inspire us. There is always a Bridge ( sic) back to the fold. Facilitating the ST JOHNS club Forum starting with the signature “Rush of Blood to the Head” exercise.   With the last Club Forum was held in February 2008  the session facilitated 10 Take-aways for Board Action with milestones established. WEAR YOUR ROTARY BADGE. In Sydney for a Father Daughter weekend with our youngest Noon recently to celebrate her turning 12 provided an opportunity to meet fellow Rotarian Stan Jackson Treasurer from Coffs Harbour club D.9650 in the same checkout queue at IKEA. I now will be looking out for my year mate DGE Brian Beesley at Brisbane Institute. Opportunities for new friendships multiply by this very simple means. Morning Meeting Visit to HALF MOON BAY. Price for breakfast a 5 minute Rotary update including rollercoasters.  L-R President John Grogan and President Elect Marian Heywood DOWNTOWN AUCKLAND’s longstanding support for  Ronald MacDonald House was recognised at the Victoria Park Tunnel Gala Dinner. L-R PDG Tony Fortune REMUERA, incoming AG Greg Moyle, PDG Leanne Jaggs, PDG Stuart Searle    Bonds are strengthened at every meeting by common core values. L-R  President Greg Walker DOWNTOWN, PE  Mike Jaggs BOTANY EAST TAMAKI and PDG Leanne Jaggs MANUKAU CITY SUNRISE, PE David Gaze DOWNTOWN  Rotary friends everywhere L-R Mark Conelly Trustee Ronald McDonald House Auck, PP James Langdon DOWNTOWN   HARBOURSIDE Diwali Celebrations. Punching well above its weight this  ” hot & spicy” club of  33 members  manages to gather a  audience of some 400+ friends for this annual fundraiser. What a showcase for Rotary and an exemplar for a clubwide community event. Telling our stories effectively indeed. Representing DG Alan at the event  here is an excerpt form my speech. I must congratulate you on the 2 worthy causes that are the beneficiaries of tonights celebrations.Firstly I can tell you as a Fijian import I know what a worthwhile cause it is with your work for the Foundation for Needy Children in Fiji. You have adroitly applied  your club’s unique strengths and connections, combined it with the leveraging power and  internationality of Rotary for this cause on our doorstep and in a country which is part of this greatest of maritime Rotary districts ….our District 9920. Diwali the triumph of light over darkness is a fittiing occasion for shining a light at the end of the tunnel for the needy children in my old hometown Fiji. VINAKA VAKALEVU. Thank you Harbourside. Secondly most of you already know of our journey through the cancer maze with our oldest daughter Ruby. …..has always been full of surprises and… Sharon and I  can also remember some 12 years ago  another day  when the world stood still for us…. Ruby was 2 when she decided to have  a febrile turn. That is when  a  little body’s temperature rises suddenly causing the body to shut down. That day and many times since we have been reminded of how fortunate we are to have an organisation like St Johns….fast rapid  reassuring professional assistance . It is certainly  a service worth lending our hand to.  Diwali is also about renewal. As Rotarians, we know that we belong to the greatest change organization in the world . We know all about renewal with our annual Changeover.     L-R President Dan Maharaj & PAG Amritha Sobrun-Maharaj HARBOURSIDE L-R PDG Mike Jaduram & Savita Jaduram HARBOURSIDE Wendy Milne & AG Mike Milne  DOWNTOWN In life everything is choice. We can choose to close our eyes to the needs of others…….Or we can choose to look past distance, past colour, past language and dress and culture, and see that people everywhere are just like us – and then refuse to walk away.RI President Kalyan Banerjee. Rotary HARBOURSIDE  celebrates our cultural diversity in its membership composition. October ends with our first Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) seminar for our  D.9920 Rotarians this Rotary year.  Going forward there are now  3 planned for the Rotary year  with the first 2 in the first half and  the third in the second half. Hopefully this will avoid training fatigue when there are the 2 main RI training events of SP PETS & LETS in march and may respectively. NOVEMBER is Rotary Foundation Month and Chair TRF Bill Boyd  in his regular piece in Rotary DownUnder magazine says ” Now’s the time to learn what the Foundation does” A knowledgeable Rotarian is an Effective Rotarian indeed which brings me to our first get-together of the 2012-2013 leadership circle. PrePETS Auckland on sunday 13 november poreceded by a saturday  message form me at a  PrePETS in Suva facilitated by DG Alan taking advantage of the opportunity of his attending Suva North 40th birthday. Excerpt from my Message to the Suva Clubs: Bula and welcome to our first get-together.  Isn’t technology a wonderful thing. Thanks for giving up your Saturday afternoon for this milestone….especially to any partners for showing your passion for rotary by being here. Also thanks to DG Alan, PDG Warwick  and….. the Fiji leadership GANG for making this happen at such short notice. At this point…I should say… like you I am still listening and learning …the more I listen the more I am in awe of what Rotary and Rotarians in this district have accomplished as I take on this extraordinary privilege to serve Before I open this FIRST PrePETS …yes you beat our auckland session by a day….I must wish Suva North a happy 40th birthday. Some of you may know that I was inducted at Suva North when this club was still a teenager. My father and uncles were Rotarians at Suva club with some of your  dads…my good friend and Fiji Committee Liason Bob Niranjan‘s mother and my father Peter were in the Suva Council together,  AG Shaeens father a DG of our District was my first optician, incoming AG Malini Raghwan’s family is synonymous with construction in Fiji and we have worked together on buildings that you see around my old hometown …so ..isa…. I do feel very very comfortable talking to all of you. This memorable weekend my fellow thrillseekers on the 2012-2013 leadership circle rollercoaster started our journey to UNLEASHING OUR POTENTIAL.                              Wind of Change is blowing through Rotary and Count on Me. Exciting times to be a Rotarian. See separate Pre PETS post UNLEASHING OUR POTENTIAL : More Thrillseekers come aboard the DG 2012-2013 Rollercoaster THEN onto PowerHouse Networking : an exciting new Homeclub Rotary NEWMARKET initiative   supported by Newmarket Rotarians PP Bob MacMllan and Nigel Fowler L-R Nigel Fowler, inaugural guest in the “hotseat” Paul Meier  CEO Brand Developers Ltd. L-R RCON PR – Comms Chair Simon Dalton, Hotseat guest  Paul Meier, MC Nigel Fowler CHANGE & CONTINUITY : A Rotary Family is REFRESHED and  REINVIGORATED NEXT  an evening at Rotary PAPAKURA celebrating 10 years of projevts in Tonga. Rotary’s footprint is recognised  and a keystone for Tongans returning from overseas to Make Real the TONGAN DREAM. RECOGNISED were longstanding contributions from the extended Rotary Family including individual PAPAKURA Rotarians like John Ross and Peter McInness, the D.9920 Rotary Foundation Committee, the Harold Thomas Rotary Trust, the various businesses  in Papakura and Tonga and, not least of all the recipients…..the people within the Tongan communities. TRULY  SUSTAINABLE PROJECTS IN BUILDING COMMUNITIES BRIDGING CONTINENTS …so Rotary friendships grow and multiply. L-R RIYE student Lina Selvejer from Denmark; fellow thrillseeker Pres. Elect Graham Viall LENDING A HAND to New Home Club NEWMARKET fundraiser. Inaugural Auckland GARDEN DesignFest jointly organised by The NZ Garden Design Society and Rotary Club of Newmarket Inc. 24 gardens hosted over 1000 visitors over a weekend. $10,000 raised for 3 charity partners KidsCan, Ronald MacDonald House Auckland, CANTEEN. . GOVERNORS ELECT TRAINING & INSTITUTE Brisbane. See separate post HAKA and OiOiOi. L-R DG Alan Eyes, Gabrielle and DGN Willard Martin. PRONOUNCED District Governor Elect. Then a HAROLD THOMAS ROTARY TRUST meeting followed by an end of the year  dinner with partners completes an eventful month. DECEMBER This traditional festive month is heralded by my home club NEWMARKET Christmas Party . FELLOWSHIP celebrated by a club that knows how to have FUN.      L-R AG Peter Ross, DG spouse Claire Eyes, Ambassadorial Scholar Johnnie Shubert, Pres Roger Gower Followed closely by a visit to Auckland by RIPE Sakuji Tanaka and Kyoko with a Welcome reception hosted by PAKURANGA.   L-R TRF Trustee Chair Bill Boyd, RIPE Sakuji Tanaka; Lorna Boyd, Kyoko, Alison Ford D.9910   CONTINUITY & CHANGE in the Rotary Family L-R Lorna Boyd, RIPE Tanaka & Kyoko with Isabella Jaggs. DGE buddy PDG Leanne Jaggs(nee Searle), PDG Ross Craig, PDG Stuart Searle, TRF Trustee Chair Bill Boyd L-R Pres Greg Walker & Pres Elect David Gaze DOWNTOWN.   L-R Panmure Bridge School welcoming party,  RIPE Sakuji Tanaka & Kyoko Next a visit to Panmure Bridge School  and a master- class presentation of  the Rotary Dictionary4Life project, presenting the  USBORNE ILLUSTRATED DICTIONARY with the Rotary 4 Way Test for Children 1. Is it the TRUTH, 2. Is it FAIR to everyone, 3. Is it HELPFUL to everyone, 4. Is it KIND and will it build BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?   The Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair Bill Boyd ”  We are here to serve and each one of us is a Rotarian because we know that our lives are measured by what we do for others and not by what we do for ourselves.” Then a Rotary Club Visit for a lunch meeting with AUCKLAND   L-R RIPE Sakuji Tanaka, TRF Trustee Chair Bill Boyd, Mayor Len Brown   An opportunity to catch up with the AUCKLAND Rotary Family. L-R AUCKLAND Pres Elect Pam Clarke; DG Alan Eyes, visiting International Exchange Student and her family, Claire Eyes A D.9920 tradition : Tree Planting at the Auckland Domain. History repeats but a first for a RI President Elect. L-R RIPE Sakuji Tanaka, AUCKLAND Pres Jacqui Bennseman joined by  PDG Leanne Jaggs, DG Alan Eyes, PDG Stuart Searle and many others present.  Rotary Bonding. L-R Pres. Avalua Tavui PAPATOETOE WEST, TRF Trustee Chair Bill Boyd, RIPE  Sakuji Tanaka  PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE Then a D.9920 Training Meeting for SPPETS followed by Conference 2013 Committee Meeting. L-R D.9920 Conference Committee from home club NEWMARKET PP Russell Toplis, AG Peter Ross, Geoff Wake, Conference Chair PP Warwick Leyland. PUSHING BOUNDARIES joint conference with D.9940 D.9920 TRF End of Year Dinner. FELLOWSHIP & THANKS. Rounding off the year with a meeting of the D.9920 Information + Communications Technology Committee endorsing a strategy to futureproof and revamp http://www.rotarysouthpacific.org with respect Functionality & Look & Feel. This Multi-District website is a unique opportunity  for the Districts in NZ to Connect, Share and Identify Resources whilst offering the benefits of a one-stop shop for contact, database and a national brand identity. A Blog is setup inviting input from the 6 NZ Districts. JANUARY 2012 THIS IS THE YEAR. First adventure INTERNATIONAL ASSEMBLY San Diego.  A D.9920 Tradition. Surprise Send-Off from the DG Family. L-R Vivien Searle PUKEKOHE, Leanne Jaggs MANUKAU CITY SUNRISE, PE Mike Jaggs BOTANY EAST TAMAKI, DG Alan & Claire Eyes PUKEKOHE, Colin & Judy Nicolas DOWNTOWN, Ross Craig NEWMARKET. Lost in transit Bob & Helen Young ELLERSLIE SUNRISE, John & Annie Rennie DRURY. Many Best Wishes received via e-mail too. HEART-WARMING SUPPORT & ENCOURAGEMENT. D.9920 for BEST DISTRICT. HOMESTAY January 7-14 2012 D.6980 Central Florida, USA “Our District Governor Elect homestay signifies that Rotarians throughout the world have a common bond and that bond is friendship. Rotarians open their homes to share our culture and our community in order to develop a better understanding among our fellow man.” DGE Rick Baines ROTARY KISSIMMEE BAY 12 of 17 DGs Elect from 12 countries. Our Surname is INTERNATIONAL. L-R DGE grouping ROTARY KISSIMMEE BAY lunch meeting, home club for DGE Rick Baines , President Pam HOMESTAY : HOME AWAY FROM HOME I have always wanted to come visit Florida. Disneyworld, Kennedy Space Centre, Miami South beach, Sarasota Beach houses by Paul Rudolf and Richard Meier…and  NOW Add homestay D. 6980 . Our Homestay Hosts Teresa and Rotarian Mike Crofts ROTARY ALTEMONTE SPRINGS  Peas in a Pod. ROTARY  develops New Friendships. ROTARY FELLOWSHIP & NETWORKING opportunities abound across all ages, vocations and cultures Celebrating and Sharing with the ROTARY ALTEMONTE SPRINGS family.  Breakfast Meeting at ROTARY Lake Buena Vista ROTARY Lake Buena Vista at the doorstep of Disney World Orlando has a distinctive RI sanctioned Rotary pin with Mickey’s iconic appendages., Like the 2 clubs we visited Presidential bling is noticeably absent. HAPPY DOLLAR moments facilitated by the club sergeant are a positive alternative to  Sergeant sessions that is still rife ( and in New Gewnerations speak so last year and ancient)  in our part of the Rotary World. 3 Positives of ENGAGEMENT, CELEBRATION & HUMOUR.  IS IT FUN PDG Charles (Charlie) Rand ROTARY ALTEMONTE SPRINGS who gave D.6980 The ROTARY 5-WAY Test. INTERNATIONAL ASSEMBLY,  San Diego sunday 15 January – Friday 20 january 2012 An intensive training week to prepare for service as District Governors. circa 531 of us ENTERED & LEARNT  to GO FORTH & SERVE. For my TAKEAWAYS from the Plenaries, speeches, workshops , Rotary Moments there is a separate post ” INTERNATIONAL ASSEMBLY : Peace Through Service WOW” Follows some FUN MOMENTS.  The KIWI has landed. 6 DGsE from 6 New Zealand Districts  We are FAMILY.  We are ALL BLACK  We are INTERNATIONAL  We have TALENT HAKA – time : Everyone loved our CHALLENGE. Straw poll voted best in show. NZ DGs Elect and our best mates.  We had a DRESS REHEARSAL at THE SUNDOWN Research Association, Parlour 760  Seaport Tower, Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego. Hosted by THE SUNDOWNERS  “A World Fellowship of Past Officers of Rotary dedicated to share and extend friendship that enhances Rotary Service”  There was a CULTURAL EXCHANGE We had many opportunities to wear black and fly the flag. Our GETS training stood us in good stead.  We had a photo with President Elect SAKUJI  TANAKA  We had a photo with TRF Trustee Chair BILL BOYD & LORNA  We had a photo with President BANNERJEE and BINOTA  We had a photo with Gen. Sec. JOHN HEWKO and MARGA  One half of my GSE Sandwich. DGE DON DYKMAN D.6710 Kentucky USA. We met our 2 Group Study Exchange  year – mates for 2012 0 2013. My pic of  the other half DGE DEBBIE HODGE D.1260 London UK is MIA. As we count down to FUTURE VISION we have seized on the opportunity for 2 GSE. Firstly, to get us into the mindset of  Vocational Training Teams in the new era of Future Vision  a focussed vocational GSE on Adult Literacy and Numeracy with D.1260  North London UK  – occuring april-may 2013. Secondly , to keep the traditionalists happy we gratefully accepted the invitation to complete a last multi-vocational Exchange under the current model with D.6710 Kentucky USA  – occurring november 2012 – and  consummated over a bottle of Makers Mark Kentucky bourbon.  The Official Photo courtesy Rotary Images. Presidential Theme for 2012-2013 Peace Through Service. President Elect Sakuji Tanaka “…..Through our Rotary service, we know that cooperation is more productive than conflict…Putting Sevice Above Self allows us to focus our energies on what is truly important…and in this way we help to build a foundation for a more peaceful world.” POST INTERNATIONAL ASSEMBLY  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner ROTARY FELLOWSHIP continues everywhere. PEACE.  L-R PDG PHILLIPPE LAMOISE & BRITTANY CATTON A CLUB HOSTING event post IA organised by D.5340 San Diego provided an opportunity to reconnect with PDG Philippe Lamoise and Brittany Catton who we had met at D.9920 Conference 2011 in Tahiti. ROTARY MAGIC.  FEBRUARY 2012 Countdown 5 months to Changeover. Training, Training, Training + FUN.  Year of the DRAGON. Harbourside Family Celebration. L-R DG Alan, Pres Dan, Harbourside stalwart Donald Sew Hoy, PE Shefali, AGE Greg Moyle, CANTEEN Helena Chan  Ruby Seeto 2012 TeaTowel raises almost $700 for CANTEEN L-R successful bidder Frances Li Barfoot&Thompson FUN & FELLOWSHIP followed by WORK & FUN  BUDGETS & TRAINING PREPARATION L-R DG Treasurer JOHN STEER from Newmarket, Trainers IAIN VALENTINE  & ROY AUSTIN Remuera Logistics support BOYNE DRUMMOND Newmarket. LISTENING & LEARNING  CONTINUES   D.9920 PDG Lunch. A Tradition worth keeping. An opportunity to  Brief and  an opportunity to Listen and Learn form those who have been there.  Support from DG Alan’s  HOME CLUB PUKEKOHE   L-R PDG Lunch at Home of Margaret & PDG Mark Tregidga PUKEKOHE L-R Pres David Hawke SOMERVILLE HOWICK  at DG BBQ for District Leadership 2011- 2012 at home of Karen & Nigel Hicks PUKEKOHE CLUB VISIT  to DRURY to celebrate TRF stalwart IAIN WAKEFIELD PHF Double Ruby  L-R DG Alan Eyes & Iain Wakefield  Rotary enhances professional Bonds. L-R Architect ROLLY ADAMS Drury TRAINING & FUN  District Leadership Seminar Part 1 One of the things I was reminded of at International Assembly  was to hold a District Leadership Seminar. Those who know me well will know of my concern with training fatigue so tonite is Part 1. Laughter, Lubrication and hopefully some learnings. Part 2 will be fri 2 march 12-2pm. I hear the training conditions are going to be tough MORE  Laughter +Lubrication, a  Fun afternoon on Waiheke and so on… Most of all I learnt at IA is that Working together we CAN accomplish anything. So hopefully we are deepening our bonds tonight in this very uniquely Rotary way called FELLOWSHIP so that we will work together So thank you all for taking out a Saturday evening for Rotary. Thank you all for your service to Rotary. Tonite 41/2 months out from taking off on our biggest Rotary rollercoaster yet we are saying together quoting Pres Elect Tanaka San. Watashi shidai! It is up to us. It is up to us to set goals. It is up to us to achieve them. It is up to us to help other people, so that they can help themselves.  Pushing Boundaries one day at a time and build a world of Peace Through Service…” SERVICE & FUN Home Club Community Support : BBQ for Ronald MacDonald House Auckland  An Active Club is a Strong Vibrant Club cooking on GAS L-R Pres Roger Gower NEWMARKET, CEO Wayne Howett  RONALD MACDONALD HOUSE Auckland PLANNING & FUN Then a District PR Membership Committee meeting and a District Leadership meeting and a District Finance + Administration Committee meeting and a  District Rotary Foundation Committee meeting. Followed by more TRAINING & FUN : Preparing for SP – PETS  South Pacific Presidents Elect Training 2-4 March 2012. DGE Home Club GET-TOGETHER :  Conference 2013 + Think Tank + Logistics Support  Pres De Gaulle once said : The Presidency is temporary …Family is permanent. How true have those words been for me since my Presidency of the best club in NZ. Firstly THANKS to the 2 club presidents I served as director and have a lot to answer for.…John and Warwick…for making me a real Rotarian rather than a resume Rotarian… you tried your best to teach me good Rotary habits …and I hope I have not disappointed. I must not forget PP Russell who suggested that RCON should send its president to International Convention should there ever be a NZ International President….I was that lucky President in Bill Boyd’s year and learnt to Lead the Way. Secondly to all of you in my think tank and conference group ..you know who you are….soon after my nomination a short 20 months ago Warwick and I came up with you as doers and influencers in the club.…those who will challenge my thinking rather than necessariy agreeing with me…. Thirdly to my hardworking home-club support group…. …Paul cat herder extraordinaire…and his sidekicks Boyne and Ron & our  techie David …. Contrary to Rotary protocol I have left thanking our own rotary dignitary till the end… PDG Ross for telling me like it is and when to pull my head in or back under the parapet Of course thanks to all our partners here too…where would we all be without you…Nicole,Penny,Sally,Kaye,Jane, Karen,Jill and Janet and Gaye . Lastly, my immediate family who are here today…I hope you have met our youngest and lucky last, Noon for helping with her friend Ella and … everyone knows Ruby… my lovely muse Sharon for your unwavering support and love.  So as we Push those Boundaries to build Peace Through Service Lets have a toast to FAMILY  HOME is BEST L-R Nicole, Jane, Debbie, AG Peter Ross, DCC Brian McMath, Confernce Chair Warwick Leyland, Russell & Pres Roger MARCH 2012 Countdown 4 months to Changeover. Training our Incoming Leaders  2012-2013. DISTRICT LEADERSHIP SEMINAR Part 2 : AG + DCC Circle + Peace Fellowship chairs   2 Mar  Is the world moving faster than Rotary? Some sage said We must constantly re-align with our communities and our environment. A reminder of our 2 District Strategic Objectives : Continuity and Change. For my TAKEAWAYS from this Training Session there is a separate post ” SP-PETS D.9920 2012 : Unleashing Our Potential building Peace Through Service Follows some HAPPY MOMENTS. SP- PETS 2-4 Mar Waipuna Conference Centre Auckland D.9920 Family from 8 countries in the South East Pacific. Our surname is INTERNATIONAL. Family Get-Together at Han San Vietnamese follows a Networking afternoon on Waiheke Island for PI PEs and DCCs I am not going to give a big speech …..However I do need to thank my chief cat herder DS Paul Monk  for making sure that we have such a fantastic turnout and make the most of this once in a year opportunity. When we started to plan this event we started small as you do, with just the PETS attendees, then we thought perhaps the District subcommittee chairs and some of them are here tonight, then we thought why not rotaractors and I believe one or 2 are out there, then we got bigger and bolder and thought why not PDGs…..Why? Because This is a once a year opportunity where we can have so many  of our District family together….more so than a conference I especially want to recognise our PDGs who are here  and thank them for coming. They are here because they are still pretty darn good. Do take the opportunity to talk to them and get the good  juice…….. L-R AGE Don Bendall AUCKLAND L-R PE Marion Heywood HALF MOON BAY, DCC  World + Community Service Roger Harvey  NEWMARKET, AG Peter Ross NEWMARKET, GSE IN subcommittee Chair Sylvie Wilkinson & Hadyn PAKURANGA, Peace Fellowship subcommittee Deputy Chair Peter Crellin DOWNTOWN L-R Griffon Emose from DGE “BIRTH- CLUB” SUVA NORTH  We are ISLANDERS together at Han San L-R  AG Lina Johannes TARAVAO, AGE Malini Raghwan SUVA, Peace Felowship subcommittee Chair Rita Taphorn SUVA PENINSULA, PE Michael Yee Joy SUVA, DCC Liason Fiji Bob Niranjan SUVA, PE Griffon Emose SUVA NORTH, AG Shaheen Asgar SUVA NORTH, PE Suluo Daunivalu SUVA PENINSULA, PE Bernadette Taputu TARAVAO, PE Tehani Maueau BORABORA, PDG Warwick Pleass SUVA EAST  We were joined by our Rotaractors L-R DRR Alrita Ray & Ari from ROTORACT UNIVERSITY of AUCKLAND  Our pretty darned good PDGs came along L-R PDG Alan Davies PAKURANGA, Adrienne & PDG Jack Davies OTAHUHU L-R Helen & Incoming PR + Strategic Communications DCC David Wong HARBOURSIDE,  PP Paul Jaduram LABASA  SP-PETS : The Business End For my TAKEAWAYS from this Training Event there is a separate post SP-PETS D.9920 2012 : Unleashing Our Potential building Peace Through Service  D9920 the biggest maritime District in the Rotary World  Entering to Learn, Connect & Share L-R DG Raewyn Kirkman D.9930, DGE Graeme Blick D.9940, AGE Juliette Philippe MOOREA  We were inspired in Plenaries L-R Rotary International VP Tom Thorfinnson EDEN PRAIRIE NOON Rotary D.5950. We are ONE Rotary. Regional Rotary Foundation Co-ordinator John Cole EASTERN HUTT  We shared ideas in our Club Clusters in our District Breakouts L-R  PE Matt Adams ELLERSLIE SUNRISE, PE Mike Jaggs BOTANY EAST TAMAKI, AG Colin Robinson ST JOHNS, PE Avalua Tavui PAPATOTOE WEST, PE Murray Browne ALFRISTON  We  worked hard at the District Breakouts L-R  D.9920 Cluster 9, Trainer Iain Valentine REMUERA at podium, PE David Gaze DOWNTOWN  We had a beautitiful PI stand at the Projects Exchange Grateful thanks to our hardworking and passionate PI projects advocate D.9920 TRF Chair  and my DG buddy PDG Leanne Jaggs MANUKAU SUNRISE  We recognised Sir Anand Satyanand with the RI AWARD OF HONOUR Former Governor General of NZ Sir Anand Satyanand was awarded  the Rotary International Award of Honour medal at the SP-PETS dinner. Each RI President can only award five worldwide. Sir Anand was the 61st recipient, and the only recipient from NZ. Sir Anand is an active member of the Rotary Club of Wellington. He was President Elect when he was chosen to be Governor General. For my TAKEAWAYS from this Training Event there is a separate post SP-PETS D.9920 2012 : Unleashing Our Potential building Peace Through Service The AFTER-MATCH BBQ for our Pacific Island attendees at Claire and DG Alan’s  home. Deepening bonds and planning the D.9920 Flash Dance for Peace on 23 February 2013 March 16 ROTARY Family success My daughter Noon Seeto presented with her St Cuthberts College Year 7-8 House Captain badge by keynote speaker old girl and Rotary Newmarket IYE alumni Celia Mahon Heap who in her address quoted aptly  Christopher Robin to Pooh. ” You are braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think”  L-R Assembly Clouston Hall St Cuthberts College, Celia Mahon Heap “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself, any direction you choose”. http://www.goodreads.com/author/quotes/61105.Dr_Seuss March 17 Group Study Exchange 2012 Outbound  Team “Hauora NZ” Farewell at Romfords. New Zealand – Alaska/Yukon, Canada 24March – 23 April. A focussed GSE on Maternal  and Child Health between Districts D9920 and D5010 L-R Team Haurora Leader Gillian Cossey HARBOURSIDE, Donna Bennett, Laura Barkwill,Kerri McConachie, Sarah-Jane Westbrooke L-R Claire Eyes and DG Alan L-R GSE chair Don Leith AUCKLAND, GSE outbound chair Grant Hunter ELLERSLIE SUNRISE March 19 Information & Communications Technology Meeting endorsed idea for a web-based DG Newsletter format for 2012-2013 based on  user friendly wordpress. The idea was born from a desire to refresh the obligatory  monthly DG Newsletter format  whilst enabling easier uploading and editing of contributions; and is the brain-child of Rotary Newmarket RYLArian and Rotarian Nigel Fowler  Marketing Chef at http://www.OnlineMarketingAgency.co.nz This new format recognises the growing spam screening for attachments, allows an automated distribution system, drives traffic to http://www.rotarysouthpacific.org.nz  and will hopefully be sustainable  for subsequent District Governors. A new domain has been purchased http://RotaryNews.org.nz and will go live after changeover 1 July 2012. Watch this space. March 24 PI LETS APIA For my TAKEAWAYS from this Training Event there is a separate post ” PI-LETS APIA D.9920 2012 : Unleashing Our Potential building Peace Through Service PI LETS Apia 2012 March 23-25.Follows more FUN MOMENTS. L-R Trainer Roy Austin REMUERA  at Robert Louis Stevenson’s Vailima. Getting the context and history . Friday night Soiree at the Marina. Bonding before the work begins. L-R PE Douglas Creevey APIA, PAG Marae Slade APIA, Secretary Roy Hall PAGOPAGO, PE Jackie Young PAGOPAGO, PN Louise Main APIA, Trainer Roy Austin REMUERA, PAG Gene Paul APIA  APIA past, present, future L-R PAG Gene Paul, AGE James Arp, PE Douglas Creevey We had interactive presentations We had club breakouts and some Rotarians from Savaii joined us. L-R Apia, PagoPago, Savaii We had Apia Rotoractors come and tell us their stories and show us how they make dreams real for their community. We were moved by the positive response to the day. Fun & Learning Together. We had a group photo to remember the day. PEACE. We had a de-brief of the day by the Hotel Tanoa Tusitala pool. Vailima lager makes a good thirst quencher after all the talking. L-R AGE James Arp, PN Louise Main, PE Douglas Creevey APIA; PE Jackie Young, Secretary Roy Hall PAGOPAGO, Trainer Roy Austin REMUERA, Anne and PN Dennis Wellborn PAGOPAGO, AGE James Arp APIA We continued our de-brief at PADDLES Restaurant L-R PE Jackie Young PAGOPAGO, PE Douglas Creevey APIA, Assistant RI Zone Co-ordinator PDG Warwrick Pleass SUVA EAST, AGE James Arp APIA, Trainer Roy Austin REMUERA We were given some lessons for our D9920 Flash Dance for Peace  23 Feb 2013 We have GO-FORWARD to Unleash Our Potential for 2012-2013. For my TAKEAWAYS from this Training Event there is a separate post ” PI-LETS APIA D.9920 2012 : Unleashing Our Potential building Peace Through Service March 26 Announcement of DGNN Iain Wakefield at DRURY  Building on Our Past PDG Bob Young ELLERSLIE SUNRISE, PDG Jack Davies OTAHUHU, PDG John Rennie DRURY, DGNN Iain Wakefield DRURY, Chair Nominating Committee PDG Alan Davies PAKURANGA, PDG Cliff Dickey DRURY March 27 WELCOME for GSE Inbound from D5010 Alaska/Yukon at Pakuranga Sailing Club “Rotary at the Top of the World” comes DownUnder. The largest land-based Rotary District 5010 meets the largest maritime District 9920.  The Welcome Challenge L-R GSE inbound team, Panmure Bridge School   Kapa Haka Group  The Reply We are ONE in ROTARY Thanks for the GSE Inbound sub-committee  from Chair Sylvie Wilkinson PAKURANGA  Connecting L-R DGNN Iain Wakefield DRURY, Gabrielle Gimblett ELLERSLIE SUNRISE; D.5010 GSE Off Exploring Team Leader Vivian Findlay ROTARY Homer Downtown  Home Hosting is FUN Home Hosts from DGE Home Club Rotary NEWMARKET March 30 PONSETI CONFERENCE 2012 Auckland . Rotary funding assistance  from Rotary Newmarket, Rotary Auckland East and Harold Thomas Rotary Trust for 18 Pacific Island  Ponseti practitioners to attend. Truly an example of sutainability in two of The Rotary Foundation’s areas of focus; Disease Prevention and Treatment and Maternal and Child Health and, a case of helping teach people how to fish instead of giving people the fish. April 1 Started with more flooding in Fiji. Fiji Rotarians once more in first response mode in conjunction with RNZWCS.


Fiji Floods – as at Sunday evening 1 April. The West of Viti Levu  in Fiji is again being devastated by floods. Information from Fiji is this is far far worse than January and the worst in living memory. Unfortunately more bad weather is forecast and the Government has requested no further passengers be flown into Nadi. As of 7pm Sunday 1 April a state of emergency has been declared and hurricane warning has been issued. Again Rotarians are amongst the first on the ground assisting with food parcels, clothing and Emergency Response Kits. The true need can only be assessed and assistance start once the water levels recede and access can be gained to the affected areas. President Rick Eyre and the Rotary Club of Lautoka are already out helping those in need: yesterday – At Andrews Primary School 158 families – received 74 food packs, At Nadi Muslim School 60 families – received 20 food packs, At PWD depot – 10 Families – received 6 food packs. Today 45 food packs given to evacuation centre at Lovu Sangam. Tomorrow 350 packs to go – and during all this Rick’s own office has been flooded. The clubs in Fiji met yesterday to  co-ordinate assistance with the provision of food and clothing. Overall Rotary efforts are being Coordinated by Bob Niranjan in Fiji,  and Stuart Batty of Rotary New Zealand World Community Service. Funds from the January appeal are being dispatched for immediate use in the relief efforts. More is going to be required to assist the people of Fiji. The best way we outside Fiji can assist at this stage is the immediate donation of funds to purchase food and clothing and other essentials in Fiji. Remember from the January appeal, $40 will feed a family of four for one week. We are fortunate to have  a strong network of Rotarians in Fiji to co-ordinate these efforts and ensure the aid  gets to where it is most needed. Immediate donations would be appreciated to the Rotary New Zealand 2012 Fiji Flood Appeal via: • Rotary New Zealand World Community Service http://www.rnzwcs.org <http://www.rnzwcs.org/>  where there is a PayPal credit card facility, or • Internet banking telegraphic transfer to Westpac Banking Corporation, Wellington, NZ account number 03 1702 0192208 02 (international donors will also require Swift Code WPACNZ2W, IBAN Code 031702) for account name RNZWCS Limited (Rotary New Zealand), and include reference Fiji Flood , and/or donor name and club • Cheque made payable to RNZWCS Limited posted to PO Box 20309, Christchurch 8543, New Zealand Donations are tax deductible within NZ. April 3 D.9920 New Generations & Vocational Seminar at Cadrona Pub Mt Eden New Generations : IMPORTANT? I know you are here because you are passionate about New Generations and  you certainly don’t need me to tell you how important this 5th avenue of service is for Rotary and our communities. But  Chair Roger Harvey has given me 5mins  and I need to have some public speaking practice so let me share 3 stories from the rollercoaster all of which will sound familiar to any committed NewGenner thrillseeker Pushing Boundaries. My first story.comes from the  LETS weekend I have just spent in Apia There I met Kaisarina Salesa. ….. Kaisarina Rotaractor and future Rotarian was a ROTA Pacific participant and a RYLArian. My second story concerns a group of young people aged between 16 and 19. Enno, Jackob and Sebastian from Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Oriane, Solene and Kirsten from Belgium, France and Canada. Yes our surname is INTERNATIONAL. Sharon and I had the privilege to be their chaperone at District Conference in Tahiti last May. We felt like the lucky older rellies taking the kids for an indulgent week away….They want to give something back to Rotary . They all said ROTARY IYE changed their  lives. That week changed our lives. My last story comes out of an unforgettable presentation at Brisbane Insitute last November. …. Hujambo, Bonjour, Gidday My name is  Ilyasi. I am a refugee from DR Congo is how this young man started his address. Ilyasi was 15 when civil war erupted in his birth country one lunchtime. Onset of Civil war gives no prior warning. Making an instant decision to flee with his 2 younger siblings these 3 greetings (starting with his native Swahili) reflected some of the languages that he had to learn on the run and survive the many refugee camps… Ilyasi wowed us at Institute. He is training to be a teacher  in languages, and looking forward to joining Rotary. His is a story of HOPE and his parting words to us were

If you want to know what  Rotary will be like in 25 years time, it will be in good hands with people like me. Indeed ilyasi, our IYE alumni, Kaisarina are our New Generations and also our Next generation. New Generations is Our Dreams and Our Hope. I know so and so do all of you. So why is there the annual toothpulling to extract monetary support and engagement… April 15 Rotary Leadership Institute RLI Learning Together  Graduation L-R D-9920 RLI Chair Ingrid Waugh PARNELL, Pres Bart Signal MANUKAU CITY SUNRISE, Pres George Wilson PAPAKURA, PDG Beryl Robinson RLI NZ & PI Division  A knowledgeable Rotarian is an Effective Rotarian L-R Presidents Elect Philip Wilson SOMERVILLE HOWICK, Clive MacDonald PAKURANGA, Miles Cain ST JOHNS, Jill Lane MANUKAU CITY SUNRISE, Owen Pringle DRURY April 20-22 D-9920 Conference Waitangi  We were treated to a traditional Welcome  We saw the official party given the traditional challenge  We mixed and mingled Our Home Club NEWMARKET was well represented.  Our partners caught up with each other  We listened to a thought provoking address on strategies for leading and connecting with Generation Y from Michael McQueen The Nexgen Group  L-R AG Jennie Herring, Michael McQueen, DG Alan  We caught up with our Papeete friends L-R Hugh Lawrence & PAG Cathy Gourbault-Lawrenec PAPEETE  Our Home Club went across to Russell  Strengthening Bonds L-R aHome Club Past President sandwich PP Bill Strand and Roger Harvey;  we invited AGE James Arp APIA  Someone took a photo of us in  Russell outside the Duke of Marlborough  We hosted a pre-Gala Home Club  Get-Together  We all tried on our our masks  Masks OFF  Mask ON Rotarians in D-9920 know how to party  We enjoyed the Candy Lane dancers   My DG buddy PDG Leanne Jaggs  My Home Club Sergeant Richard Holden  My Home Club Ambassadorial Scholar Johnnie Shubert presented on helping people become self reliant by enhancing their skills in literacy and technology.  We announced our Joint Conference in Rotorua Hello everyone. 3 Questions Have you had a good time ? Have you enjoyed catching up with everyone? Have you enjoyed the speakers? I have too. Give a round of applause  to DG Alan and Pukekohe Club. This also means you will be ready for … Next conference is a JOINT Conference with District 9940. in Rotorua. That way we might just equal Stuart Searle and Pukekohe Club’s record for conference attendance. Our theme is PUSHING BOUNDARIES on Family and Youth. In the words of our Young New Zealander of the Year, Student Army commander Sam Johnson: “take risks, , dare to be different and inspire.” Let me introduce some of my Conference team… Arent those polos smart? Chair Warwick, with Peter, Brian  and Sharon & friends.Give them a round of applause . Join us at Conference 2013. 1. ENJOY a party weekend after ANZAC Day with friends in one of NZ’s “hottest” destinations 2. LISTEN to inspiring speakers pushing boundaries in Family and Youth. We’ve got Ben Lummis   Our very first NZ Idol, now mixing his music with helping young people– his is a a great personal story We’ve got Stuart Heal . RI Director . The brains behind our new Strategic Plan. Stuart will give you a behind the scenes look at initiatives Rotary is undertaking for Family & Youth We’ve got Murray Thom.  NZ Entrepreneur of the Decade, Personal Plates, the Great NZ songbook, Inspirational speaker. And we’ve got surprise high-profile speakers too 3. LEARN about the impact Rotary youth programmes are having on young NZers, and HOW social media can enhance your world.  Newmarket Clubs  RYLArian and youngest Rotarian Nigel Fowler will enlighten and excite you.  You might even learn how to make origami Peace Cranes. On that note enjoy this short video featuring others who think YOU should be Pushing Boundaries in Rotorua 2013.

You can catch the video on my post
 SP-PETS D.9920 2012 : Unleashing Our Potential building Peace Through Service
April 27-29 PI LETS SUVA  Rotary sharing on old home ground  For my TAKEAWAYS from this Training Event there is a separate post ” PI-LETS SUVA D.9920 2012 : Unleashing Our Potential building Peace Through Service Some FUN memories to share below;  Friday Bonding Old friends and New. We drank. Isa its good to be back in my old hometown. Thank you for your warm welcome. I do want to express my thanks to all of you who have lent a hand to get this event off to a fine start in particular AG Shaheen, and my friend Bob sharing his experience, Bernadette for the venue…I also want to take this opportunity to say … Can I acknowledge DG Alan and the PDGs among us. I hope you make the most of this opportunity to get the good oil from them. Please indulge me as I go down memory lane. My old family home is just up the road from our hotel at the Holiday Inn, the old Travelodge where I used to fish off the sea wall. I got my first pair of glasses from PDG Asgar Ali, Shaheens father. My father was in Suva City Council with Bob Niranjan’s mother and in Suva Rotary with his Dad. As an Architect you could blame me and Malini’s father for some of the buildings around here. I was made to eat my greens from Michael Yee Joy’s family green-grocers..so yes I can go on. …and  YES it is great to be amongst  my Fiji Rotary Family .   We ate and drank  and toasted FELLOWSHIP.  Saturday. LETS and Peace Cranes  Interactive Training. Sharing & Learning.  We talked  We talked some more  We listened  We Shared  We Shared and we Talked some more  We met outgoing Peace Scholar 2012 Sandy Fong Uni of Bradford UK  We recognised Pres Rick Eyre LAUTOKA PHF  We had a de-brief  We celebrated Fiji-style  We made new friends  We  made Peace  We recognised  the Trainers , AGs and  DCC  We tried singing “All You Need is Love”

 Sunday we presented Theme banners 2012-2013
We presented DCC Fiji Liason Bob Niranjan with the Lisbon 2013 Convention representative medal
PDG Stuart Batty RNZWCS convened a Disaster De-briefing and Prepared-ness meeting.
District Peace Fellowship chair Rita Taphorn SUVA PENINSULA provided a useful perspective on Gender Considerations in Disaster Assessment “Specifically Engaging those groups most vulnerable to disasters is an essential part of building disaster resistant communities”
 We went and met with Rotary NADI
 A New Dawn and a New Day.
I have been listening and what I have heard and seen I am in awe of what Rotarians and clubs in Fiji have accomplished  working together to do good in your communities not least underlined by efforts in the recent floods. Vinaka Vakalevu.
We are ready to Unleash Our Potential to Build Peace through Service.
For my TAKEAWAYS from this Training Event there is a separate post ” PI-LETS SUVA D.9920 2012 : Unleashing Our Potential building Peace Through Service
May  3 Public Relations & Membership Workshop
Good evening. Congratulations on your decision to attend this workshop….. I also need to thank our chairs David and Sue , John and Colin for  pulling this event together  so rapidly. Give them a round of applause. You are all here tonight because you believe that you will (in RID Stuart Heals  words) Connect with your fellow Rotarians, Share Ideas and hopefully Identify Resources to take action  from this event. You also know that PR & Membership are entwined. ……..a couple of scene setters To paraphase Monty Audenart, your membership has brought you relationships, opportunities to change lives locally and globally, a chance to be peace builders and many adventures of leading others.. ROTARY IS NOT OURS UNTIL WE SHARE IT. One of our District goals in 2012-2013 is to Share our Rotary moments by Telling Our Stories Effectively. Imagine if we could engage our 1.2 million members as great storytellers of our  accomplishments. Everything we do as Rotarians affects our image and our brand. Quite simply,our ability to tell our story in a compelling way affects how our organization is perceived. So WHAT are the stories that you have to tell, and HOW can you share them? A ROTARY MOMENT IS WHEN THE MAGIC BEGINS  I want to share with you a story that I heard in San Diego earlier this year told two different ways, and you can determine which one has more impact. First, more than 2 million people die each year because they lack access to safe drinking water and proper sanitation. The United Nations estimates that sub-Saharan Africa loses 40 billion manhours per year collecting water — that’s the same as a whole year’s worth of labor by the entire workforce of France! From 1978 through 2009, The Rotary Foundation awarded more than 4,900 grants totaling US$52.7 million for water projects worldwide. This is vitally important, because water is life. Now, let me tell you about water in a different way. This is a much repeated story originally told by Past RI Vice President Tom Thorfinnson ( and  some of you would have heard him tell this story at SPPETS) It is  about his volunteer experience in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. He traveled repeatedly to these countries, helping to create sources of clean water. One day, one of his fellow Rotarians was talking with a village elder, who shared the most profound observation: “When the well was built, the children stopped dying.” This one simple sentence made people understand why clean water was so important. The outline for this evening is in your Agenda. The outcomes I am hoping from tonights Event are 4-fold. •   I HOPE  that You will take away the WHY of PR & Membership & set some goals •   I Hope  that You will takeaway some tools to help you achieve those goals •   I Hope that You will takeaway at least ONE action to  make those goals a reality FINALLY I HOPE that WE will use use this event to determine some burning issues which we can work on more intensively in the upcoming LETS PR & Membership breakouts.
 Why do we Need PR?
PR Chair  David Wong HARBOURSIDE
 We  need to Grow and Retain Members
Membership Chair Sue Williamson SOMERVILLE HOWICK
 We can remember to Network
L-R PR committee stalwart John Cornaga ST JOHNS
 How about using
Social Media like joining the D-9920 Linked In  group, or telling our stories in RDU.
L-R  Vocational Chair Brian McMath NEWMARKET, AG Colin Robinson ST JOHNS, scribe and PR Committee member  Catherine Peters NEWMARKET, John Cornaga ST JOHNS
 How about Sharing some ideas
Thoughts about Changing Perceptions from Catherine Peters Many people have incorrect or historic perceptions of Rotary, amongst them:  pale, male, stale and old;  expensive;  takes too much time;  and they do weird things like fine you for your birthday.  The first rule of PR is ‘never repeat the negative’– and here, for the purposes of education, I’ve broken it.  I will never do so again!The point here is:  perception may not be true;  but perception is reality.  What people perceive and believe defines their view of Rotary’s image.Every Rotarian can help change those perceptions.  Here’s how: –         When you hear these thoughts, or suspect people hold them, ALWAYS take time to correct the impression.  Challenge the impression by cherry picking facts about Rotary which re-characterise what it is and does. e.g. “That’s a misconception.  Did you know that we welcome all to our club?  We have x women members/we have a president who is Chinese/we have a strong Pacific Island membership;”   “Part of the philosophy of Rotary is to raise money for good causes.  We ask people to donate as part of the club’s weekly business.  Some clubs choose to do it by having a bit of fun such as fining people on their birthdays.  Our club does it this way…..” etc etc–         Always define Rotary to anyone you meet (in your own terms, pithily):  “Rotary is a business club that truly serves our local community.  For instance, did you know our club gave away $x000 to xyz school  last year?  That helped them buy gym equipment.  They really needed this equipment. They used it for….”–         Personal experience is ‘your friend’when trying to explain what Rotary is and does.  Tell stories from your own experience that help turn over the impressions.Every Rotary Club can help change perceptions too.  Here’s how: –         Ensure your public profile (media releases, advertising, club newsletters, website, social media sites etc etc) depicts women, different ethnicities, younger people – always in every issue.  If you want to be known for an image, you have to depict that image.  People will perceive you for whatever image you depict.  Review your current communications and see whether or not the perceptions you think people have are justified, given the image your club is projecting.-         Think about the words you use in meetings and in public.  Consider using inclusive terms, not dated or exclusive terms e.g. Not ‘the ladies’ but “women”;  not “our wives” but “our partners or spouses”.  For some people such terms won’t matter;  but for many audiences – and potentially younger audiences – they may well matter a lot.-         Consider loosening the structure of meetings so that traditional activities are reviewed in the light of the way they may be seen today.  Of course, tradition is important – and so is history.  But are some traditions obstacles for people joining and staying?  And can you legitimately and comfortably modernise them? Perceptions take time to change.  But to change them, you have to consider what creates those impressions in the first place, and change your behaviour (if you choose to) to create new impressions. So what’s important then?  Everything we say;  and everything we do – of course!
May  12  Rotaract Quiz : Fundraiser for  Water project on Upolu Samoa
  A Family Affair
 The Rotary Family comes together  with  5 Rotary Clubs and 3 Rotaractor Clubs  signal a compelling template for more multiClub and multiGenerational events .
L-R Assistant DIstrict Rotaract Representative Katie Littlejohn, Rotaractor Daniel Porus
 Go where the Next Generation are
Team Tagata Manumalo The Winning People. 
 Sit among Them. Learn from Them.
We won a round. LOL
 Mixing it up.
Connecting , Sharing, Networking. LOL
 Time for a catch-up
L-R District Rotaract Chair John Fothergill PARNELL
 Time for another catchup
L-R Adriana Gundar DOWNTOWN and her special service friend
 It was all over before we knew it. FUN.
May  15  Rotary MANGERE 40th anniversary
 A MANGERE Family Get-Together
Past, Present, Future theme this celebration was an opportunity to recount this club’s proud history of service, honour its past and present members and look forward to nurturing future alumni.
 PAST : A PDG given a talking stick?
PDG John Rennie DRURY and Past President. Rotary has brought opportunities personal development and learning that much can be achieved by work ing collectively.
 Present : A DG at  the podium?
DG Alan PUKEKOHE. Imagine the collective effort by  circa 34,300 other clubs doing  good in the world as Rotarians in 2011-2012 Reach Within to Embrace Humanity.
 FUTURE : A DGE building alumni.
L-R MP for Mangere Su’a William Sio, Australia NZ Student Exchange ANZSE awardees Liam Murupaenga and Jay-me Alexander Taylor.
President Peter, guests and our awardees. I came across this phrase sometime ago……..”Remember Your Future” ……I thought it was a rather fresh take on that good and golden oldie…. “Remember Your Dreams”  All parents dream of the best future for their children. All children dream of …..THE best future for themselves. The more I see of this greatest service organization in the world that we belong to …..I am CERTAIN Rotary programs DO help make dreams real. The 2 mentioned tonight ANZSE and Rotary Youth Leadership Awards or RYLA are 2 such programs 3 years ago my son  Joss along with 105 others returned elated from their remarkable week long RYLA adventure. Was he challenged physically and intellectually? I saw that he was. Did he learn some leadership skills? I think so. Did he come  back a little more cocky? I am afraid so. Did he see Rotary in Action. I am certain that he did.  So: from a Rotarian’s perspective I hope that  you will be our NEXT generation of Rotarians AND: from a Dad’s perspective…..I hope that our awardees  will find opportunities in life to dig fruitfully into their exchange toolbox of  experiences. …. that Liam and Jay-me YOU will ALWAYS be fortunate enough to remember YOUR future.  Recognition.
L-R DG Alan Eyes PUKEKOHE, Pres & Pres Elect Peter Sykes MANGERE, Past Pres David Gock MANGERE recognised with an inaugural Mangere College David Gock Trophy. MP Su’a William Sio
May  20  District Assembly LETS Leaders Elect training  Seminar  Auckland
For my TAKEAWAYS from this Training Event there is a separate post ” LETS AUCKLAND D.9920 2012 : Unleashing Our Potential building Peace Through Service For some FUN moments below.  A New Day  begins. St Cuthberts College. Setting Up Home Club NEWMARKET “RCONteurs” Support  More RCONteur support and a table decorated with origami Peace Cranes. a healthy turn-out from Auckland Clubs circa 160 registrations  Fellowship Connecting and Re-Connecting Making New Connections and Re-establishing Old ones  Connecting at a Multi-District level PDG Howard Tong D-9940 Rotary Public Image Zone Co-ordinator  Connecting within D-9920 District Governor Nominee Iain Wakefield DRURY  Connections everywhere L-R Pres Dave Hawke SOMERVILLE HOWICK & Pres Peter Sykes MANGERE; new Rotarian Dyan Calverley  SOMERVILLE HOWICK  The Work Day begins  It was a good crowd Good morning …………………….and hello class of 2012-13  Pleased to hear the buzz and the air of expectation as I walked  in earlier . Even if this buzz is a little different when I have been here for a school assembly ..different  from that of 1400 squealing  girls ……at the mention of One Direction…Thank you for giving up another Sunday for Rotary. I want to especially welcome those future leaders ……our Rotarians and Rotaractors  who are here simply because they want to Listen, Learn, Connect, Share and Identify Resources with our club and district leadership. I want you to  know that here today…. No question is a silly one. Today I  want us to think  about whats in front of all of us. …….   Telling Our Stories Effectively. We listened to PDG Howard Tong D-9940 Rotary Public Image Co-ordinator  10 Tips for memorable EVENTS We listened to Connie Clarkson Placemaker  Working Together A potential Cluster Grant Project. We listened to Professor Bob Elliot on rheumatic fever . “You all know I have a BIG heart….& I found my HEART (SHARON) in NZ .”  Give Peace a Chance We listened to Peace Fellowship sub-Committee deputy Chair Peter Crellin DOWNTOWN. We learnt how to meet the Presidential Citation challenge and much more.   We all agreed in more ways than we know….we need to ” Do TRY it” Thanks to John Burton Limited donating Dilmah Tea packets. For my TAKEAWAYS from this Training Event there is a separate post ” LETS AUCKLAND D.9920 2012 : Unleashing Our Potential building Peace Through Service

 May  24  Joint Outgoing-Incoming Leadership meeting
 Almost 4 Weeks to WOW
May  25-27   PI LETS PAPEETE  Returning to Re-Connect with PassionFor my TAKEAWAYS from this Training Event there is a separate post” PI-LETS PAPEETE D.9920 2012 : Unleashing Our Potential building Peace Through ServiceFUN Moments to share below;
 The Context
PAPEETE stalwart Charles Trondle’s new Building  & soon to be ROTARY PAPEETE  HQ, Kuo Min Tang Ecole Chinoise
 Catching-Up L-R AGE Juliette Phillippe MOOREA, PDG John Cole D.9940  TRF Zone Co-ordinator, PDG Nicolas Spillman e-Club Francophone  Checking Out the Seminar venue  at Sofitel Maeva Beach Resort and an unexpected surprise L-R Miss Tahiti contestants, PDG John Cole D.9940   Early Practice for the Dance for Peace 23 Feb 2013 Friday evening Get-Together Tahitian style L-R AGE Juliette Phillippe MOOREA , Thierry, AG Lina Joannes TARAVAO, PDG John Cole D.9940  Work Day begins. Participants from all 6 clubs in French Polynesia Cluster 6. Combination of interactive listening in a horse-shoe and round table breakout discussion.  Unleashing Our Potential Building Peace Through Service  Our surname is International. Our core values the same. Our message is clearly translated. Bonjour …………………….and hello class of 2012-13 Pleased to hear the buzz and the air of expectation and some of you have come a long way . Thank you for giving up another Saturday for Rotary. I have 4 things to say… Firstly, Please don’t hesitate to tell me to speak slowly and forgive me when I practise my Form 6 french. Secondly, I want to recognize our training team AGE Juliette, PAG Cathy Gourbault-Lawrence, PDG John Cole who we are fortunate to have here to tell us about the Rotary Foundation; also IPDG Nicolas Thirdly, I want to especially welcome those future leaders and I har there is a freshly minted Rotarian among us….who are here simply because they want to Listen, Learn, Connect, Share and Identify Resources with our club and district leadership. I want you to  know that here today…. No question is a silly one. Finally,  I  want us to think  about what’s in front of all of us. And to do that I keep coming back  to the 3 legs of the RI Strategic plan and some non-negotiables . Our core values that makes us different and what made us come together today…..  Presenting Theme Banners L-R Presidents Elect Patrick Leninger RAIATEA-TAHAA, Jean Louis Boissin PAPEETE, Jacqueline Casseville MOOREA, Tehani Maueau BORABORA, VP Sylvain Plagnard TARAVAO-TAHITI-ITI  Peace Through Service  Recognition L-R Presenting AGE Juliette Phillippe with the Lisbon Convention rep medal, Recognising our newest Rotarian Karl Lis PAPEETEE  and our line-up of Under 40’s, IPDG Nicolas Spillman  Lunch break Tahiti-style. Fellowship par excellence.  It’s been a productive day Learning, Sharing and Identifying Resources L-R PDG John Cole D.9940 TRF Zone Co-ordinator, AG Lina Joannes TARAVAO-TAHITI-ITI  Debriefing with a Pinot and  a Hinano.  Presenting Club Banners L-R AGE Juliette Phillippe MOOREA, PDG John Cole D.9940; AG Lina Joannes TARAVAO-TAHITI-ITI  En Travaillant Ensemble On Peut Tout Faire French Polynesia Cluster 6 Get-Together.  Hosts  Pres Elect Jean Louis & Jeanette Boissin PAPEETE. Hello everyone. Bon soir. How are you doing? Well AGs Lina and  Juliette and fellow members of my Tahitian Rotary family. Thank you for your warm welcome. I am not going to give a big speech as we have all had a busy time today. I am not sure what day it is….and I realise I am between you and dessert…. and there will be times for the big speech… And  I do want to spend some time with you all INDIVIDUALLY. But Before I sit down I do want to express my thanks to all of you who have lent a hand to make this Papeete LETS event a success; in particular AG Lina, Juliette and my old partner in crime PAG Cathy for helping in the training today…I also want to take this opportunity to say after today I am even more certain that Working together we CAN accomplish anything…En Travaillant Ensemble On Peut Tout Faire.  So hopefully we are deepening our bonds tonight in this very uniquely Rotary way called FELLOWSHIP so that we will work together. In ending, I want to tell you I have always wanted to come back to Tahiti after the wonderfully special experience we had with the Exchange Students at PDG Nicolas’ New Generations Conference a yar ago …getting to know Jean Louis, Jeanette and Claude from Papeete club and of course the better looking members of the family,  I mean the women members……and   many more of you. Thank you all for taking out another  weekend  for Rotary. Thank you all for your service to Rotary.Merci beaucoup.  Au Revoir AG Lina Joannes  It’s a WRAP. PEACE. Farewell Sunday lunch at The Royal Tahitien  We shall Return. Farewell at Faaa Airport For my TAKEAWAYS from this Training Event there is a separate post
” PI LETS PAPEETE D.9920 2012 : Unleashing Our Potential building Peace Through Service  
June 6 RNZWCS briefing Wellington AirportThis annual briefing update  for the 6 NZ District Governors Elect by PDG Stuart Batty D.9970 made possible by the generosity of the Trusts administered by PDG Ross Craig D.9920. The work put in by all the Rotarians who have gone before including Ross Craig and Stuart Batty is awe-inspiring and leaves a huge footprint that Rotarians in New Zealand can be proud of.The opportunities of marrying in the potential of the Future Vision grant model and NZ Government development aid is exciting. Bigger, Bolder, Sustainable. Our role is clearly to make more of our clubs aware of this opportunity .A personal observation that perhaps RNZWCS can now prepare a vision of where RNZWCS can be in 5 years…perhaps a self funding model such as RAWCS…perhaps take advantage of the uptrending MFAT emphasis of aid in our Pacific Isalnd backyard and negotiate an ERKS contract with guaranteed income stream…much food for thought. L-R DGsE Roger Miller D.9930, Graeme Blick D.9940, John Prendergast D.9980; Readying for SKYPE10 June Final District Leadership Meeting for the 2011-2012 year Eyes’ Soup Kitchen Fellowship, Food, Final wrap for the year.Then CLUB CHANGEOVERS12 June Mt Eden Changeover Cardrona Hotel

How are you doing. Can I start off by recognizing DG Alan and Claire. You have heard Alan and I speak about Continuity and Change being interdependent..well I guess this is another example. Observing protocol I must not forget your AG Pete Ross and the PDGs among us.

It’s been sometime since I have been at a Mt Eden meeting but it is always a pleasure to be welcomed so warmly . As this is Greg & Anne’s special day and With PE Greg raring to be chained I shall leave out the big speech. Time enough for that at those multiclub DG visit events.

PE Greg thought I should give you a glimpse of RIPE Tanaka’s message.

In January Sharon and I came back from International Assembly in SanDeigo. IA is where the 550+ DGE’s get their final polishing…so I am not quite sure what happened to me… apart from the information overload we also came away with the theme. For the new Rotary Year.It is Peace Through Service………a very adaptable and appropriate theme and one that will undoubtedly resonate with New Generations..our target membership market.

I think It is also about continuity as we have reached within to embrace humanity this past year to prepare for building Peace through service.

The personal Takeaway for me from IA is an oldie but a goodie. Working Together we can accomplish Anything. This is the message that we brought back to your club thro Pres Greg and your incoming leadership. This is also the message beyond your club and in 2012-2013 we will have our clusters of clubs working together with your AGs on 3 priorities.Clubs Making all Rotary activities Events ( eg DG Visits), clubs working together on a MG, AND working together on a PR initiative. So in the New year you could say we will be working on our relationships with each other as we go about doing good in the world.

On that note I will end with congratulations to Pres Anne and all of you for all the good work that you do for Rotary and our communities…and Sharon and I extend our best wishes to Greg and Coralie as we work together – Pushing Boundaries- to Unleash Our Potential -building Peace Thro Service.

18 June Pohutukawa Coast Changeover – Awards Night

Can I start off by recognizing your AG Ian Fox and Robyn. It’s been sometime since Sharon and  I have came out this way ( my GPS got me here and the long line of traffic was pleased to see me get off the main turn-off) and looks like we will be back for a return visit after such a warm welcome on a wet winters evening…… congratulations to Pres Mark and Leslie for taking on the mantle of leading you all for another year; AND all of you for all the good work that you do for Rotary and our communities…

INTERLUDE: 19 June Checking out District Changeover venue Howick Club

INTERLUDE: 22 June Checking District Directory first draft TheCopyShop

24 June Drury Changeover – Birth nationality dress-up lunch Karaka

Observing protocol not necessarily in the correct order…I should acknowledge your AG Jennie Herring. I must recognize all your PDGs ( please stand) and if you have not registered to come and be at the show next Sunday ..let me tell you I have a little surprise in store….also I must not forget your own DGNN Jolly Doc Iain. On that note I should call Iain up for a presentation.

So, Thank you for your warm welcome to our first changeover lunch this year. Makes a change finding our way home in the daylight.

For the new Rotary Year.It is Peace Through Service.

This theme in many ways is unsurprisinglcoming from a Japanese president and in 2012-13 Tanaka is asking for 3 Peace Forums held in Honolulu, Berlin and Hiroshima. Historically memorable because of Pearl Harbor, the Wall and the H-Bomb. Tanaka goes on to say that everything we do as Rotarians in our families and our communities help build Peace. Indeed you could say the business of Rotary is Peace. So a very adaptable and appropriate theme and one that will undoubtedly resonate with New Generations..our target membership market. I think It is also about continuity as we have reached within to embrace humanity this past year and, change to prepare for building Peace through Service.

On that note I will end with congratulations to Pres Trevor and all of you for all the good work that you do for Rotary and our communities…and Sharon and I extend our best wishes to Owen as we work together – Pushing Boundaries- to Unleash Our Potential -building Peace Thro Service. Peace

25 June Auckland East Changeover Romfords

Auckland East Rotarians and Friends Good evening . I bring Greetings from DG Alan who cannot be here. He drew the short straw.

Tonight I have an important and pleasurable duty to perform on behalf of DG Alan and District.

When I was your AG you would have heard me say that Rotary Changeovers always have a Xmas feel as there are at least 3 F’s in it FUN, FRIENDSHIP & FELLOWSHIP. As witnessed earlier it is also about recognizing some outstanding Rotarians among us.

Tonight there is someone in your immediate Rotary Family who has not only served your club well over many years ….but this Rotarian has also served District over a sustained period of time and in so doing have helped further the mission of the Rotary Foundation. Doing Good in the World.

This person has held various District positions; but in my time on District has been an Assistant Governor, a chair of our District World and Community services Committee, our District representative on RNZWCS Ltd ; and just a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to share a flight back from a meeting in Wellington with ….where the passion and strategic thinking were clearly evident. To be honest I have already put some of that thinking forward. We are indeed fortunate to have someone of this calibre in our District organization.

So it is a real privilege for me to ask my friend, Paul Sargison to come up so I can present him with his second PHF sapphire.

I feel very much at home here and I have not come to recapture the several Newmarket escapees among you…great to catch up with  Jason Biggs as we met when Newmarket ran RYLA some years ago…congratulations to Immediate Past Pres Gary and all of you for all the good work that you do for Rotary and our communities…and Sharon and I extend our best wishes to Pres Mark Ruth and   as we  work together – Pushing Boundaries- to Unleash Our Potential -building Peace Thro Service.  Peace

AN INTERLUDE :  26 June Downtown Auckland  Breakfast meeting with the Governor General

26 June DG Home-club NEWMARKET changeover : Street Party at Ellerslie Convention Centre

27 June OTAHUHU changeover : Soiree at Kings College

This time of year reminds me of Xmas..and for a few deserving Rotarians it is that …congratulations to our PHFs’ It is a pleasure to come to an Otahuhu changeover as I get to see our honorary Newmarket Rotarian Penny Leyland and catch up with the PDG that got me into seeing Rotary beyond the club level. Look now at what you have started Jack and dear Adrienne. Thank you for your warm welcome to Sharon and myself…..congratulations to our AG Jennie for her PHF, PDG Rob for his newly conferred honorary membership status…

congratulations to Pres Graeme and all of you for all the good work that you do for Rotary and our communities…and Sharon and I extend our best wishes to Peter & June  as we  work together – Pushing Boundaries- to Unleash Our Potential -building Peace Thro Service.  Peace

28 June ST JOHNS changeover : Italian Celebration

The first time I visited your club it was a secret shopper visit which went wrong as you had your meeting at Grace Joel that morning….the next time was to facilitate a club forum and it is a thrill to see you turning strategy into concrete results with an increased membership….It is a pleasure to come back to St Johns for your changeover as I seem to know so many of you. My friend John, Beryl and Colin… Thank you for your warm welcome to Sharon and myself……

congratulations to Pres Bruce and all of you for all the good work that you do for Rotary and our communities…and Sharon and I extend our best wishes to Miles and Margaret  ….

29 June HALF MOON BAY changeover : Bucklands Beach Yacht Club Variety show

It is a pleasure to come back to Half Moon Bay for your changeover. You may remember the last time I visited your guest speaker was late and soon to be past president John had this relieved look on his face when I turned up…asked to give you an update on Rotary in the District I gave you a story on rollercoasters… Thank you for your warm welcome to Sharon and myself…..

best wishes to Marian  as we  work together – Pushing Boundaries- to Unleash Our Potential -building Peace Thro Service.  Peace

 ONE MORE SLEEP TO GO : 30 June District Changeover set-up Howick Club

30 June HARBOURSIDE changeover : Indian Banquet Raviz Viaduct Harbour
It is always a pleasure to come back to my hot and spicy club for your changeover. Sharon and I always enjoy your warm welcome. I think I have shaken everyone by the hand…
PDG Ross Craig growled at me for being here as I should be getting my beauty sleep before the Big Day tomorrow….

we will be working on our relationships with each other as we go about doing good in the world…….

congratulations to Pres Dan and Amritha all of you for all the good work that you do for Rotary and our communities…and Sharon and I extend our best wishes to Shefali and Shailen  as we  work together – Pushing Boundaries- to Unleash Our Potential -building Peace Thro Service.  Peace


3 Responses to “PORTRAIT of a thrillseeker Part 2 on the District Governor rollercoaster”

  1. Leanne Jaggs October 9, 2011 at 8:44 pm #

    And to think this is before he takes office as DG………. Have always warned him that the DGE year is quite a busy one, but wait there is more to come, & it only gets better…….

    From DG Buddy, PDG Leanne Jaggs

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  3. ian denning July 24, 2012 at 10:44 pm #

    Great start to the year.

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