PORTRAIT of a thrillseeker Part 1 on the District Governor rollercoaster

7 Jun

from District Governor Nominee Nominee ( DGNN “Nowhere Near”) to District Governor Nominee ( DGN “Nearly”)

May 2010 THE ANNOUNCEMENT. A privilege and honour to be selected to serve. For me, my family & my home club RCON Rotary Club of Newmarket. An awesome opportunity to ride this  rollercoaster to make our biggest maritime district and the world a better place.

L-R Colin Nicolas, Leanne Jaggs, Jack Davies, Alan Eyes

July 2010. D9920 Changeover DGN Presentation. Help me  make this the Best District.

My DG buddy Leanne Jaggs DG 2009-2010

August 2010.  Rotary Newmarket’s Viaduct Walk. History repeats for Home club of the DG 2012-2013


Reaching out to embrace our wider community.

September 2010. Club Changeovers can be later sometimes. Dress up for humanity.

Auckland City Sunrise. John Owers chained.

September 2010. Internet Communications Technology. Connecting people. RCON shows the way.

RCONerds is born in a rather untidy Architect’s office.

L-R. Tim Thodey, Kate McGahan, David Weikart, Simon Dalton, Brian McMath.

September 2010. A QUIZ at Otahuhu  & a 50th Celebration for Howick.


Fun  is Learning at a  Quiz or Partying with family at a  Birthday.

 October 2010. PrePETS Presidents Elect Training. Auspicious opportunity seized for 10/10/10.

Introducing RID STUART HEAL. CONNECT people.  SHARE ideas. IDENTIFY resources.

October 2010. ROTARY Otahuhu Vintner’s lunch for Hospice.. Supporting a family fundraiser.

The Greater and Younger Family of Rotary.

November 2010. Governor Elects Training GETS in Tauranga. How to make the rollercoaster go faster.


Getting to know our 2012-2013 Classmates from 10, 30, 40, 70, 80. YES  WE  CAN work together.

November Zone 7B INSTITUTE Tauranga. What makes the rollercoaster sing.


A rich past guides a promising future. L. Alan Eyes DG 2011-2012. R. Ross Craig DG 1987-1988

November 2010. A Family within a Family. RCON past presidents evening for Roger  & Georgie Harvey  2009-10.


L-R Alastair Macfarlane,Warwick Leyland, Richard Solomon, Gail Cooper, Jill Macfarlane, Sally Ross, Ross Craig

November 2010. A legendary Pork Belly Day. Smaller clubs are cosy and beautiful.

Hosts  Auckland City Sunrise Rotarians David Jones & Wendy Tighe-Umbers


Rotary HEART 

L-R . John Owers, Bronwyn Thorburn, Shirley & Geoff Grenfell, Charmaine Watkins, John Cornaga, Graham Jones

L-R. Faye & Peter Don, Stephen Fleming. R. Wendy Tighe-Umbers

December 2011. CHRISTmas Month of the FAMILY Dinners.

L. District Management R. District TRF


December 2010. A Splash of RED at RCON Xmas.


Rotary is a very COOL  club.

L-R. Di & Bruce Goldsworthy, Yvonne Brownlee. John Burton

December 2010. A private RCON Family GET-TOGETHER.

Roger & Georgie Harvey. Rotary starts within ourselves and in our clubs.

January 2011. Rotary National Science & Technology Forum. Who’s going to be our next Ernest Rutherford?

Our Future is in such Hands.

January 2011. Red Carpet at HOWICKFilm Premiere for Starship. Dreams of GAZZA SNELL.

Rotary Make Dreams Real

February 2011. Harbourside Chinese New Year of the Rabbit. The “BENNETTON” club of D.9920


Claire & DGE Alan Eyes at my HOT & SPICY club

March 2011. SPPETS South Pacific President Elects Training Seminar. First ever multiDistrict President elects training outside the USA with all 6 NZ based Districts participating. Anecdotally a huge BUZZ. Question is will our clubs in this District  be up to keeping the vision alive. RCON is one such club who has looked at the bigger picture by voting YES.


L. Our Pacific Island champions. R. Such attentive  listening to a Club Leadership Plan presentation deserves a YES vote.


AG Briefing on CLP Club Leadership Plan

April 2011. A friend joins another Club.  From a RCON  Club in a Club possibility  to a WIN for Rotary.

L-R. Mohammed Shorab, President Ewen Brunskill Botany East Tamaki

April 2011. GSE Group Study Exchange . REMEMBER US from the D.5590 team from Texas.

See also  separate May post. Ye hah.


Check shirts, Hats & Boots at PAKURANGA

May 2011. D.9920 Conference in Tahiti. New Generations are the future of Rotary International. petite et jolie 

See also  separate  Tahiti post.


R. Claire Eyes & PDG Leanne Jaggs

Meet ,Mingle, Network.


Old  AND New Friends, New Culture, New Future.  Pres Don & Margaret Bendall Rotary Auckland.


L-R. Pakuranga BRANDING. Awesome polos.

CONGRATULATIONS Papatoetoe West for winning both Conference Attendance awards. Colty Cup & PI shield.


CONGRATULATIONS Rotary e-Club Francophone Laurence Linsenmaier PHF

May 2011. LETS Leaders Elect Training. Billed as A Day in the Country without Leaving the City the short sharp interactive breakout format was well received by participants and will serve as a useful template for future training in “my year”.

Congratulations Rotary PUKEKOHE Home Club of DGE Alan Eyes for organisation and the food on the go.

June 2011. DGNN Willard Martin announced at a breakfast meeting of  Rotary Ellerslie Sunrise attended by PDG Alan Davies, PDG Leanne  Jaggs, DGE Alan Eyes and DGN Ron Seeto.

Congratulations  Willard & Gabrielle both stalwarts of  Ellerslie Sunrise.

D.9920 is proud of the depth, skillsets and community committment that candidates continue to bring to this role by accepting their home club’s nomination.


by NEWMARKET. Attended by 200 guests and friends of the RCON family the Dinner degustation menu created by MasterChef  NZ RAY McVINNIE in combination with a wine selection by Wine Buff JOHN HAWKESBY who also emceed the evening brought plenty of star event to the event and raised money for a Christchurch North Rotary project. Helping our extended Rotary Family to keep Lending a Hand.


Our 6 inbound RIYE students added youth, sparkle and waiting skills.



RCON’S signature annual FUNDRAISER.

Free concert for 12000 underprivileged children and their families. Joy is seeing the memories that Rotary can engender in our children.


A Rotary Beneficiary becomes a partner on the  day. Life Education Trust & Harold.

June 2011.  Rotary AUCKLAND 90th ANNIVERSARY.

Celebrating with D.9920 flagship club on a special occassion.


L-R Ingrid Waugh PARNELL, John Waugh AUCKLAND, Pres. Don & Margaret Bendall AUCKLAND, PDG Colin Nicolas DOWNTOWN, Michael Horton, Margaret Bendall, Rosie Horton, Pres Don Bendall AUCKLAND.

June 2011.  CHANGEOVER TIME. New Beginnings, New Energy, New Hope.

Celebrating SOMERVILLE HOWICK changeover.

L-R Pres Elect Dave Hawke, PDG Leanne Jaggs MANUKAU CITY SUNRISE,

Pres Sue Fairbairn 2010-2011, Pres Dave Hawke 2011-2012.


CHANGEOVER time for Club Committees too. NEWMARKET PR Communications committee dinner.

L-R Committee family. PP Bob McMillan. JOY is in ROTARY too.


Home Club NEWMARKET Changeover. ALL BLACKED OUT. Team 2010-2011.


L-R DG Nicolas Spillman PAPEETE, Penny & AG Ian Thomsen AUCKLAND EAST . Fellowship Networking Diversity

L-R PP John Meadowcroft & Pres Elect Roger Gower, Honoured with a  Paul Harris Fellow Sapphire

RCON’s 66th President Roger Gower Chained

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